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Clan Dojo Elevators



Clan dojo elevators are FRUSTRATING!!!

attempt 1: on the ground floor(no floor above or below)  i added an elevator going down expecting the elevator to start at the 2nd floor(new floor above) going down to the ground floor(elevator on map color orange)

ATTEMPT 1 RESULT: the elevator started at the ground floor going to the basement(didnt know dojos could have a basement), FAIL.

attempt 2: made an elevator on the ground floor going up to 2nd floor(floor above) and on the 2nd floor build 2 cross connectors connected to the 1st elevator then built an elevator on the second floor going down to ground(elevator color blue not orange) expecting the elevator to start at the 2nd floor going down to the ground floor.

ATTEMPT 2 RESULT: 2nd elevator was a going up elevator starting from the ground floor. FAIL

then i try to destroy the 1st elevator(to get plat and forma back) then told me the second elevator had to be destroyed first!!!! then i tried to destroy one of 2 cross connectors on the 2nd floor and it still told me to destroy the 2nd elevator!!!!! spent 8 hours destroying the 4 rooms!!!!! 😞

dojo mechanics still needs some work DE!!!! 😞


1.elevators will only turn orange(going down elevator) if its built on the ground floor.

2.the first elevator you make will be the primary room of the floor(any other rooms built on the floor after the elevator will be a secondary room).

3. elevators can only go up or down 1 level


just give us an option to change the elevator directions please and calm down about the building time and deconstruction time damn it or give us an option to chain destroy rooms


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