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Untradable Converted Kuva Liches never show up in-mission to help.


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So, I’ve had two Kuva Liches for a while that I converted. They’re untradable because they were traded to me (they had ephemera) but had inferior weapon stats to the Kuva weapons I already own. At the time it was a sound decision to get them converted instead due to their circumstances and I would have gotten what I was aiming for ultimately (ephemera).

A month has passed and I’ve ran a lot of missions. I pretty much play this game religiously every evening and mostly all day during my days-off from work. However, the only Kuva Liches that spawn in-mission to help me whenever I’m in a tight spot are the Liches that I converted from spawning them myself. I have never seen any of the Kuva Liches that were traded to me that I converted show up in-mission to help me.

Is this a bug, an unintended feature, an oversight? So if a player received, from another player, a Lich and the former player chooses to convert this Lich they’re basically dead weight? I honestly hope this is not the case. If a player chooses to convert a Lich or not, whether they are traded in or not, that Lich should serve its purpose in offering assistance as a Specter in-battle. 

I get that if you got a Traded Lich with the weapon stats you were aiming for were Vanquished and you earned said weapon appropriately (and washed your hands and mind clean of your objective) to conclude your endeavor, but when it comes to converting a Lich that was traded to you you don’t get the benefit of their assistance? And what if the traded Lich had inferior stats to the Kuva Weapon that you have in stock, what purpose would that Lich serve if you Vanquished it and earned its weapon when it would’ve been better if it were converted for the purpose to aid you in-battle? If it is the latter in which we’re likely to witness, especially if we’re making full use of the Crimson Branch to trade our liches, why aren’t these converted untradable Liches not spawning?

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