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Maybe DE should look at this.


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11 hours ago, ozcg888 said:

Just found this and maybe could help in some way...  and I think someone at DE must see this video.

Don't get carried away just by seeing the title of the vid, the content is what matters.


No summary of the contents. No indication of what you are hoping they'll learn. No comment on the contents whatsoever. 

If the content is so unimportant to the person posting it, why should anyone else be interested in watching? 

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Great example in WF how not to do it, when you get abysmal K-drive standing from the timed runs on Orb Valis. Instead everyone done the back and forth on a pipe doing tricks in air and then complaining how it's a boring grind. Making the main standing gain source from the tracks, adding interesting, even daily challenges into it for bonus standing, could solved it or at least lighten this problem. But they done too little too late.


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I meant ventkids standing, not xp
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