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Arbitration mods reward missing or switched after extraction


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Hi tenno,

i just did a solo arbitration survival against infested (30 min). The mod combat discipline was rewarded twice in the mission. However, after extraction they weren't listed.


i noticed 3 spaces containing vitus essence but no mods.

I was in solo mode using nekros (despoil+shield of shadows mods)


thank you for you time

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Hello back, Tenno!

I've noticed sometimes rewards will show up in the mission but not in the "results last mission" BUT if you go to your foundry, they should be there. If I am too much of a noob for that to have been helpful info, I am sorry... but I just went through the same sort of thing yesterday when I killed the oribiter and stared at the screen with my mouth agape in horror until I checked the foundry 🙂



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