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RAZOR7 R10 Moon Clan is Recruiting active Members


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RAZOR7 R10 Moon Clan is Recruiting active Members

The **RAZOR7** R10Moon Clan is recruiting Active Members. Recent #1 Dojo Contest Winner. No Drama! - 100% Research, Ignis Wraith, 0% Tax, Clan Emblem, 4+ Year Established Clan, Active Leadership, Helpful, Discord, Giveaways.

Join our discord and ask in Welcome for an invite. http://www.razor7.org/join/discord


Friendly to all who like to play and want a place to call home in the complicated world of Warframe. Ask for help, get the help you need from a clan that you can help build while making friends. Hopefully friends that will revive you many times on Nightmare missions.

Clan Stats:

  • Rank 10 Moon Clan – 100% Research – Dry Dock – Ignis Wraith
  • 1st place in Dojo Contest – Twice! – 1000 of hours invested
  • Full Discord with years of game information and help available
  • 395208 Hours played
  • Over 1.5 million Missions completed
  • 15000 Conclave Kills
  • 90 Lunaro Wins 🙂
  • 513,000 Revives
  • Fastest Obstacle Course Time: 2.19s






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