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Asia and Australia matchmaking.


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Hello fellow tenno and DE staff! I will be discreet. This is an issue which needs to be resolved. Matchmaking on Asian servers is flawed. Probably because DE thinks Australia is a part of Asia. For reference use this picture. A lot of players often face high ping issues and host migrations when they accidentally join an Australian lobby. This leads to loosing rewards after endless missions and triodolons. Please it a humble request. Australian player base is strong and they need a different in-game region.

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On 2020-01-13 at 2:33 AM, BlackAce said:

I'm pretty sure the game's matchmaking uses your region setting in "Options > Gameplay". So it's not accidentally if all of them have their region set in Asia. How about changing your region to "Oceania".

Asia and Oceania are the same server. Read the last message in Trading or Recruiting, it won't change when you change server, unlike if you change to Europe or America.

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