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Empyrean: fix wreckage idea


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Wreckage should act like mods:

1) no more dice rolls, all wreckage has the max stats.

2) repair now improves wreckage, starting at minimum stats and going to max stats depending on % fixed.

3) you can start using wreckage as soon as you put at least 1 of each required resource in.

4) repair drones are now basically legendary cores for wreckage. Use them to skip the resources and instant-max. Their .5% drop chance works with that. They are no longer needed to unlock a component

5) this means you can put a bit of resource in, try out the weapon/component, then keep putting more in as you improve it.

6) wreckage for components you already have would be auto-scrapped first, rather than the newest item, when you reach the wreckage cap.

7) finally maxed out level 1 gear could be upgraded (with Dirac) to level 2, and level 2 to level 3 in the same way (and more Dirac). This would stop all the mk1-2 wreckage being instantly useless, and give players a route through lower level missions to upgrade to better gear.

This would get rid of the annoying casino effect, make wreckage something rewarding that you progress, and critically make builds shareable again.

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