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Railjack - Tactial Menu missing Revolite count (QoL)


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At the Tactical Menu you cant see the actual Revolite count but the Flux is shown

Why Revolite count? So i could see how much is left if i use my Engineer 10 Intrinsic also it would allow to quickcheck for other squadmembers if someone should produce some (but i guess that would also kinda count for Dome/Munitions)

Shrink the Flux bar to half and add the other 3 (or at least Revolite) payload items next to it at the Tactical Menu

I end up solo or with 1-2 other players most of the time so we (i) dont have that one slave at the bay to craft stuff and always keep an eye at it. Flux/Munition/Dome is used at pilot/gunner/siege and has the ui that shows how much is left of it so we (i) know when we (i) have to craft (and they are ONLY used where a ui shows it). Revolite is used with the Omni where the UI show how much is left...but not if u use it remotely

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