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Help Me Understand Weapons



Hello everyone that's reading this post. I'm a very new player when it comes to Warframe and there are so many things that are unclear to me, one of them is being able to compare weapons and to know why set weapon is better than the other one. I would like you to tell me why Soma is better than Bolton, or is it the other way around?

Here are the stats:

Soma > 

Weapon Type Primary
Projectile Speed Hit-Scan
Damage Type Bullet
Damage 10
Crit Chance 35.0%
Crit Damage 300%
Firing Rate 15 shots/sec
Accuracy 28.6
Clip 100 rounds/clip
Reload Time 3.0s
Conclave Rating 20
Polarities 2x 18px-V.png

Bolton > 

Weapon Type Primary
Damage Type Physics Impact
Damage 18.0
Crit Damage 150%
Firing Rate 8.75 shots/sec
Clip 60 rounds/clip
Reload Time 2.6s


I hope seeing some helpful notes and not so much of a bad bashing ones :)

Thank you.

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Hi. ;)
1st off..there is no bolton. There is either boltor or braton.
Since you placed there Physics Impact, I will assume that it's the boltor. :)

Boltor has Physics Impact which means it will ignore armour, but generally will give less damage compared with bullet type weapons.
Soma is Bullet type, meaning it offers high damage but it will be reduced by the armour of the enemy.

Soma's crit chance is high and also it's crit damage is high, place in a serration with Vital Sense and the crit damage mod and it will reach up till the 100's till 300's in damage.
Boltor is great in the long run cause if the enemies are high level, their armour is high and since this weapon ignore armour it is good for very high levels, but its damage is low.

Both of these weapons are good, but i favour hitscan weapons and not travel time weapons. So it's the soma XD
I tend to miss sometimes.. :P and they sometimes have sudden changes in movement so it's hard to track.. 

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Soma forte is its mad crits. With a maxed crit chance it'll crit more often than not, and with a maxed crit damage it's deals something like 6.somethingX damage whenever it crits. Coupled with the high firerate, the practical damage output of the crits far surpasses its a rifle with 10 base damage. But it deals bullet damage, meaning that it'll require AP damage mods to do significant damage to highly-armoured enemies.


Boltor's advantage over the Soma is that it deals armor-ignoring damage. This means that it will always deal full damage regardless of enemy armour value. I really can't think of anything good about the Boltor, because I personally dislike it. Someone with more knowledge about it could tell you more.


A side note: as it is right now, the Soma eclipses almost everything else in and under its Mastery bracket. DEvs have voiced their intention to increase the Mastery Rank requirement for it instead of nerfing it to match, so get it while you still can.

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Yeah, i noticed too late it's named Boltor as i was browsing through the warwiki and didn't notice the mistake i made early on :).

About the Boltor, since i own it atm, does that mean that building AP on it is a waste? And if it is, should i be going for raw damage increase with some element on it, such is frost, fire or electricity one?

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Well I'll break down each section for you.


Mastery Level: Well the higher the harder to get (spending time to level up) but it isn't too much of a worry.


Projectile Speed: The Soma being a hit-scan weapon basically means that it has an 'infinite projectile speed' when firing the weapon. That is means you just need your cross hairs over the target to get a hit regardless of how far they are. The Boltor on the other hand has a projectile speed making it hard to hit enemies that are far away (having bullet flight time).

Damage Type: The Boltor is a Physics Impact weapon meaning that armor is not added in the calculations when trying to determine damage except for a few enemies which are not affected by this. The Soma however being Bullet type does not really have an advantage (like the Boltor ignoring armor) but it is alright and can be regarded as 'normal' type damage.


Damage: This is kind of self explanatory and is the basis on which the damage you output is calculated from (ie. adding in armor, body part weaknesses, elemental weaknesses,etc) Altough the Boltor has higher damage the Soma is much better where I will explain in further in this post.

Crit Chance: This is also kind of self-explanatory but the thing to note here is that the Soma has a massive 35% chance of each bullet doing Crit Damage. The amount of damage the Crit does  is calculated by the Crit Damage multiplier eg. Soma has 300% (x3) and Boltor has 150% (x1.5)
In the most basic of calculations (not factoring in armor and all the other stuffs) this means that the Soma will do 10 Damage multiplied by 300% (x3)

which calculates to 30 Damage the bullet will do (if it Crits of course). For this reason alone with proper modding the Soma outperforms pretty much all Primary Weapons.


Fire Rate: Another self explanatory aspect. Just amount of bullets fire in a second.

Soma with 15 bullets shot in a second
Boltor with 8.75 shots in a second.

As you can see Soma has a ridiculously high fire rate compared to the Boltor meaning more Damage meaning more chances to Crit (with the already high Crit Chance) meaning even more damage thanks to the Crit Damage Multiplier.



Clip: Bullets in a mag before having to reload again.
Soma being better AGAIN with a clip of 100 bullets.

Reload Speed: You can guess


Well there it is.
In summary Soma has better everything except reload speed and damage which is however made up for by the Crit Chance and Crit Damage.


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You'll still want to add +AP to a weapon that ignores armor - its treated as an additional element.


Boltor should be







After that you can pick 3 of; Ban of ___/Wildfire/Speed Trigger/Fast Hands/Ammo Mutation/Stormbringer(Corpus only)/Hellfire(Infested only) to preference.

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