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No extraction option on Neo Fissure Excavation


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I just ran a Neo Void Fissure mission with 2 friends. We completed a relic, gathering all 10 reactant, completing the 200/200 Cryotic excavation. It prompted us to do another relic. We all chose no relic and hoped to extract. 

We never got any extraction message, icon, and upon finding the extraction area, no trigger or option. 

So we completed 7 more 200/200 extractions, hoping that this would trigger some kind of event or completion. Yikes was that a waste. 

Anyone run into this before? We spent a good 45 min completing the excavations and roaming finding any chance of an extraction area. 

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I had the same thing happen on Kiliken Lith Fissure. Never prompted for extraction after opening 3 relics, and got 200 cryotic 2 more times without a relic equipped. I traveled to every corner of the map and didn't see an extraction room. Eventually had to abort without any rewards which was a real bummer after spending so much time on it.

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