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[Sentinel] Shoulder Moa - Watcher/parrot


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Yes, these adorable birdies had to become a Sentinel. And a f*cking pirate's parrot at that. The Shoulder MOA is a reverse-engineered Corpus prototype MOA that is made to sit on one's shoulder and act as a sentry. It is based off of the Hyena's equipment and a guard in a watchtower. It appears to be a MOA that is only slightly taller than your Frame's head, sitting with it's feet stuck firmly on your left or right shoulder, depending on camera view. It is red and yellow in color, with bits of blue on it.


Precept #1 - Watchguard:

Shoulder MOA fires it's weapon at the enemy furthest from the player and every enemy within X meters of the Sentinel will be shown as a red icon on the minimap. Upgrading the ability increases enemy radar size and allows it to see and shoot enemies from further away. But it will prioritize the furthest target.


At max rank, it has a radar size/enemy detection radius of 20m. The radar ability is always active, but the firing has a 2 second cooldown. On top of the 4 second charge from the weapon, it may take a while to fire.


Precept #2 - Protector:

If any enemy gets within 5 meters of the player, Shoulder MOA will deploy a 5-second electric shield that covers the front side of the player and stays in front of the player as he/she moves. The electric shield is shaped like a riot shield. Shooting through the shield will add 5% electric damage. It also deploys a shield if either the player or the Sentinel take half health.


At max rank, the shield lasts for 10 seconds, makes shots hitscan and is deployed if an enemy gets within 10 meters. Has a 20 second cooldown.


Weapon - Missile Launcher:


Based off of the Hyena's missiles, it fires a small, homing, 50 Explosion damage missile that moves at 100/ms (Dera speed). The explosion itself is 3 meters large and deals 200 Explosion damage. The explosions do not deal damage to the player or the Sentinel, and have a 4-second charge time that can be decreased with fire rate mods.


Firestorm can be applied to the Missile Launcher.




- 400 Base Shields.

- 35 Base Health.

- It doesn't move.

- It has no armor.

- It's gun, the rectangle on top, takes 50% damage.

- It's backpack thing takes 300% damage.


Meant to be incredibly fragile without shields. Relies on shields to survive.


What's your opinion? Do you like or hate it? Tell me your thoughts below. Thanks for reading.

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