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(Spoiler) Chains of Harrow quest - random ghost?


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I couldn't stop and take a picture, tried to, but it wasn't clear.

In Chains of Harrow, in the first quest to capture manifestations, I was done with them and just leisurely "running" from Rell, the floating black phantom.

I was surprised to find, close to the exit, a second invisible creature with glowing yellow eyes that was invulnerable (to void damage inclusive) and appeared to do nothing. When I entered operator form, it was doing a faded, yellowish version of Sentinels' shield buff, linking to, as far as I could tell, my operator and Rell. Anyone else notice this sort of thing happening? It has a slight highlight around various parts when you try to hit it, and the height of the eyes and the "shape" of the hits seems to make it an infested charger, but it only seems to have two glowing eyes. Taking screenshots is a bit difficult as the quest also involves hordes of infested swarming you from everywhere, so even if you're invulnerable, there's rarely a clear shot at it.

Is this something I didn't notice before, or part of the quest lore somehow, a random npc that shouldn't exist? I should note it says nothing when hovering crosshair over it, but attempting to damage it does give gray 0's. Rell appears to not give off any damage numbers at all, even 0, so is this just some sort of placeholder invisible npc supposed to act as a proxy for rell's immunity, or what?

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