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Quick Thinking useless sometimes


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So I love using this particular mod a lot. It has helped pull me out of the dirt at countless situations specially when combined with Primed Flow. But here's a thing that bothers me, when facing high level enemies. Level 90+ grineer, 100+ Corpus etc their hits simply stagger my Warframe if they make it past health and to energy. Before that didn't happen when I put on Adaptation, but now even with Adaptation on I keep getting staggered that Quick Thinking is simply just delaying my incapacitation, not being able to move at all to dodge or avoid fire and they just kill me anyway. Not to mention they go for my Djinn immediately after before I even have time to respond removing my chance of using [Sacrifice]. So if you could at least disable staggerness with Adaptation on again and maybe increasing sentinel survivability by giving them more stats or a mod, anything that'd make them a bit more useful for reviving at least considering I applied all health, shield and armour mods. Sorry for the long paragraph and thank you.

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Yeach, its a very old problem.

24 minutes ago, Melanholic7 said:

well,thats the negative side of it, without it i would be just like 200% more effective vitality mod (and with hunter adranaline...oh boi...), so it has to have some negatives.

And yeah, just use Gauss :O

Its a tradeoff mod, adding extra energy from getting damaged doesnt prevent death, it only delays it if chainstaggers are a thing. And telling someone to use other frame doesnt solve anything.

Here is a simple fix: make QT also have this mods effect


with the added change that the immune duration lasts for 1s or even 0.5s and not 4. Or if it would still be OP, as some people will certainly think, make the mod itself usable in normal gamemode with reduced duration.

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2 hours ago, GPrime96 said:

Only time QT becomes useless when the enemies can do no damage to your energy pool but still kill you...

Oh yeah, that's one more thing I forgot to address! I've been in such situations as well, where some enemies basically bypassed the mod completely and 1 hit me. I believe it has a threshold, if the damage dealt by an enemy is higher then the result is instant incapacity/death.

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