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A Week In Recap Of A F2P Newb!


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Hello folks,


So i discovered a game a week back on Steam, Warframe it was called, and since it was announced as a Co-Op 3rd person shooter (something i didnt play in along time since i'm mostly into MMORPG sandbox style for some years now) and i decided to download and check it out just for the heck of it... either way as a usual MMO player i went and checked out the game as it was downloading and such, found a Wiki, found the community, logged in, checked forums, everything neat and tight, cool looks and all, and i thought to myself "This is promising!". I started playing the game and i did what i usually been doing for a few years now on any MMO, before i go out into the "public" games or into parties i usually take on a role of a soloer and try to clear out as much of everything as fast and neat as the game can possibly let me...


Round 1 - "The tutorial!"


This is what happened,


ok you're that guy and you got a suit (err why?) doesnt matter now, here... that's an HP globe and that's an Energy globe, take it... fast, and shoot those.... ahhh kk... thazzit, nice... now pick one of these 3 warframes... aaaaand yer off, oh yeah and dont forget to reload.


what about the rest? (Round recap)


Had to find about sliding, wall running, wall climbing, wall jumping, modding weapons, modding the warframe, fusion, transmute and pretty much everything else from wiki... what about taking it a bit slower making it like a parkour session of some sorts... teach the new folks the basic movements, the menus, the bread and butter of the game.


Round 2 - "Systems and Mercury"


This is what happened,


So i'm on a lobby now, "how, what, when, where.... missions here and contacts there and foundry and market... CHECK...",(no tutorial pointers? Ok!) checks "recruiting", folks spamming T1/2/3 need rhinos or trinities or novas... so i think to myself, "what's T1? no matter you dont need to know now noob go lvl up or something" queues up 1st mission on his Mag (yeah that Pull sounded OP, matter of fact it was)... clears 1st mission, damn that was fun but these weapons... god, no more choices? oh credits.. go farm with weapons you dont really like to get those that you want (seems a bit off here somehow since i got to pick my frame but can't pick my weapons) but no matter noob just think you're John McLane "Oh Oh Oh I've got a Machine Gun!" (that somehow shoots for 5dmg per bullet), 3 missions in i realize that the minimap objective pointer has a bottom and an upper white arrow indicating height of the objective (tutorial plz?) aaaand last but not least the assassination mission, I go in 160 shields and ready for everything, ultra mega stupidity boss mother &%$/$# killed me ... revive? what's this? no one sayed anything about it, 4 times? how do i get more? (checks wiki) oh 4 each day (tutorial?), gets himself up shoots that teleporting wise @ss out of Lotus' sky and she thanks me, ends mission (woot? no firecrakers? oh you have to buy them in the market too, damn).


What about the rest?(Round recap)


yeah, major impact full blow graphics and speed action caught me straight off and when i started to use sliding and the moves into my advantage it escalated, i loved the maps and the coolness of the warframe in action and the system itself, but somehow something around those weapons still sounded off and still why did i need 4 abilities when i couldn't even use 2? since energy was so restrictive? I decided to actually forget about everything but Pull as a "Clear zone button" and actually mod the frame with all the passives that i'd find until then but everything had to come out of wiki instead of the game itself (even the, "oh damn, polarity means the mod cost is halved"), extensive reading and alot of patience into it, since i really loved the combat,and it was driving me (i know most people of the new generation wont have that much patience, dont forget they want everything for yesterday), and then success you soled your 1st boss the 1st planet is clear and you're back in lobby .. woot we need an achievement here plz... :)


Round 3 - "Grinding"


What happened?


Ok so you got your Mag with some mods your machine gun is finally hitting for 10 instead of 5, all that reading is finally paying off, what now? i really need to change weapon set ups, i need control options free of costs and at least some good single target DPS weapon (since Pull was doing enough AOE to kill and control everything but the single target dmg was low), Wiki again, elemental damage (control through frost, fire and electrical) and some melee weapon that could actually own up to its name, learns of charge attack builds and such, learns of blueprint drops and realizes best warframes for solo are probably Rhino and Trinity (tank n healer... figures) clears Venus and farms the Jackal modding right through it closely with few resources and few mod ranks to spare... 43 runs in Jackal for Rhino Blueprint Systems not bad, with the money buys a Lex (always good to have a pocket sniper) and with the blueprints Rhino... here we go... 3 days..... building..... well i could pay for this but i still want the trinity and still want to test melee weapons. Tests Bo (not enough knockback, wiki out of date?!?), Tests Dual Heat Swords (pure dps, no control without elemental dmg) and finally sets in with Kogake (that charge knock down is exactly what the noob needed for those pesky grineer random teleporting commanders) and finally got enough to buy Strun making it a good mix up of weapons and control, with the Rhino still building i decide to start farming for trinity... 60+ kills (long live kogake's knockdown since i wouldnt have enough shield with the Mag to own that Hek) and there we go Trinity Systems and Mars Cleared.


What about the rest?(Round recap)


Sigh... 40+ kills jackal and 60+ kills Hek ... its not about the number its about the... yeah it is about the number, grinding 2 bosses for 2 warframes in 1 week was good and bad... good because well i made it in 1 week, bad because i can't see those guys EVER again but on the upside it gave me the time to test and rank the weapons i wanted but here's a cool catch, i got Rhino and Trinity and here's the bad catch i have to sell Mag or buy the slot with Platinum. Resorting back to Wiki each time i need some info about "How to..." has become "a must" at this point and thus the game should also provide some insight on this level too, especially about how elemental damage works and what does it do to corpus/infested/grineer and an overall description on how shields, armor and armor piercing works in general, also a small vid describing a weapon's basic shots would be awesome since it would save alot of credits testing and time looking for it in other sites just to know if the weapon fits a player's play style or not, and the same for the Warframe powers. Also would be great to know in game what boss drops what or even the random randomness of the randomized mod drops, pun intended =P.


Round 4 - "Back to Basics, Part II"


What happened?


Hell yeah, Rhino's up and i'm pretty hyped up, Strun20+ Lex20+ Kogake20+, i can take the world or can i? well, now i need to lvl my rhino and since it has 100 shields i need to go back to Mars again ... I do some Exterminates some Survivals put Iron Skin working maxed out and make it my only ability because the same energy issue arises and i dont wanna run out of it using it to cool off the shields once in a while but the frame is pretty great and at ranks 10+ was already soloing 30+ grineer like a walk in the park (something i had issues with Mag) solely due to Iron Skin, i max out my weapons and realize that 30 mods are not even half of what i need to put in these weapons i need to Polarize and Catalyst so they can take alot more stuff and the same for my warframe, making me go back to wiki to check "How to..." i learn of Orokin Reactors/Catalysts and Formas... and how hard is it to get them, to my astonishment my progress is coming to an halt half way through the map but i'm not discouraged, with Trinity still in the making i decide to take a couple diferent weapons to rank up my profile so i make an Orthos, a Paris and a Latron selling the ones that are easy to make and knowing fully well that when Trinity is coming out i need to go back to Mars for the 3rd time to rank it up. Rhino ranked 30 and Trinity finished, Paris15+ Latron Unranked (since i decided to start with Paris) and Orthos10+.


What about the rest? (Round recap)


This is pretty much the last 2 days... again going back to learn of orokin reactors/catalysts and forma and "How to..." get them on the wiki maybe its not the best of options. Rhino is a thumbs up but still that energy issue lingers, a thing that i've already realized that wont happen with Trinity because of Energy Vampire and some decent modding. I'm loving the game, especially the randomized sectors of maps but at this lvl they are already becoming sometimes BIG as some new sections are mixing up with old ones, i like it, i'm just afraid that in the long run they'll become annoyingly HUGE making us run like crazy just to get to extraction (but this is just assumption, dont take it serious if the size is intended for bigger parties since i'm running solo here). Random Alerts with rewards of reactors/catalysts seems rather... scarce... i dont want to complain about it since its probably one of the last things you'll do to the warframe and weapons in order to maximize it but if you REALLY want to specialiize on just 1 warframe your only option is really to spend the platinum and buy it, on the other hand it's really not quite that expensive either and since by this time you've already played enough to know if you like the game or not, you should be "donating" something for the devs. Me, i bought a Sentinel instead and will still be testing other weapons and warframes. Also there's the issue of going back to lower lvl missions to rank your warframes, you just dont do that with weapons because you have 2 more weapons to back you up ... but in the case of the warframes you really need to go back to lower lvl missions, i'd really like to have other options (do I have other options? because i didnt find any on Wiki about leveling up lower frames especially when you're doing it solo, i'll leave the question if someone wants to answer it would be apreciated, thx)


In summary,


It has been mindblowing, for a person that quit the FPS's because of excessive competitiveness and went for MMOs to get a more relaxed and more co-op feel you guys have managed to get back to me that feeling the early shooters gave, all the shooter action I missed with the RPG side included in the same game. I hope it keeps growing but please look into these really small issues of interface/tutorials. Tomorrow I'll be going for Round 5 and see what i can do next with some new weapons and trinity :)

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