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how to mod nidus (what type of mods not builds)



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(speed and agility are kind of the same thing)

You can mod Frames in a variety of ways, Nidus excels at longer (endless) missions where he can pump up his Mutation stacks
and with decent Duration to keep that one enemy Parasitic Link'd to take all the damage in Nidus' stead,
but you could also e.g. build him for cheap mass CC for shorter missions (woo high-Range Larva Burst),
or maybe try some kind of not-at-all-ability-focused build that's just Health + Armor + Adaptation + 2x Arcane Grace or something,
it's up to you, there isn't "one" build for each Frame, find what abilities you (dis)like and what stats you wish you had more of, base your Mods on that.

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