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Railjack: Size matters


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In scale, the Railjack and the enemy fighters are smaller than when we see them in the Drydock or in an Asteroid Base when we are in Archwing.

I wont ask for you to scale up the ship and the enemies, that would take too much work, but you can make the Archwing SMALLER instead.

Let the Archwing be everything its meant to be: small, quick and doesnt last very long when its beat but can send its load very strongly.

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3 minutes ago, 8faiNt said:

Im pretty sure archwings are already smaller in space


Not enough. Put yourself in an area in the ship when in the DD. Then go to the same place when you are in AW: the ship shrunk or you got bigger.

In the Asteroid Base, jump on the Cutter there, note the size. Go out and put youself in the same place in a Cutter using Amesha to slow it down: The ship got smaller or you got bigger.

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