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[Fanfiction] Warframe Origins (Complete Series) + Side Stories


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Hi, some rules first:

First of all, yes you read right, it's a Novel. Though it's a Light Novel, so it's kinda short and often leads to another light novel. Light Novels are popular in Japan and are often the origins of recent popular Manga or Anime. Examples are Bakemonogatari, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Stein's;Gate and Sword Art Online.

Second, a disclaimer. All of the Warframe, Dark Sector, DE copyright owned names, terminologies and symbolism are owned by DE. All other names, terminologies and symbolism are fictional and do not correspond any past, present and future persons and / or entities.

Third, this is originally a concept I came up when doing a background with SiverBones' (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/user/1589-silverbones/) topic, “Baphomet - The Betrayer” (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/105211-baphomet-%E2%80%93-the-betrayer-merihem-new-dual-infested-boss-concept-weapon-new-color-art-10313/). It kinda went it's own way (well I got carried away) and it's now too long for just one person's background.

Fourth, please feel free to contribute and I'll add it if it fits. But please, be forewarned that this is my work and that you should be ready to defend your contribution in a constructive way. Criticisms are also very much welcome. Don't worry, I don't bite, I just ragdoll. Just Kidding!

Finally, NO TL;DR please. No. Nada. Nyet. Nein. Iye. Hinde. No, just NO.


EDIT: 02-26-2014

Well, another lore bomb has been dropped recently. Honestly I don't know what to do anymore. I guess we'll just have to wait out the story from now on. From now on, please consider this thread as Fanfic and no longer Fanon. Thanks.




Warframe - The Tears of Lotus

Hayden Tenno's technocyte infection did not spread anymore, but instead integrated his suit and embedded itself in his DNA. His cells having removed the Hayflick Limit, he has now become long-lived. After settling down, he begot children that bore his traits. They were called the Tenno Prime, a term originally reserved for the first children, and they would later play a great role in shaping history onwards. Thus were the beginnings of the Orokin age.

At the height of the Orokin age, Cain, one of the first to be born with enhanced abilities (Excalibur Prime), was intent on further evolving the species now dubbed H0m0 Sapiens Tenno Superioris, he furthered research on the technocyte virus as a means to strengthen his brothers. His other Prime comrades included Lotus, who in turn researched on making life easier for the Tenno such as creating devices where the Tenno could “sleep”, and Mikado, who in turn researched into using varied energies to supplement the Tennos' survivability and adaptability as a race, (FYI, the term Mikado and Tenno, are Japanese words for the Emperor)

After the presentation and acceptance of Lotus' research, it was Mikado and Cain's respective Researches' turn to be showcased. Mikado's research yielded the use of the energy shield that Tenno Implement today. Not only was his research applicable on shield projection, but his theories and models had potential for manipulating varying types of energy such as decreasing molecular momentum while increasing molecular bonds resulting in moulded ice (Frost Prime), and manipulating the innate magnetic fields of metallic molecular structures (Mag Prime).

Cain's Research however, yielded lacking results such as increased muscle power and hardened skin only. More so, most of his subjects would mutate terribly and had to be terminated. Needless to say, the Council at the time did not have regard for his work. To make matters worse, Lotus and Mikado where then invited to become members of the Council for their contributions. Pressed for results, Cain became desperate and withdrew from the public eye.

Some time later, upon the presentation ceremony of Lotus and Mikado being accepted into the Council, Cain interrupted and came in using a cloak. He claimed he has had a breakthrough and would like to present it now. The First (Hayden Tenno) relented and gave him permission. He unravelled his cloak and raised his left arm. It was engorged and mutated to look like the arm of an infested. Although it still bore the dark gray and reddish hue of his exoskeleton (frame), it was oversized, had energy pulsing knobs and had blades instead of fingers. The audience was aghast and the First right there and then banished him from the Tenno for trying to re-awaken what the First fought hard to seal.

Cain was adamant and argued that he was still sentient and that he had control. He was able to further harden his skin and breathe toxic breath. He further boasted that he could now exert mind control over the mutated test subjects that he stole from being terminated. This further angered the First since he experienced first hand the effects of controlled infested. He had the other Primes restrain him and drop him in the Dark Sector.

After the commotion, the First relegated Cain's research into Mikado's hands. Mikado's good intentions turned Cain's research into practical applications. He turned the capacity to control toxic elements into controlled emissions and painless warfare (Saryn). Skin Hardening was combined with energy insulation to further strengthen bonds and create artificial combat armor supplements (Rhino; Iron skin). Finally, instead of dominant control, he placed limiters on the psyche invasion mechanisms so as to implement humane actions (Nyx). He furthered the research of toxic gas emissions and and chemical reactions producing ignitable gas and the production of high voltage reactions (Ember and Volt).

Cain on the other hand, while on transit to the Dark Sector, escaped his holding unit using acid secreted from his left arm. Feeling betrayed and humiliated, Cain fled to other Western countries who were paranoid, jealous and in contempt of the Orokin countries in the East. He secretly manipulated them into mass producing his research and gave them a deterrent for the powerful Tenno.

In the background, in Europe, specifically Scotland where the first sheep was cloned, Vladymir Oskar Rasputin, a Russian Geneticist who defected to the Empire, has started perfecting the process of Human Cloning. His research, directly funded by the queen of the empire, often results in twins being born due to some unknown phenomena. Although confounded by this anomaly, his desire for immortality stemming from him being sterile and one eared from being born near Chernobyl, and his deep gratitude and loyalty to his Queen, Rasputin vigorously continues his work with a smile, with the other researchers there nicknaming him “Grin-Ear”.

In the middle-east, ever since Oil has become obsolete, businessmen, mostly comprised of religious groups, have begun to recuperate from the blow of having lost their monopoly on energy. Since then, they have started to buy, salvage, plagiarize weapons technology and sell it the highest bidder. Having their profits slowly coming back to them, they revise their culture to center on profit and wealth. Replacing the traditional Burka that covers everything except the eyes, they don overalls to protect their bodies from their work and from their habitat and proceed to wear metallic helmet versions of the Burka instead of their regular helmets. They then call themselves the Trade United Body.

Decades pass and with the succeeding progress of technology and overpopulation, all factions now terraform and colonize other planets and planetoids in the Solar System. They make use of the Solar Rail System that uses Solar Winds that are collected via Electromagnetic Pulses sent by different stations on each planetary system. The Station on Mercury, dubbed “Terminus” collects the most Solar Wind and distributes it as a current in the Rail system allowing for fast transport between Planetary Stations. Still, after some time, the number habitable living space is still growing thin and the Tenno defer to the use of pocket dimensions that Lotus and Mikado develop using Energy Manipulation to extend Space and Time on specific spots decipherable only by Void Keys.

Centuries pass, and with strained resources and living space, Mikado decides to take the other Primes and venture outside of Pluto's “Outer Terminus”. Lotus hesitates at first, but relents due to the crisis that the Tenno and other humans were facing. Mikado then constructs a device on Outer Terminus that extends the Solar Rails beyond the Solar System. After receiving a signal that the Rails connected somewhere else, Mikado then announced to prepare for the expedition outside of the “Origin System”. This is where Cain crashes through the doors whilst holding the heads of other Prime Tenno Royal Guards. Cain, in his displeasure of being denied, declares war on the Orokin with his “Sentient” army, a term he used to describe himself before he was exiled.

A multitude of new infested then suddenly swarm the ceremony and Cain suddenly mounts a large quadruped infested. Cain rushed the First, but before the First could draw his Glaive, Mikado stops the beast mid track with his hands and pushes it back with a roar. As the quadruped and Cain was thrown back, Mikado stomps the ground and many infested are crushed by the force. Mikado then signals the remaining Royal Guards to get the First, Lotus and the rest of the Council to safety. Lotus begs to fight alongside her betrothed, but Mikado orders otherwise. Cain regains composure and sees Mikado transformed into a gold-laced hulk frame with metallic silver skin (Rhino Prime). This further angers Cain and screams that Mikado himself took advantage of his research. Mikado only shows sadness and readies for battle. As the chaos was to further intensify, the fallen dead, both Tenno and Infested, suddenly start fighting off Cain's forces. The other Primes have arrived headed by the new frame Lotus herself designed, Nekros. With the dead, outnumbering the living, Cain retreats.

Soon afterwards, the “Great War” came to happen. With Cain having immortal troops capable of infecting, eating and absorbing new material, the advantage eventually goes to the Sentients. Pressed for survival, the First allows the acquisition and use of the Golems, artificial constructs of enormous sizes that require a Tenno Pilot as its core. Capable of replicating the abilities of its' pilot and able to absorb new material itself, the Golems were successful in destroying most of and driving away the Sentients. But the victories came with a heavy price, the Tenno pilot was eventually absorbed by the golem itself, giving it its' own mind that is resistant to Psyche Invasion by Cain. These golem-absorbed Tenno, in an act of honor, sealed themselves on derelict ships to prevent them from hurting their own kind.

Afterwards, tired of centuries of fighting, and weary of disappointment of his eldest (Cain), the First decided to “rest” and delegated the responsibility of assembling the Council to Lotus and Mikado, having two leaders to balance out differing mindsets, leaving only instructions to wake him when he is “needed”. He chose Pluto since he wanted to welcome his child (Mikado) when he returns from his Journey. The First entered the most elaborate Cryopod facility that was located near Pluto and Lotus hid it using a Void key (Intro anyone?).

Mikado was victorious in battle but was himself wounded. He was struck with Cain's great sword and is now poisoned and is showing signs of infestation. Weakened by poison and not willing to risk infecting Lotus, he goes into another crypod, leaving only instructions to wake him when he is fully healed or when there is a cure found. If he is found to be fully infected, the other Primes accompanying him are instructed to kill him on the spot as he does not want to end up like his brother. He kisses Lotus, tells her to take of their children, and enters the cryopod. Inside the Tenno ship Ark, bound for the journey outside Outer Terminus, the cryopod is escorted by most of the Primes left and started their journey. The only Tenno Primes that stayed behind were the Royal Guards consisting of Excalibur Primes, the Defense Vanguards of Frost Primes and Lotus' own escorts the Mag Primes. The Nekros' were dispatched to deal with an apparent J-series Golem running rampant in the Meteor Belt.

The Empire, seeing the opportunity to seize the Origin system for itself, launches an attack comprised of a multitude of clones. After the Tenno Ark left, at the ceremony where some of the Empire Royal Family was attending, the Queen suddenly announced an attack, and the Empire troops suddenly revealed concealed weapons from within their prosthetic bodies. With the majority of the Tenno lost in the war, in cryopod stasis recuperating, or having departed with the Ark, Lotus was hard forced with a decision. She used the Void Key she had, the one to use for the First's Chamber, and entered the void by herself, indefinitely saving her and the remaining Tenno conscious in a timeless anomaly. The Empire troops are suddenly met with a flash of bright light and the remaining Tenno vanish. To make sure reinforcements never come, the Queen orders the destruction of Outer Terminus, trapping the journeying Tenno outside the Origin System. Seeing something shiny on the ground, Rasputin picks up Lotus' Void Key as a Prize.


After a second for Lotus, and a millennium for the Origin system, she materializes with her envoy on Terminus, Mercury, where the Void and the Solar Rails have shunted them after the blast from the destruction of Outer Terminus. Lotus regains herself, but soon realizes that a long time has unfortunately passed. She checks the Star Maps, and deduces that more than a millennium has passed. Lotus falls to the ground and weeps upon her realization. A small moment after, the leader of the Excalibur Prime Royal Guards approaches her and asks her what to do.

She replies, “We need Him.”




Warframe - The Seeds of Lotus


The three children went about preparing for the upcoming ceremony with sadness in their eyes. Their father, Mikado, the Hero of the Great war and a son of the First, was to journey beyond the Origin System leaving his family behind. The journey itself was not their primary concern, but was the possibility of not being able to see their father again. Mikado was greatly wounded and is now slowly being infected with Cain's new strain of Infestation. The other Primes were coming with him, not only to assist him in looking for new systems to colonize, but also to assist him in suicide should he turn fully Infested.


The eldest of the three, the zealous Lotus Vadjura, tells his siblings off for being too soft. He points out that they are directly descended from the First and should not act dishonorably in front of the court. Although brokenhearted himself, Vadjura shrugs it off, energizes his Volt Prime frame and puts on his syandana. As Vadjura was to venture outside the dressing room door, he turns around and pats his twin sister's head. Finally relenting to the sobs of his smaller sister, he sighs aloud and tells her several comforting words.


Sitting on a window sill, the second son, the rebellious Lotus Dahaka lets out a chuckle at the sight. He then mumbles that things are hopeless and that only their father can be entrusted with the future of their race. Vadjura shifts his attention to his little brother, pointing out that he still has not donned his frame. Dahaka argues nonchalantly that nobody liked his Rhino Prime form anyways and that it scared most people that saw its dark and horned visage. Vadjura rebuffs this saying that he is lucky to have inherited their Father's affinity and that he should be proud of his lineage. Dahaka stands up and angrily shouts that he is proud of his lineage, proud to be their Father's son, and that he has always done everything to live up to the expectations from him. Dahaka further shouts that only he is really concerned about their father and that the twins have always doted on their mother Lotus instead.


With tensions rising, Dahaka activates his black Rhino Prime Variant frame, suddenly exuding energy and smoke at the same time. Seeing this while on a noble stance, Vadjura calmly charges focused electricity on his hands, readying himself for battle. At this point, Lotus Agni stands up and screams at her siblings to stop. But she was too late. Before she could finish her words, Dahaka suddenly vanishes as smoke and teleports from up and behind Vadjura. Vadjura is unfazed and Dahaka begins executing a stomp attack. Before his attack can connect, an energy shield deploys above Vadjura's back stopping him in midair. Vadjura still facing him backwards, sends a bolt of lightning from one his hands,piercing the shield and plunging into Dahaka. Dahaka is suddenly flung afar and destroys several walls from the force of Vadjura's attack.


Vadjura turns to face his little brother, only to tell him that although Dahaka has inherited their father's brawn, Vadjura inherited his brains. Vadjura has perfected the energy shield the stops attacks from outside and strengthens attacks from inside. Vadjura further comments on how predictable Dahaka's attack would be knowing that he has a teleport attack unfitting for a large frame. He further criticizes Dahaka's choice in using the stomp attack as it needed a solid surface to come into contact with to trigger its chronostasis capabilities. Dahaka suddenly screams at his brother to be quiet and suddenly comes bursting out of the rubble, still exuding smoke from his frame.


Before Dahaka could attack again, several Royal Guards arrive and asks the siblings what happened. Agni just dismisses them telling them it is just sibling sparring. Vadjura then turns his back to Dahaka and tells Agni to come with him already to the ceremony. With a sad face, Agni activates her Ember Prime frame, puts on her own syandana and escorts his twin brother, with the Royal Guards behind them. Dahaka sits down on the rubble, deactivates his frame and rubs his face.




At the ceremony, Dahaka was nowhere to be seen. Vadjura was apathetic when questioned by Lotus and Agni explains the situation to her. Lotus sighs and comments that she should have paid more attention to Dahaka. Vadjura refutes this and points out that the three of them are already capable of making their own decisions, and that Dahaka merely made his own. Lotus touches his face and says that he still his brother, and they are family. She points out that Mikado, their father, kissed her earlier and gave her instructions to take care of them. She told Vadjura to go on and find his brother, and he relents. As he turns around, Agni tells her mother that only Lotus can convince the stubborn Vadjura like that. Agni smiles then rushes to join Vadjura to look for their brother. Lotus smiles in turn as the twins disappear in the crowd.




Dahaka was in the high gardens, overlooking the ceremony from far and above. Having doted on his father, he personally cannot bear to witness him ailing and bid him farewell. Sulking from the possible loss of his beloved father, he suddenly felt the presence of another Tenno behind him. He turns around and finds Psyche, their nursemaid Nyx. At the time, Nyx frames were popularly employed to take care of children since they can directly telepathically communicate with Tenno children even before they can start to talk. Dahaka turns again to look at the crowd and resumes his sullen mood. Psyche approaches and tells him that even if she was not using her Nyx abilities, she could read what he was thinking.


Psyche then proceeds to sit beside her charge. She tells him it was fine to be feeling this way since it is his loved one going away. Dahaka then points out how Vadjura was so apathetic and insensitive about the whole incident. Psyche then guessed correctly that Vadjura and Dahaka had another fight and the latter lost again. Psyche then encouraged him saying that when the twins were born, they had no innate frame affinity so they were given the frames that Mikado recently finished at that time, the Volt and Ember Primes. Dahaka was to be proud of himself because he was born a Prime just like his father, and that he just needed to train and grow some more so that he can be stronger. At this sentiment, Dahaka showed a small smile and nodded.


Before he could thank Psyche for her kind words, Psyche motioned him to hurry past the crowd and bid his father not farewell, but return steadfast. His mood uplifted, he nodded towards Psyche again and jumped into the crowd below. Psyche shakes her head notes on Dahaka's ever recklessness.




Vadjura walked with a constant pace as Agni struggled to keep up with him. Even though Vadjura had a Volt Prime frame, his built would have been better suited as a Rhino Prime. Agni on the other hand, was rather small for her age. Agni sighed at this fact and kept on tailing his twin brother. Vadjura suddenly stops and Agni slams on his back. Before Agni could say anything, he activates his frame for battle and surveys his surroundings. Agni confused, asks him why he is scaring the citizens with his act. Vadjura suddenly deploys an energy shield and shoots volts to several cloaked civilians. The victims suddenly convulse and their cloaks burn from the electric discharge heat. The other civilians flee while several other hooded civilians suddenly gather at their position.


Agni then screams at Vadjura for killing a civilian. Vadjura then points out that these are not civilians, but foreign and inhuman soldiers. He points at the corpses of his victims, and as the fires burn out, the remains reveal burnt flesh melded with automaton parts.Most of the automaton parts were concealed weapons such as blades and small firearms. Vadjura then pointed out that as a Volt Prime, he sensed the unnatural amounts of electricity in several individuals they passed. Agni then motions him to speak no further and activates her Ember Prime Frame.




Ignoring the commotion coming from the nearby marketplace, Dahaka rushes to the site of the ceremony, haphazardly getting dressed on the way, bumping away and apologizing to civilians with his large built while trying to keep his syandana clean. While putting on the finishing touches on his ceremonial dress, he suddenly bumps into a big group of foreigners. He stands up to apologize but the group leader stops him and apologizes instead. He introduces himself as Vladymir Oskar Rasputin, the Prime Minister of the Empire, and that he would be honored to escort the youngest son of the Hero of the Great War Mikado to the farewell ceremony. Dahaka surprised by his reputation, was speechless until he noticed something odd about Rasputin's entourage. They were all hooded and cloaked and nothing about their features could be physically distinguished.


Rasputin notices the young Tenno's hesitation and laughingly explains that he is a monk and that he and his disciples are not very sociable. Dahaka was about to lower his guard when a burning corpse flew and landed a few meters near them. The corpse was half flesh and half automaton and had the same guise as Rasputin's entourage. He gave Rasputin a hard look and before he could talk one of the monks revealed a blade and stabbed him from behind.


Rasputin then turned away to proceed to the ceremony, when he heard a laugh from behind him. It was Dahaka lifting his attacker by the neck. The monk was holding a chipped blade and his neck was slowly cracking and being crushed by Dahaka's grip. Dahaka slowly transformed into his iron skinned Rhino Prime and then fully crushed the monk's neck and upper torso. Rasputin calmly motioned his followers to deal with Dahaka and started walking away. Dahaka started mowing down enemies but there was too many for him to catch up to Rasputin. He then tried to use his teleport but a large monk then pounds him with a large stun rod. He buckles for a minute, then reiterates his hatred for electricity.




Finally whittling down the numbers of their attackers, Vadjura and Agni rush back to the ceremony site. Agni deployed her skill World on Fire to kill any stray enemies while Vadjura Speed energized the two of them to travel faster. Agni started to panic as she saw the Outer Terminus Solar Rail light up in the sky. This only meant that the Tenno Ark was readying itself for its journey outside the Origin System. Vadjura then put on the maximum output on his Speed energize.


They were too late when they arrrived. As they looked to their mother, Lotus had a sad face on her as she looked at the ship embark and vanish from the horizon. Separated by a great crowd, they try to limit the distance between them and their mother. Unfortunately, before they could get through half of the crowd, Vadjura sees a man whisper something to the attending Empire Royal Family's Queen. This sets the Queen to her feet and shout something incoherent, but Vadjura understands the same. It was a signal for an attack. He clasps Agni down, and deploys multiple Energy Shields. More than half of the crowd burst into flames as the entourage and civilians from the Empire transform into hideous automatons brimming with firearms and blades.


The twins fight off as many as they could but they could not reach their mother. Agni looks towards her direction and her Royal Guards are being swarmed by flesh bound automatons like ants. She sees her despair and horror as she tries to defend herself and the council. Pressed for options and the rank of the Royal Guards thinning from the millions of enemies raining upon them, Agni sees her mother mouth the word "sorry" and clutch at the Void Key their grandfather entrusted to her. A sudden flash of light pours from the Void Key and everyone averts their eyes except Agni. She burns the sight in her memory as the sight burns out her eyes.


Agni, now blind, calls for Vadjura. Vadjura tries to steel himself while fighting off the multitude of enemies coming one after the other. As Vadjura runs out of energy, he slowly slumps down to embrace his blind sister, closes his eyes and apologizes. As a million blades descend upon them, Vadjura then hears a great crash and opens his eyes to see that time has stopped around them. Baffled, Vadjura is further surprised by the sudden appearance of Dahaka using his teleport. Dahaka sarcastically remarks that Vadjura was right in that the stomp attack needed to be in contact with the ground for the chronostasis to work. He activates his Iron Skin, picks up his two siblings and makes a run in the opposite direction of the ceremony site.


Using a combination of charges and teleport skills, Dahaka widens the distance between them and the enemies. Before he could finally set them down from a distance to the ceremony site, he hears a great explosion and turns around. He sets down his siblings as he himself kneels from the sight of the Outer Terminus Solar Rails get destroyed. He then screams for his father.




Mean while, "Grin-Ear" Rasputin holds in his hand a Void Key while he stares at the explosion from afar in his shuttle. He smiles as his dream for hegemony for his Queen slowly comes into fruition. Having cloned himself countless times, he thought perhaps it was time to focus on expanding the empire to devour the whole system. Knowing that the Tenno First, the Hero of the Great War, and Lotus were out of the picture, he relishes in the thought of being beside the Queen as she rules over everything.


On other side of the commotion, the Trade United Body, now known as Commercio Unione Corpus or simply "Corpus", stayed safe by buying out information from their informer from within the empire. Knowing that an attack on the ceremony was imminent, the Board simply sent their "undesirables" as the Corpus representatives to the ceremony. Not only were they able to dispose of their non-performing assets, they were able to avert large property and human resource damages. Overall, they believe that the money paid to the informant was a good "investment".




The siblings are found in their human form by Psyche on the outskirts of Outer Terminus. Agni was sobbing all the time, Vadjura was unconscious being depleted of energy and Dahaka was staring off into the horizon. Psyche addresses them politely and beckons them to rejoin the remaining Tenno as the new council members. Dahaka is unfazed by the sentiment and continues looking over the ruins of the Solar Rail. It was Agni that spoke first, saying that they need to recover first before even trying to lead their fellow Tenno. Psyche then notices that Psyche was staring blankly towards an unknown direction. This prompts Psyche to rush over to her side to check her status.


Psyche inspects her face and finds that her eyes are now pure white and that she is completely blind now. Psyche holds back her tears as she embraces Agni. Vadjura, still hazy, is awoken by the commotion but fails to standup. Psyche telepathically communicates with Dahaka for him to help and Dahaka sighs briefly before standing up. Dahaka and Psyche prop Vadjura up and Psyche pulls up some energy cells for him to consume. Vadjura slightly recovers and begins to talk.


Vadjura, still weakened, calmly persuades his siblings to become the Council, not because of ambition or acknowledgement, but because they must survive together so that they may welcome their parents when they return. Dahaka is angered by the notion and says that the Solar Rails are now gone and their mother has abandoned them. Agni remains silent in light of what she saw last. Vadjura rebuffs Dahaka saying that they can still fight, but they must remain together. If they must, they will battle again for survival and reclaim what they lost. Vadjura promises Dahaka to repair the Solar Rails one day, but first they must re-establish themselves. Dahaka relents and stays silent for the meantime. Dahaka goes to carry his sister and he motions for Psyche to aid Vadjura in walking. Psyche gives out a sad smile and follows.





Warframe - The Lotus Eaters



Decades have passed since the attack on Outer Terminus, and Vadjura and Dahaka set aside their differences to form a new council and lead the surviving Tenno. Reduced to mere thousands, the Tenno now operate from the shadows and only build settlements hidden by void keys. Agni, now unable to resume her role as a warrior on the front line due to her blindness, becomes the information gatherer for the Tenno and also serves as a neutral party in the council.


Ridden with guilt at having failed in protecting his twin sister, Vadjura delves into continuing the research that his father left. A master of energy manipulation like his father, Vadjura develops an energy system that feeds off electricity to manipulate vectors of force without the use of magnetism. This system hastens the process by which Tenno construct their Void Towers and was used to further reinforce the Orokin Vaults within them. Thinking ahead, Vadjura successfully incorporates the system into a frame now called Vauban.


Still unsatisfied with the results of his energy research, Vadjura instead refocused his study unto the energies that the Tenno themselves emit. Thinking of ways on how to have Agni see again, he experiments on the healing and shielding energies that permeate the bodies Tenno commonly. Vadjura finally found a way to boost this regenerative energy and channel it within a focal point. After, getting Agni's permission to test his new technology on her, Vadjura then proceeds with obsessing with safety measures for an experiment. After thorough adjustments and numerous repeat experiments, Vadjura fails to heal Agni's eyes. Agnis consoles his brother and explains that it was not his fault, and that she was content with the way things are. She then suggests that these new energies can be used as support for Dahaka on the front lines and that she herself would research a way to make it combat viable. Further on, she succeeds in integrating the technology into a frame now called Trinity.


Vadjura though could not be swayed. Finally understanding that her eyes were damaged by void energies and therefore could not be restored, Vadjura found other ways for Agni to be back to her warrior self. His intensive research then landed him on an article about Sonar technology and Human Echolocation dating back to the time of the First Tenno's youth. Relishing this discovery, he immediately began experiments on Wave Energies and how to effective generate, focus and receive them. Although unusable outside atmospheric areas, the new sonic technology allowed for detection and mapping of spacial forms and movement within allowable mediums such as solids and air in the atmosphere. Unusable for in-space flight, he directly integrated the technology in a frame that later became known as Banshee. The older twin brother came to Agni with great news, only to be met with rejection. Agni was now settled as being blind and was now feeling removed from the fighting. He kissed his brother's cheek and went on her way guided only by Psyche by her side. Vadjura just stared at her go and was at a total loss for words.




Dahaka on the other hand was on the front lines, assassinating dignitaries, reclaiming territories and defending from sieges, but he was always pressed and often lost to the sheer number of enemies before him. It seemed to him that he was fighting the Infested like before, only this time they had armaments. Pressed for results, he rescinded from the battlefield to find his brother Vadjura.


After finally tracking down his brother, he finds him slumped in his laboratory staring blankly at his research data. Dahaka, angered by what he saw, he throws away his ranged weapons and takes up his battle scythe, furiously activates his Rhino Prime frame and destroys the laboratory outright. He then clutches Vadjura and reminds him of his promise to reclaim and rebuild the Solar Rails on Terminus. Not getting a response from his brother, Dahaka slams his brother around the wreckage until he finally comes to. Vadjura, dishearteningly, agrees to help Dahaka in any way he can, but in exchange, Dahaka was to leave him alone to his fate. Dahaka angrily relents, gives his brother a punch on the face, picks up his heavy kunai and composite bow then orders the other guards to pick his brother up.


Having regained some of his senses, Vadjura experiments directly on Dahaka's body. He has always found it odd that Dahaka had several other traits that he and sister never had. Oddities such as having darker energy colors, exuding smoke and the ability to teleport. He found out that Vadjura's body is actually permeated by two types of energies and the mixing of these two energies gave him more energy reserves and allowed him to materialize himself in two other places for a nanosecond and then switch places thus explaining the teleportation skill. The smoke was simply from an organic exhaust system to vent the excess heat the body would generate due to the surplus of energy.


Fueled by scientific curiosity and Dahaka's incessant demands, Vadjura's vigor is restored and is now focused on developing new energies for the Tenno. Using the energy materialization concept he found in Dahaka's body, he engineered a frame that could physically project light energy constructs and light bending coatings that could serve as illusions or distractions. Integrating the switch teleportation coupled with illusionary skills and tactics, Vadjura created the first Loki frame.


Although Loki was impressive for a support and tactical warframe, Dahaka demanded something more lethal. Vadjura, challenged with this demand, started then to focus on using materialized energy as weapons as well as further extending the teleportation abilities. Along the way, Vadjura found a way to use the smoke exhaust as a smoke screen for stealthy infiltrations. Again integrating his research into one frame, he made a frame that could make use of thrown energy constructs that resemble their Hikou weaponry. These shuriken, made from pure energy, can pierce through dense armor and would dissipate after some time, allowing for more stealth.


The frame was also able to teleport towards a specified target and could attack from behind or by surprise. The ability was capable of being used repeatedly to storm multiple enemies with close quarter blade attacks. Dahaka was well pleased with the resulting frame and named it himself using Ash, from the ash in the smoke exhaust of the frame. With the new reinforcements, Dahaka went back to the front lines content and kept in constant contact with his brother.




From afar, Agni was happy hearing that the two brothers were getting along. She was on a trip to negotiate with a Corpus executive named Derald Vesper. The corpus has recently contacted the Tenno to barter and trade with them. Agni, hearing about the report on the Corpus' tactic during the attack the Solar Rails, was very suspicious of the Corpus. In her opinion, the Corpus could have sold the information to the Tenno and they would have profited twofold, but they did otherwise.


Her ship was finally docking into a neutral space station when she recovered from her thoughts. Psyche assisted her off the ship, but afterwards Agni told her to stay. Agni argued that the Corpus are distrusting as they are not trustworthy themselves. The presence of a Nyx in the meeting would only interrupt in the proceedings. Psyche relents to the wisdom of her charge but insists she bring some of the Royal Guards with her. After bickering about the number of guards to bring, Agni finally resigns to bringing ten guards and jokes to Psyche that if the Corpus were to betray her, she would burn them on the spot. Agni then proceeds with her escorts to the meeting area.


In the meeting room, Agni is greeted surprisingly by a man by approaching her immediately after she entered. Her guards react negatively from this and were to draw weapons when Agni suddenly signals them to stand down. The man apologizes for his excitement and that he comments on Agni's beauty. Agni is unfazed by the compliment but deduces that man is quite young for a Corpus executive. The young man introduces himself as Derald Vidar, but corrects himself and reintroduces his name as Derald Vida. He explains that it is Corpus tradition to shorten one's name when recognized for his contributions to the wealth of the Body. He simply explains that the shorter your Corpus name, the higher your rank is and that he still has a long way to go. Finally recognizing that they have been standing for a long time, Derald invites Agni and her entourage to sit down and he orders some refreshments. Agni accepts politely and signals his guards.




After months of negotiations, Agni finally resigns and is now willing to trade with the Corpus executive. She demands that instead of trading them the current technology that the Tenno hold, the Tenno will research a new field of technology with the Corpus. This is to preserve most of the secrets the Tenno hold currently and to secure a stable partnership with another faction in the Origin System.


As Psyche attends to her charge by brushing her hair, she suddenly gives advice about normal humans having shorter lives than the Tenno. Agni is at first confused by this advice, but then blushingly stands up and retorts that she does not have any interest in Derald. Agni then demands that she stop using her powers to read her mind and mind her own business. Psyche explains that a second mother to them siblings, Agni is her business, and that she knows she has started to be fond of Derald just by looking at her interact with him these past few months. Agni literally burns up and storms out the room, stumbling down right outside the door as she is blind. She shouts for assistance from the Royal Guards, but the the Royal Guards are repelled by her flames. Psyche contacts maintenance of damage support and proceeds to calm Agni down. Agni relents, but proceeded down the hall with pouted lips. Psyche just laughed beside her along the way and reports that her brothers are arriving as she requested. With her spirits lifted again, her body ignites again she runs literally blindly in the corridors.


Vadjura arrives first and embraces her little sister as she physically tears away the ship doors. Vadjura rubs his face at the childishness of her sister and looks at Psyche shrugging. They exchange stories and make their way to the meeting room with the Corpus. Upon entering the room, Agni introduces Derald to her brother. Vadjura then motions to Psyche outside the meeting room asking if this person is the human that Agni is fond of. She nods a yes and Agni takes notice. Before she can burst into flames, Vadjura shakes Derald's hand suddenly engages in conversation regarding energy compaction. Agni is confounded but is again embarassed when a Royal Guard tells her of Psyche's personal massage of encouragement.


After a few hours of technical conversation, Agni, having slept through the tiresome technical talk, is awakened by the arrival of Dahaka, still in his Rhino Prime form. Vadjura coughs up to signal Dahaka of the formalities and Dahaka rescinds his frame. Derald springs up from his seat to approach the newcomer. Before Vadjura could stop the man, Dahaka catches Derald by the throat through reflex. Agni stands up and orders her little brother to put her friend down. Dahaka laughs at hearing the word friend from her sister and puts down Derald and straightens his clothing. Dahaka apologizes for being late and his misconduct, and explains that he has just come back from a week straight battle to defend a Tenno settlement. Afterwards, Dahaka too motions to Psyche asking if this was the friend that Agni was fond of. Psyche laughingly nods from outside and senses Agni's embarrassment from afar. After further introductions, the four start negotiations right away.




After a few years, Vadjura starts closing the reports on his latest research. His research, in which Derald was his partner in experimentation and formulation, has yielded satisfying results for both parties. He and Derald was able to siphon and compress energy into a portable containers small enough to power superheated machinery and equipment. He closed his office for the day and walked towards the testing center where his siblings and Derald were waiting to commemorate their success.


As he approached the large testing area, he made sure to lock down the facility equipments, since its energy siphoning equipment could prove to be debilitating to Tenno if used maliciously. He then proceeded to join the merriment in the testing hall, and he smiled as he can hear from afar his sister laughing heartily with what seems to be Derald's voice. Derald had, unconsciously and unwittingly, become part of the family, though he always wondered why Derald was so aversive of Psyche. He shrugged off the thought and went through the blast doors.


Upon his arrival, Derald beckoned him to join his siblings inside the chamber and take part in a photoshoot that he setup. Arguing that Derald should be in the photos too, Derald in turn rebuffed that there's nobody else here to take your pictures. Immediately, Agni took Vadjura's hand and huddled him together with Dahaka, who had the same sighing face, and Psyche, who was somehow absorbed in thought. Vadjura was actually smiling already with his siblings when he approached to question Psyche for her behavior. Before Vadjura could ask further, Psyche's eyes widen with horror and she looks at Derald.


Vadjura in turn tries to look at Derald's direction, but before he can try to speak, he suddenly slams to the ground and is rendered immobile. The installed equipment he locked down earlier had been turned on with them in the middle of it. For a human like Derald, it would be harmless, but for energy bearing beings like Tenno, this would debilitate them. In his mind, he knows that the only people with access to the lockdown procedures are his siblings and one other person. Feeling all of his energy draining, he painfully turns his head to see Derald signal several men to finally enter the room. Dahaka, seeing Rasputin enter the room, screams from the tops of his lungs and stands up. Derald pushes a button on the panel and the energy drain doubles, forcing Dahaka on his knees.


Derald comes forward with smiling face and comments that Dahaka had energy surplus in his body. Derald offers Dahaka the explanation for this phenomenon as he tells all the people present in the room that he is always informed of everything that happens in the Origin System. He tells the Tenno that it was him that had the information about the attack on Outer Terminus and that it was that information that led to his promotion and shortening of his name. He planned to not sell the information to the Tenno since he also planned to sell the surviving Tenno to the Empire. He laughs at the advent of having his name shortened again from this accomplishment.


From these words, Agni herself tries ignite herself but to no avail. Derald bends down to touch Agni's chin but she turns away. Derald then proceeds to taunt Dahaka again regarding the information about his body. Before he could start, Psyche shouts at him to stop and that Dahaka is a rightful brother to his siblings. Derald laughs aloud at this gesture and then proceeds with his story.


During the Great War, while Mikado was on the front lines defending a tower while civilians were being evacuated, Cain, now calling himself Baphomet, attacked and sacked one of the Council Tower hideouts. Having killed all the Royal Guards and Vanguards himself, he ordered the Infested to eat away at the civilians while he dealt personally with the Council Members in the Orokin Vault. After breaking down the great vault seal, Cain enters only to find out that the Council has evacuated themselves in escape pods in the vault and it was only Lotus who left herself behind to assist the civilians remotely. As Lotus was running for the last escape pod, Merihem, Baphomet's mount suddenly cuts her off. After fighting by herself for a long time, Baphomet eventually wears her out and beats her down. In an act of revenge to Mikado his brother, and in spite to Lotus for having abandoned him, Baphomet tears away her frame and rescinds his own. Baphomet then proceeds to have his way with her. Finally, the result of that horrific union was Dahaka himself.


Dahaka screams to Derald about his lies, but Derald questions him why he was always different from the twins. Dahaka always had a taint of darkness and had dark colored energy. To further reinforce his argument, Derald, points out to Psyche, who was put in place directly by the Council to monitor Dahaka since she is a Nyx. Dahaka turns to Psyche, but Psyche in turn only sheds tears. Dahaka cries in pain and manages to stand again in rage. Derald is taken aback but Rasputin motions for his men to subdue Dahaka immediately.


Psyche then tries to invade the soldiers' minds but she was suddenly shot directly in the forehead by Derald. Derald, confessing his disdain for the Nyx since she could always discover his plans, finally breathes a sigh of relief. He then motions to Rasputin, mentioning Derald may have destroyed his merchandise. Rasputin waves it off, saying that he only needs their wombs, nothing else. Satisfied with that response, Derald orders the two men to be taken to the Corpus and the women to the Empire. Vadjura swears at Derald, but before long he loses consciousness from a stun baton.




A year passes, but for Vadjura, it felt like centuries in his cell. His daily regimen consisted of torture, vivisection, or both. Having been stripped of his frame, he has now given up hope on saving himself, and has focused only surviving long enough to be saved by his fellow Tenno. He prays all the time for his siblings, but is still saddened by the fact that Dahaka had such origins and that their mother had to endure such things.


Today, as the cell doors open, he gives out another sigh, but before he could finish his thought, he heard a familiar voice. He lifted his his head to see Derald with several attendants. He personally came to gloat to Vadjura about his achievements. An attendant pulls out a chair for Derald, and Vadjura starts pulling on his chains and swears on Derald's name.


Derald corrects him, saying that his name is now shortened to Dera Ladv due to his promotion. He came to visit his friend and associate Vadjura to announce that a new weapon has been constructed using Vadjura's research. It was to be named Dera after himself and that it has proven very effective in exterminating other Tenno. By Dera's account, the new Council and the remaining Tenno should be dwindling in numbers soon. This further infuriates Vadjura, but Dera cuts him off. He taunted Vadjura with information about his siblings. With this sentiment, Vadjura withheld himself. Dera smiles and laughs at Vadjura's situation. He then continues narrating the recent events in the Origin System.


All of the frame parts torn away from their bodies were put to good use. Vadjura's Volt Parts were used to superheat gasses and contain them using the energy compaction technology they both developed. Now, called Fieldron, it was what was used to power the new weapon Dera. Although at some point some of the Volt parts where eaten away in an Infested attack, enough data was intact and recovered to mass produce the Dera prototype. The parts from Dahaka's Rhino frame where used to research powering and shielding high mobility tanks. Dera himself admits he copied the concept from an old war machine that the First Tenno fought back then on Earth.


Dera shifts his position on the chair upon changing subjects, noticeably uneasy about the next items to discuss. Psyche's parts where then used for researching mind control, especially against the infested. He briefly stopped, and resumed his story. The Ember parts torn from Agni was in turn researched into obtaining explosive energy and it was compacted in another version of Vadjura's Fieldron. Dera coined the term Detonite from the volatile nature of the contained energy and it was being used to power high explosive weapons and demolition devices. Dera motioned for a drink, and a servant came to give him a container of fluid. Upon emptying the container, he pauses and gives the container back to the servant to continue his story with a sigh. Vadjura was already held fast with fear.


Agni and Psyche's corpse was given to the Empire. By now, the empire is almost completely habituated by clones, and that Rasputin needed a more potent source of genetics and needed more research materials for removing the Hayflick Limit on cloning. For this, he needed Tenno females and their wombs for research. Dera himself stopped at this point and Vadjura widened his eyes in horror.


There was a moment of silence in the room before his tears flowed. Before he could regain himself, Dera approached him with good news instead. Dahaka was alive. Dahaka was vivisected and brainwashed more than Vadjura was, but was more resilient. After enduring more than ten times the amount of torture and vivisection Vadjura experienced, Dahaka's mind was broken, and he set himself free. His Rhino Prime Variant frame has been torn off, but due to his secondary energy source in his body, he was able to manifest an Excalibur like frame that emitted smoke.


It had a reddish black hue, a twisted face and was able to massacre the guards by randomly teleporting and using the slash dash skill. After disposing of all the personnel in the facilty, he kept on murmuring that he needed to help in repairing the Solar Rails and keep the order of things. He turned to face a security camera murmuring only "I am your reckoning..." before vanishing into smoke.


Dumbfounded with tears still running down his cheeks, Dera motions to his men. Dera tells Vadjura that he is to be put into the newly developed Corpus Indoctrination program that they created using salvage Nyx parts. Dera will then give him a normal Corpus name and be given a low rank title in the system. This is his only but of mercy that he can give to one he once called friend. Vadjura swears at his name again whiile he is being restrained off his chains, but Dera stands up and turns away, reminding Vadjura that he is slated for another promotion and that the next time they meet, he shall be entitled Alad V.




Time passes on, and a rogue Corpus merchant named Darvo La Jutus, ventures near Mercury for one of his client trips to Terminus. Upon his descent, he encounters an anomalous turbulence. Looking at the readouts from the cockpit, Darvo deduces that a void key has been activated within the atmosphere. Darvo deems this unusual due to the volatile nature of void keys, thus prompting their use to be limited to off atmosphere locations.


Consigning to his curiosity as a merchant, Darvo changes course to a cliff that overlooks the source of the anomaly. Having landed safely and covertly, Darvo engages the ship's cloaking mechanism and hurriedly ventures to the edge of the cliff to spy on some new and potentially valuable information. He pulls out his ocular gear and starts observing the anomaly.


Darvo smiles as he is proven right. A void key exit port has materialized and it begins pouring out several dozens of Tenno. At first he was unimpressed, but seeing a multitude of Prime Tenno in one location is significant information. He is more astounded when the Tenno Prime he spotted consisted of mostly the Royal Guards of old. He surveys the the faces of the Tenno materialized and his breath stops upon stumbling upon a Tenno Council member long thought to be lost to the void. Her beauty and aura was undoubtedly identifiable as Lotus herself. Lotus at first is disoriented but then slumps crying down after some point. The Royal Guards approach her for instructions.


Darvo suddenly ducks before he is found out. He suddenly cries tears of joy and stops himself from laughing. Moments later Darvo regains his composure then he starts making plans.


He spies on the Tenno again and whispers, "Mothers make the best customers."



Chapter 4 (REBOOTED)


Warframe - The Beginnings Of A War




Mikado rescinded his frame as he walked towards the end of the only balcony still left intact. Allowing his human eyes to adjust to the darkness, he sighs and takes a moment to think. He opens his eyes to look at the burning city beneath him and at the multitude of Infested trying to flee from the Tenno reinforcements.


Mikado, slightly shifts his head as he hears footsteps from behind. He senses no ill intent and deduces it is a Tenno.


The Nekros addresses Mikado with a raspy voice while bowing, and reports that council and the civilians are now out of harms way. Mikado approves of the report. He issues orders to completely raze the city to the ground prevent further infections from spreading. The Nekros receives the order and vanishes.


After waiting and making sure that the soldier's presence is no longer felt, he continued to ponder about his next plans while gazing beyond the city walls. After sighing for a second time, he scowls and mocks the darkness to reveal who has been spying on him. The Hemlocke sisters, Medea and Psyche stumble out and addresses him informally as they were childhood playmates.


After reprimanding them and telling him to address him by his formal title, Mikado orders Psyche to relay a message to the various colonies and towers to reinforce their defenses. He also tells Psyche to assemble the Council as he needs to ask them for approval for a specific research. He then turns to Medea and orders her to find Osiris, the leader of the Nekros regimen and tell him to make squad divisions for the upcoming battles. He then takes a step on the balcony railings and reactivates his Rhino Prime frame. He looks down and thinks for a moment then steps off into the chaos below.



Section 1


Lotus warily stepped off the evacuation shuttle. She was forcibly separated from her two children when the Royal Guards prioritized the evacuation of the Council Members. Her twins, Vadjura and Agni, were barely out of their thirties and the they had no guide with them. Lotus immediately confronted the nearest  Royal Guard officer for information. The officer told Lotus not to worry as the children were part of the succeeding evacuation shuttle set for the adjoining Orokin tower they were on.


Lotus wanted to be relieved, but the mere thought of being separated from her twins set her on edge. As she was convincing herself to calm down and make use of the personal communicator she gave the twins, a great rush of Royal Guards suddenly stormed the port area of the Tower. She then asked around again what had happened. An officer then tells to the council that the First was not among passengers of the shuttle craft she just departed from. Before Lotus could further panic, the communicator she held suddenly connected.


Vadjura, her eldest, had contacted her to inform them that the First was with them. The First had the foresight to anticipate an attack by Cain on the evacuees so He slid past security and made sure the civilians and the twins were safe. Lotus was overly confused at what to feel right now when suddenly the First came on the communicator. The First asked to be put on speaker phone so that he can issue orders.


The First recounts that as he was wearing a basic Excalibur frame, he was able to mingle with civilians and find the twins. He had spotted from afar a Trade Union ship that was in high orbit but at first took no heed of its presence. But after noticing that most of the lighting and life support systems on the ship was offline, and that several windows showed breach and damage, the First doubted that the orbiting Trade Union ship was nowhere safe and revealed himself to the Officers in the escape shuttle. He ordered that the ships  change course and travel towards the opposite direction.


As the First expected, the Trade Union ship was Infested when the ship Officers made a thorough scan with the First's calibrations. The First orders the Council to evacuate as soon as possible, as he noticed that the Infested Trade Union ship changed its course upon being unable to catch up to the civilian ships. He last saw it going towards the tower the Council was on. The First then tells Lotus to be at ease as he will be taking care of his grandchildren and that she should evacuate soon. The first was about to go out of range of the communicator and the twins said their goodbyes.


After feeling relieved finally, Lotus then gave orders for another evacuation order. Instead of using the shuttles they used to get to the tower, the Royal Guards were to expressly escort the Council members and the other civilians they had to the escape pods on the tower. The shuttles they just used needed refuelling and that would not guarantee them the time they needed.


Just as they were abandoning the shuttle bay and was en route to the escape pod chambers, the tower shook violently as if it was hit by something large from the outside. Emergency lights suddenly came on and announcement came on the speakers that a Trade Union ship had suddenly crashed on the tower. Several sections of the tower were now inaccessible and that the Orokin engineers were now being deployed to assess and repair the damage. Before the announcer was able to finish her announcement, loud screams were heard in the background then the announcer herself began screaming in pain. Another voice came on the speakers and it was a voice that Lotus heard just a few hours ago; it was Cain.



Section 2


Cain was maddeningly furious at being driven away. Not only was he able to reach his Father, Mikado was now donning technology that he originally worked on. He had only intended to wound his Father to gain acknowledgement, but Mikado again stood in his way. To make matters worse, he had not expected there to be a new frame that could make use of the residual energies of dead bodies to create shadows that cannot be infect by his soldiers.


As he withdrew his forces, Cain boarded a shuttle craft that he commandeered. Due to the large size of his mount, Merihem, he is only able to ferry off-world the creature and himself. Shrugging off what happened at the ceremony, he calms down his beast with a mental command and pilots the shuttle to meet with his forces waiting onboard a camouflaged Trade Union ship. As the shuttle was nearing escape velocity and entering space, Cain patted his mount on the head.


Expecting to attack the civilian evacuees to gain more Tenno materials for his research and war efforts, Cain had planned beforehand to target the fleeing civilians as they travel off world from the panic. Cains gentle pat turned into a painful grip as he saw that the civilian ships were fleeing towards another direction and that the debilitated Trade Union ship was unable to catch up due to its damaged engines. Cain let go of the howling creature and plot a course to board the Trade Union ship himself.



Section 3



Lotus sighed a breathe of relief as she caught sight of the doors leading to the bridge-way that led to the end of the Tower. They have had numerous delays and difficulties along the way since many of the Tower's systems were going down one by one from the damage it took from the collision. As they finally opened the hallway doors of the bridge-way, the Royal Guards who were escorting them stopped in their tracks and took positions.


Lotus went back to question them and ordered them to escape with them, but the Royal Guard squad leader, Mordecai, approached her and told her that their last action was going to be insubordination. They intend to hold the place while the Council members escaped. Lotus was hesitating when suddenly Mordecai jokingly told Lotus to have this one chance to have his good friend Mikado from military academy compliment him as Mikado rarely complimented people. Lotus tearfully nodded and kissed him on the cheek.


As the doors closed behind Lotus, Mordecai asked himself why did he not get a woman like her while he still had the chance. His men jokingly answered that Mordecai would have miserably failed even with his most earnest efforts. The whole room resounded with laughter. Mordecai then told his men that at this moment, he was no longer their superior officer, but their fellow Tenno warrior only. He told them that it was an honor serving with them. The men only laughed at the sentiment and said that it did not match his attitude nor his unusual accent. They then proceeded to salute him for the last time.


Mordecai smiled and nodded before he heard a screeching sound from beyond the doors they came from. He signaled his men to check their weapons as he checked his own Braton Prime.



Section 4


Cain had to change plans. Seething with anger at his successive failures, he himself charted a course for the derelict ship to collide with the Tower that housed the Tenno Council. As soon as he found an entry point in the hull breaches, he issued a telepathic order for his soldiers to prepare for attack. He mounted Merihem and charged blindly towards the breach point to lead his soldiers, but as he entered the tower they were greeted with lasers and force fields deployed by the Tower's Neural Sentry.


Even so, he charged blindly and cut through flesh and metal alike. Even though he was a Tenno himself, Cain was unfamiliar with the layout and facilities of the Tower as he had been withdrawn for a long time. As he was running through the halls, he noted that structural outlays and aesthetics were likely Lotus' design.


As he rampaged inside for what seemed like an eternity, he finally came upon a high security room. He smiled when he read the room label and had his mount tear the door down. He slaughtered the administrators inside and ordered the rest of his soldiers to eat the rest of what was left in the ship. He noticed another door at the end of the room and dismounted to enter it. He kicked it open and killed the female announcer in a split second. He smiled and laughed at what he saw on the monitors; it was the Council led by Lotus and several Royal Guards. His laughter was easily replaced with frustration as he realized where the Council was heading. He pulled up a map of the tower, went out of the room and mounted Merihem again. He then ordered Merihem to run with reckless abandon.



Section 5


Tears almost ran down Lotus' cheeks as Mordecai asked one final request of her. This was the actual reason that Lotus was grief-ridden from withdrawing from the Royal Guards. Mordecai handed her several explosive charges for her to plant on the structural supports of the bridge-way. Lotus was to seal the Orokin Vault doors installed on the escape pod chamber, and Mordecai was to detonate the charges so as to destroy the bridge-way and secure the safety of the Council from the Infested.


Lotus hesitantly and secretly received the charges but Mordecai broke off using his unusual accent saying jokingly that at lwast he would receive praise from his military academy friend, the compliment-stingy Mikado. He jokingly adds that Mikado would kill him anyway if anything was to happen to Lotus. Lotus held back her tears and kissed Mordecai on the cheeks. She then proceeded to catch up to the Council members towards the Vault doors.



Section 6


Cain finally smiled again as he finally saw the doors to the bridge-way. He ordered Merihem to charge through the weak looking doors, but as they passed through the doorway, the beast stopped mid-way with a hail of burning bullets. Although the bullets did not penetrate further than its hide, the multitude of burning metal embedded on its skin made it howl in pain.


As Cain tried to regain his bearings, he sensed something come at him at a great speed and he held up his disfigured left arm to defend himself. He was surprised to see an arrow bolt pierce his reinforced arm and stop an inch away from his face. He tucked away his sword and pulled the bolt with his right hand.


When he checked to see where the bolt had come from, he was laughing to see his old Military Academy classmate Mordecai holster his Paris Prime and check his Braton Prime again. He mocks Mordecai saying that he should keep his bow, since he was never did good on rifle exams. Mordecai replies that that was a long time ago, and that things have changed.


Mordecai suddenly shoots and sinks a single bullet into Merihem's largest eye. The creature reels in pain and Cain has had to issue it mental commands for it to calm down. Cain acknowledges that a lot of time have passed, and tells Mordecai that he too has changed. He picks up his sword again and pats the head of his mount. Mordecai readies himself when suddenly he feels something go through his waist. He sees himself fly tumbling away, and he sees the other half of his body collapse as he slams into a wall.



Section 7


Lotus had a dilemma. The power source for the vault has been cut off due to the damage done to the tower. Worse, launch controls for each pod needed to be bypassed manually as they have malfunctioned. Because most of the reserve energy was used to close the Vault door, she needed to redirect what remaining reserves to each pod as it launched. This meant that in the end, one of them had to stay behind.


After much coercion, Lotus convinced the elder Council members to go first as she manually launched each pod into space. As she was preparing to launch the last member to safety, she heard a thump on the Vault door. She felt relieved that maybe the Royal Guards have had everything under control after all. As the escape pod docked into position, she instead heard clawing  sounds that scraped off or bent the metals of the doors. She was then ashamed to expect to hear the sound of an explosion from behind the door. As the escape pod finally launched, she took hold of her resolve and activated her Mag Prime frame.



Section 8


The master and his mount finally reached the Orokin Vault door at the end of the bridge-way. Cain immediately ordered his mount to kick it open, but the creature merely reeled back with thump. Angry at this new contraption, Cain orders his mount to do everything to open the door. Merihem then proceeds to claw, gnaw and throw acid bolts at the door.


After a moment, Cain, feeling a sense of achievement, dismounted and walked through the doorway into the darkened room. He was slowly walking only to be met by a large flying metal bar aimed directly at his head. Purely by reflex, he uses his sword and cuts the metal bar in half and readies himself. He adjusts his eyes to dark and sees an unfamiliar frame in front of him. With his heightened senses, he figures out it is Lotus herself donning the new Prime frame from her scent.


Laughing out loud, Cain taunts Lotus by telling her to be more affectionate to her adoptive brother. Lotus retorts that Cain is no brother of hers and that he will have to wait before he can kill her. Cain confidently points out that his plans have changed and that he does not plan to kill Lotus, only to make Mikado suffer.


Lotus, sensing the malice from Cain, eyes the last escape pod available. She hatches a plan to use the escape pod and forego the bypass, using only her magnetic powers to propel her pod into space by herself. She steadily stares down Cain, then bolts for the last pod, only to be cut off by the large mount that Cain had raised. Lotus then jumps back and readies for the worst.



Section 9


Lotus' purple eyes no longer showed life in them. She no longer had the will to move, resist or cry out. All that was left was her capacity to bring forth tears from her eyes. She was disgusted at the beast painfully clamping down on her hands with its teeth. She was further disgusted with the man he once called brother that was on top of her. But ultimately, she was most disgusted with herself for being weak and now unclean to touch her family any more.


Although Cain had promised to not kill nor infect her, it made no difference to Lotus as Cain had already taken away everything she had. Her frame now ripped from her and her energy exhausted from the fight, she was now a lifeless doll that Cain was playing with.


Finally satisfied, Cain stood up and admired his work. Although he had intentionally played with Lotus to spite Mikado, he was now considering taking her completely. The thought of having her by his side excited him again. He bent down and asked Lotus to join him instead of her husband, his brother. Lotus suddenly snapped out of stupor and screamed obscenities at Cain's name. She struggles with her remaining strength and starts to cut her arms that were being bitten down by the large beast.


Cain motions for the beast to release Lotus, then asks again the she join him. Now that Cain has had a taste, he now wants Lotus all for himself. Lotus spat blood on his face and this enraged him. He reactivates his Infested frame and tells Lotus that if he cannot have her, then Mikado cannot also. He points the blades he had for fingers on his left hand at Lotus' throat.


As he was to lunge at Lotus, a voice from the doorway tells Lotus to close her eyes. She unwittingly obeys quickly and senses that a bright light flooded the room. As she opened her eyes and saw that Cain and his beast was stunned and blinded, she quickly gathered her remaining strength and forced herself to run for the last escape pod. As she closed the escape pod around her, she was at a loss for what to do since the pod had no redirected energy to it and that her own energy has been drained completely. Still, she thought to herself that perishing in space was better than to spend more time with Cain.


As Cain regained his footing and eyesight, he immediately caught sight of Lotus escaping in the last pod. He roared while trying to chase her but had to stop as he evaded an arrow bolt from hitting his temple. He then laughs as he turns towards Mordecai, seeing that he had painfully crawled with only half a body only to miss his chance at hitting him. Mordecai painfully laughs that Cain was right all along, Mordecai was always better with a bow rather than a rifle. At this sentiment, Cain immediately looks at the direction where the bolt struck and found that it had activated the control panel for Lotus' escape pod.


Lotus burst into tears as the pod docked itself into position, but found herself losing consciousness from exhaustion. The pod she was in finally entered launching position, closed all hatches and launched itself. Mordecai was happy telling himself that Mikado would finally owe him a favor after all this time. Though he regretted what had happened to Lotus, Mordecai promised to make it up to his friend.


By this time Cain turned his attention to the dying body that is Mordecai. He rescinded his frame and kicked Mordecai's body so that he was now lying on his back. Cain cursed Mordecai for meddling too far and mocked him that now that he is just a lifeless corpse, there was no way Mordecai could make it up to Mikado. Mordecai, with his eyes losing light, put out a smile and ultimately said that although Mikado was his friend, he never did take a liking to Cain. Mordecai finally says a coughed up whisper of a farewell, smiles and activates the detonator for the explosive charges Lotus setup. All Cain felt afterwards was a searing pain that melted his human skin away.






It had only been hours since the attack on the Council and Cain's declaration of war, but there had already been several incursions of Infested on other Tenno settlements but Cain was yet to be sighted. The Council has retreated itself to their home planet of earth as it houses the greatest planetary fortifications.


Mikado was the one who personally recovered Lotus' escape pod. She was immediately sent to a medical facility and was screened for infections. Fortunately, the results turned out completely negative but she was still unconscious from exhaustion. Mikado was in a war council when news of Lotus' reawakening reached him. He excused himself and departed quickly for Lotus' side.


When Mikado arrived at the medical facility, he found his children sleeping in the waiting quarters. He put a blanket over each of them and proceeded to walk to his wife. When he finally reached the room, he found the bed empty and the various apparatus disconnected. He was concerned about the situation when he heard the splashing of water in the nearby bathroom.


He entered and saw Lotus naked in the shower constantly scrubbing herself raw. He suddenly rushed to stop her and she cried when she saw Mikado. She tried to push him away saying she is now dirty and that he is not to touch her anymore. Mikado begged her to calm herself but she would not be swayed. He finally kissed her on the lips to calm her down. She accepted him but tears still ran down her cheeks. He vows never to leave her side again, and says that no matter what happens, Lotus would always be beautiful to him. Lotus cries some more but manages to kiss Mikado back. Right there and then, Mikado slowly takes off his clothes.


It was only four months later that Lotus finds out she was pregnant.


To be continued...



The next chapters are on the next post...

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Here is Chapter 5! Thanks for the support!


Chapter 5


Warframe - The Drawn Sword





Mikado left the Council hall after failing to gain permission to access the Siege Perilous from his Father. He had painstakingly gathered and argued with all the Council members to let him use the device that interfaced the First with his unique frame, the Caliburn.


The Caliburn was the first frame that the First donned during his fight as Hayden Tenno, and gave way to the creation of its multiple Excalibur copies. Mikado had had the notion to start research on it long ago, but now that Cain has declared war, Mikado thought of finally addressing the issue. Mikado then corrected himself, telling himself that his brother is now dead, and that Baphomet is still out there slowly eating away at their forces.


Hearing several stumbling steps behind him, he realizes that his wife had followed him out from the Council hall. He turns around to scold Lotus about not moving around too much while pregnant, but is stupefied when he turns around only to see his wife sitting down on a pool of blood. Lotus only manages to make a small cry for help.



Section 1


Lotus managed to deliver a healthy baby boy. The attending physicians initially had trouble handling the process as it was a breeched birth and that whoever touched the baby boy got painfully electrified. Lotus was inexplicably unconscious and her vitals were going down, so Mikado had had to intervene himself and held the baby on his own. Having congenital analgesia much like his Father, he pulled out the baby even while his right hand was already being burnt by electricity.


He finally got the baby out and ordered the physcians to attend to Lotus' condition. Although he issued a direct order, the physicians were still looking at him. He finally realized that the baby is not breathing and is as yet to cry. He held the baby with both hands, his right hand still burning, and whispered to it to wake up. After a few moments, the baby cried aloud and Mikado smiled. He then re-ordered the physicians to attend to Lotus as a nurse wheeled up a device to hold and clean the baby.


Mikado slowly placed the baby in place and gave the nurse orders to name the child, "Dahaka" from a tale that his Father told him while he was smaller. After properly setting up the device, the nurse bowed to Mikado and went to process the baby. Mikado then went to Lotus' side and asked the physicians about her status. They merely said that her energy has been drained and that she should be fine afterwards.


Mikado content, nodded and sighed a breathe of relief, then looked at his burnt hand.



Section 2


The children were playing and running around the room when Mikado scolded them to let their Mother and little brother to rest. A voice then came from the main door as it opened telling Mikado to not be too strict on the children. The First then entered the room and the children suddenly ran and jumped up to embrace their grandfather. On one side, the First was stunned a little when Vadjura, the eldest mildly jolted him when the child came into contact. Agni, on the other side, was auspiciously warm, bordering on scalding.


The First then notions to Mikado that it seems he has already installed the new frames on his children. Mikado nods and tells the children to play in the playground for now. The children pouts but the First pats their heads and asks them to listen to their father, promising to play with them later. The children relents and goes out of the room.


The First's sweet smile while waving good bye then changed into a serious look when he turned towards Mikado. Mikado calmly stays on his seat as he already knows what his Father was visiting for. The First wasted no time, locked the door, looked at the sleeping Mother and son, and took a seat directly in front of Mikado. He then told Mikado, that the baby had Cain's DNA.


Mikado merely corrected his Father, and said that his brother is dead and that was not possible. He merely mentioned that what merely was left behind was Baphomet. Father saw that even though Mikado was acting calmly, he was boiling with anger inside. He then proceeded to tell the story of how he found out. The nurse that processed the baby was actually one of the First's attendants and he made sure to keep her silent about the test results. He ordered the nurse to take a blood sample on the baby's left leg and process its DNA markers. It was found to match the markers found in Cain's file.


Mikado apathetically looked at him. He merely told his Father in a flat tone and a straight face that everything about Lotus was and will always be beautiful, and that the baby was his child. The First was defeated, nodded, but sighed a breathe of relief and smiled as now he knows that Mikado will not do anything to harm the innocent child.


He then tried to change the topic as he knows further discussing the current one was now futile, especially knowing Mikado's nature. The First then asked Mikado how he came to know about the Siege Perilous. At this sentiment, Mikado's face changed expression, and he in turn sighed.


Mikado then confessed that he had the First's memories. The notion bewildered the First and he asked for Mikado to explain himself. Mikado first asked his Father to lower down his voice as her wife and son were sleeping. The First glanced to his side and nodded after affirming that he did not wake up the mother and child. Mikado stood up and went to the window to look for the children in the playground. He gave a quick smile as he saw Vadjura pushing Agni on a swing.


While still looking at the children, Mikado explains that embedded into his mind were residual memories of his Father's life experiences. If Mikado tries to access them, they appear as flashes of events that he watches somebody else execute, and that he assumes it his Father's. He notes, that his late brother Cain might not have had them as they are fraternal twins, but he was unsure. He kept it a secret up until now, and that only Lotus knows about it, though he suspects Vadjura to have the condition too.


From the playground below, Vadjura looks up to his mother's room and proceeds to look at his father.



Section 3


The First stands up in amazement and anger. He asks why Mikado had kept this secret all this time. Mikado calmly tells his Father to sit down and again lower his voice. He states that he only has his memories up to the time that his Father made advances on his mother, or more specifically, on his conception. He firmly believes that another evolutionary trait has come up that records a Tenno's life moments into his DNA and shares it with its offspring, ensuring further survivability. Though he hypothesizes that the information is carried in the Y chromosome since he only got a Y chromosome from his Father, he is not sure if Agni also has the condition.


Mikado then proceeds to step away from the window and sit back down in front of the First. He further believes that the condition is limited to their bloodline as he has yet to note this condition arise from any other child Tenno. This was his primary reason for keeping it a secret, to test if he was the only with the condition. The other reason was that he did not want to share all the terrible things his Father did as an agent during his time as a human. The First looked down with a serious face and nodded, then afterwards looked at Mikado and asked him since when did this condition start for him.


Mikado answers that condition merely started out as vivid dreams from time immemorial as a child, but became solid memories as soon as he accidentally touched a Siege Perilous conduit as a pre-adolescent. The First remembers that incident and notes that Mikado was catatonic for a few minutes after touching the chair. The First finally relents and tells Mikado that the Siege Perilous is a unique network access point in the form of a chair. The very same chair that he privately uses every time when he goes under maintenance.


Mikado flat face answers that he already suspected as much, and that if his suspicions were correct, the chair interfaced with the Origin frame. The First nodded in affirmation, and said that he needed to undergo maintenance to keep the seal on the Origin frame, or rather, the Caliburn frame. The Caliburn frame was the predecessor of the Excalibur frame and was the First's initial frame that he used to fight in the Dark Sector. He tells Mikado that the Caliburn is extremely dangerous and that it is constantly evolving as the whole Tenno does.


Mikado confirms that he knows this since he shares his memories with his Father. He mentions that he does not want access to the Siege Perilous itself, but he wants to research on the Caliburn. Baphomet has become overwhelmingly strong himself and Mikado believes he cannot win against his brother in a straight out battle anymore. The only direct way he can reinforce the Tenno as a whole is to research, understand and make discoveries from the Original frame itself.


The first corrects him that although the Caliburn is the Tenno Origin frame, it was not the Original frame. He mentioned that there were three Original frames, and that the Caliburn was only the second. Mikado though only confirms his inherited memories and allows the First to continue. He then repositions himself from his seat and resumes his story.



Section 4


With only a high powered laptop, a modified M1911A1 sporting AP-rounds containing Enferon, and himself, Hayden Tenno went back to the Vosro Research Facility to further investigate the origins of the suit that had meticulously been absorbed into his body for immediate activation and disposal. Instead of going through the ventilation systems like he did last time, he kicked in the front doors of building lobby, knowing that the place was supposedly deserted now.


He looks around the lobby with his handgun drawn, then looks for the fire escape. He slowly descends the fire escape back into the laboratory where he found the exoskeleton suit. Seeing that everything in the area has been decimated or otherwise rendered useless, he goes back to the stairs and ascends instead into the top floors of the building. After hours of having no luck in finding any functional terminal to use, Hayden stumbles upon an administrators office secured with a heavy metal door.


Smiling to himself, Hayden punches through the metal slab with his right hand and slides the debris to the side. Inside he finds a skeleton of what seems to be the remains of an executive that trapped himself away from the Infected and died of starvation. Setting the remains aside, he smiles heartily as he finds a functional unit that had its own energy source. Needing a card key for further access, he scrambles again at the dead body and finds a security card. He uses the card and links the terminal to his laptop for decryption.


Hayden finally pulls up information about the suits and the virus created under the facility. They were twin projects named Mab and Vivian. Project Mab was concerned with creating a deadly virus that would debilitate and mutate victims, turning them into human weapons. On the other hand, Project Vivian was aimed at creating exoskeleton suits that would empower any individual, infected or not, to become capable of resisting infection or further infection and integrate itself permanently into the user.


Project Mab resulted in the creation of the Technocyte Virus while Project Vivian was planned to create three prototype suits. But due to the interference of an American agency, the Technocyte Virus was stolen and the thieves were not apprehended as they escaped via submarine. The first suit was also lost in the commotion and was never found again. Hayden then remembers how he defeated the Nemesis, and what Nadia's last words were. He then turns his memories to his current wife and children, then resumes reading through the files.


The secondary suit was left intact in its airtight chamber, a few days only in completion, and was never used as the Technocyte contamination spread through the building. The slated third suit was never even started due to the Technocyte incursion into the facility. As Hayden further looks into the specifics of the suit technology, he found out that Project Vivian named three prototype suits; Arondight, which became the destroyed Nemesis; Caliburn, which Hayden had now; and the Galatine that was never realized. Thus, only the twins Caliburn and Arondight came into light.


The three suits were made to complement or compete with each other. Arondight was made for defense, allowing for shielding capabilities and long range attacks. Galatine was planned to be a heavy suit made for offense capable of devastating hand to hand combat. And finally, the Caliburn was meant to be a balance between Arondight and Galatine, capable of both offense and defense and also capable of adaptation. The Technocyte virus and the three suits themselves were engineered using nanotechnology, specifically using nanomachines that had their own capacity for evolution. The two projects started as one singular project named Avalon that had been intended to help Russia end the Cold War while not resorting to nuclear devices. But as the nanomachines divided and gave birth to two distinct species of new nanomachines, Project Mab and Project Vivian was set into place. Ever since then, project results often resulted in two products or twins.



Section 5


Mikado calmly stops his Father, telling he knows all of the story already. The First merely acquiesces and nods. Mikado further remarks, that this factor may be the reason that Tenno children are ninety-nine percent born as fraternal twins. The First then factually tells that his own wife is a single child. Mikado then sarcastically rebuffs his Father that his wife is a twin.


The father suddenly leans forward in surprise. Mikado tells him to calm down again and explains further as Mikado rephrases his statement. Mikado then points out that his wives are twins. This sentiment further stuns the First, but Mikado raises a hand to stop him from being loud. Mikado then tells his Father a secret that he is not to share to anyone else. Mikado says to his Father that not everything on Lotus is purple.


The First slightly calms down but still intrigued, keeps his leaning pose. Mikado then tells his Father that he once asked Lotus permission to test her DNA upon this apparently silly realization, but Lotus relents. Mikado took different samples from different locations on Lotus' body and came up with two sets of DNA markers. Simply put, Lotus was a chimaera, further proving that Lotus was originally intended to be born as fraternal twins. Mikado then smiles while jokingly saying he is the luckiest Tenno born for having two beautifully wonderful women as a wife.


Mikado then gets hit by a pillow. Lotus has woken up and is glaring at her husband for telling her secret. The First merely feigned innocence and held his hands up in defense.



Section 6


Lotus was cleaning up for the day when the three children entered the laboratory. Lotus suddenly want into panic as Dahaka, now fifteen years old and barely walking, started to go for an energy outlet. She quickly picked up the toddler and scolded Vadjura for not minding his little brother. Vadjura pouted and as Agni started giggling Lotus scolded her too. Before she could finish though, the First entered the room and told her not to be too harsh on the children just like Mikado. Lotus rolls her eyes and comments that the First is spoiling his grandchildren.


The First laughs at the comment and responds that spoiling their grandchildren are what grandparents are for. He then approaches Agni, pulls her up and puts her on his shoulders. Agni giggles at the gesture and invites Vadjura to join her. Vadjura smilingly declines and the First comments that he is just like his prim and proper father, Mikado. Lotus then scolds the whole group for making a ruckus in her lab and tells them to get out while she closes down the laboratory for the day.


Lotus puts down Dahaka and motioned for Vadjura to hold his hand while exiting while the First let down Agni and motioned her to help Vadjura get Dahaka outside. After the children exited the main doors, the First then put on a serious face and asked Lotus several questions about Mikado. Lotus merely said that Mikado is actually at the front lines and that she is frantically worrying about her husband while she was here stuck with research. The First then placed a hand on her head and told her that Mikado will be fine, and that what she was doing here will eventually help Mikado better than being there beside him in battle.


Lotus snaps and brushes away the hand, yelling that she is not going to be a burden even if her frame has been torn off. She will fight to her last just to be beside her husband. Her adoptive Father then smiles, telling her he understands and that he did not mean to make her feel disabled, he only meant that the children needed her too and that her research is really important.


Lotus apologizes for her outburst and mentions that she just misses her husband. She believes the First that her current research will one day be helpful to Mikado, but she still does not understand the First's intention in assigning her this particular research. Genetics were not her particular field of study and that she does not know if she will succeed in creating results. The First simply says that he has a plan and that he has faith in her.


Lotus further reiterates that rapid genetic restructuring is a very volatile process very much akin to the process that the Technocyte virus implements. She was not confident in implementing the intended results that First had initially discussed with her, and worse, the subject for the genetic restructuring was her husband Mikado himself. The first merely pointed out that Mikado would pretty much accept anything that Lotus would give him, and with a smiling face with it. He also told Lotus that the First came up with the idea when they were discussing Lotus' condition fifteen years ago when Lotus threw a pillow at Mikado. Lotus simply shook her head and sighed as she proceeded to close her lab and call the children.



Section 7


Mikado had barely come back from a long drawn defense battle to evacuate a Tenno settlement on Ganymede, when an officer suddenly approached him with a message. Mikado told the officer to stand down at ease while he stepped into a scrub room for decontamination. While he was in his Rhino Prime suit, the decontamination chamber thoroughly cleansed him for possible infectious materials. After decontamination, Mikado stepped out of the cubicle and rescinded his frame.


Although he was happily awaiting some news of his family in his mind, he was mildly surprised that a Trade Union executive had come out all the way to his ship to seek an audience with him. Mikado then entertained the question of what the Trade Union might be selling this time around. He merely told the officer to accept the Trade Union executive into the civilian docking bay, scan the ship for the infections first and then escort them to a meeting room if they were clean. He then went directly to his personal quarters to change into formal clothing.



Mikado saw the Trade Union executive chatting away with Medea as he entered the meeting room. Psyche was standing behind her sister's chair while Medea was running her fingers across the chest of the yellow robed man indicative of a Trade Union executive. The Trade Union executive was obviously sweating profusely as Medea played with her fingers.


Mikado then draws her attention with a cough and Medea suddenly stands in proper attention. She whispers a curse to her twin sister as Psyche did not inform her of Mikado's arrival. Psyche tried to defend herself, but before she could, Mikado had already scolded Medea for toying with their esteemed guest. Mikado bows in apology and the Trade Union executive stands up and humbles himself, telling Mikado that it was of no concern.


Mikado then dismisses the sisters and proceeds to shake hands with the executive. He invites him to sit with him and motions for refreshments. The Trade Union executive accepts and then compliments the design of the ship. Mikado comments that his wife often made the designs, but is more concerned about the purpose of the unexpected visit. The Trade Union executive names himself as Gylan Vidar, and notes the promptness of Master Mikado.


Vidar then wastes no time and tells Mikado of a deal to reinforce his army. Mikado sincerely expresses his doubts, and says with all due respect that the Trade Union cannot fight the Infested threat themselves. Gylan politely corrected Mikado, saying that they have recently stumbled upon a forgotten technology when they were salvaging a laboratory on their borders on Earth. Mikado then tries to remember the territories included in the Trade Union Body and remebers that they barely own the Middle East and some other properties that border the old Soviet properties.


Gylan compliments Mikado's good schooling and notes that they have come upon the laboratory when they were clearing out border territories for more living space. They have stumbled upon an old research facility that seems to date to the time of the youth of the First. Mikado suddenly shifts his seating position and takes a refreshment from a Neural Sentry servant. Gylan, sensing Mikado's interest, takes a refreshment too, and gently says the word 'Galatine'. Mikado spits out his drink in surprise and Gylan smiles, knowing he was assured to get a customer.



Section 9


Galatine's blueprints were all sprawled over Mikado's desk with the First and Lotus pouring over them. Other Council members were reading the written documents and were murmuring to themselves. The First's eyes were wide open in trying to absorb the realization of the truth in the blueprints while Lotus was immersed in taking notes.


The Council meeting was being held on Yamata on Earth, and all of the Council members who were still alive at the time were present. Though a sizable number of Council members were researchers and diplomats, most of the Tenno Council were actually battle hardened veterans, and these veterans was what comprised most of the surviving Council today. Mikado looked at the smaller number of Council members and remembered the time when he was reporting the results of his first research. The Council Hall back then was resounding with laughter from the numerous assembly before him, but now it has grown darkened from the great losses from the war.


The Great War, as it was commonly called, was also dubbed the Brother's War, in reference to the twin brothers leading each army. Mikado merely shrugged the thought as he considered his brother already dead. He then stood up to finally address the Council. He motioned to his Father and his wife to wrap up as he was going to start deliberating the plans for the war reinforcements. Lotus nodded and escorted the First back to their respective seats. The rest of the Council members also started to seat themselves afterwards.


Mikado started the discussion by noting their current losses. The Tenno population have already gone down by half since the start of the war, and that the war itself is nearing a century in length. Children who were born around the start of the war were already fighting in the front lines. He also noted that his own children were leading incursions into infested settlements. The sentiment made Lotus clutch her chest, and Mikado painfully nodded towards her. He continued by saying that this must stop, and that now they had a new deterrent.


He continued the story of the Galatine system. After telling the story of the First's reinvestigation of the Vosro Research Facility, he then turned to the story that Gylan Vidar told him. The Galatine system was supposed to balance out the offensive capabilities of the Arondight system. Although the suit never made it into production, the technology is valid and can be implemented.


A Council member then asked why not produce Galatine based frames. Mikado then rebuffed the idea citing that all Tenno are descended from the Caliburn system. A Tenno cannot directly don a Galatine frame since the two systems would go into conflict. He also cited that the Arondight system cannot be used due to the same reason. Finally, he pointed out that re-creating the Arondight or Galatine frames would be impossible now due to the lack of the original nanomachine materials from the Avalon Project. Also, the blueprints for the Arondight systems itself are still unaccounted for as per the First's testimony, Mikado noting to himself that it was actually a memory and not a testimony.


Another Council member then asks what would be the point of this Council meeting if the Galatine frame was impossible to recreate, much less be equipped. Mikado then points out that although the Galatine frame cannot be recreated, he pointed out the Galatine systems were still viable. This would mean that they can create Galatine based machinations that would reject the infection of any Technocyte virus strain, no matter the source.


Since the Galatine frame and systems was designed for offense, it was designed for assault functions outright, and this meant that any Galatine derived technology would have minimal focus on defense. This in turn was complimented by a matter transfiguration and absorption system that inadvertently eats anything that it cannot destroy. Thus in essence, the Galatine system was a true sibling and rival to the Technocyte virus.


The halls were then flooded with voices as the Council members discussed amongst themselves. As Lotus looked around the Council Hall, she wished that Mikado's friend, Mordecai was here with them, so that she can thank him for bringing her back to her family. She was looking at an empty seat with Mordecai's name on it. Mordecai was given a posthumous award of Prime and Council membership for his brave efforts. She saw Mikado was looking at the same empty seat also, and when their sad eyes met he nodded to her. She nodded back with teary eyes, and they smiled to each other in turn.


Mikado's attention was brought back to the Council when the First himself raised his hand. Mikado acknowledged his father properly and waited for his question. The First sighed heavily before talking, then pointed out that in his knowledge, all of the resultant suits of the Vivian Project needed sentient control. That would mean that each suit needed sapient wearers for it to function. He paused before asking his question, then proceeded asking how Mikado plans to control anything produced with the Galatine system.


Mikado knew the heavy question would come, and that he even anticipated that his Father would ask the question. He had the answer ready, but the answer weighed heavily on his heart. Even Lotus was intently watching her husband while she was waiting for an answer since she already understood much of the Galatine system. Mikado looked down first, breathes a few long breaths, then looked towards the council.


He slowly states that each Galatine system product would need to incorporate into itself a sapient pilot. The Galatine system is unique in that it takes on the consciousness of the first sapient object it eats. Mikado, painfully, then asks for volunteers.






The Golems, as the products of the Galatine system were called, proved effective against the Infested. They were larger and stronger than any of the Infested Ancients and were impervious to Technocyte infection. The golems unerringly mowed down the Infested on battlefields, unstoppable naught for commands from Tenno commanders.


Mikado watched from afar as a defense line composed of N-series Golems merely held their own ground against a swarm of infested. Supported by Neural Sentry artillery, the Golems merely marched forward, swatting down any and all infested who was unlucky enough to be on their path. After just a few hours, the Infested were driven away and the civilians from below his command center balcony celebrated.


Mikado was content that there were no civilian casualties this time, but he himself was ridden with guilt with having to use the Golems. He remembered the day he proposed the idea to the Council. He was met with utter criticism from many of the Council members, but he only looked at his Father rub his face and his wife sadly look down.


The loud outbursts were only silenced with the action of one Council member in particular. One of the older veterans, Lephantis Mensik, the son of the First's comrade Yargo Mensik, volunteered himself. Mikado pointed out that he was not asking the Council members themselves to volunteer, but he was asking for volunteers to be sent to him. Lephantis claimed he knew what Mikado meant, but he wanted to volunteer either way. Lephantis said he wanted to finally end the war.


He then said aloud that ending the war and saving more lives was more important than just being guarded like children by the Royal Guards. The non-combatant Council members reeled back at these words. The other battle worn Council members then stood up one by one to volunteer. Mikado had no choice but to nod in acknowledgement.


Mikado's eyes widened as the First himself stood up. Before Mikado could talk, the First told him that it was his obligation as the progenitor of the race and as the Father of Cain to stop this war himself. Lotus was about to stand up, when Mikado then motioned her to sit down. He then approached his father and told him straight out that the First cannot. Before the First could make an argument, Mikado asked him about the whereabouts of Caliburn. The First was then stopped in his tracks and hesitated to answer.


Mikado followed through with his disapproval, saying that wherever the Caliburn was, with his Father being the true owner of it, the Galatine system would outright reject the First and destroy him instead. The First then stared at his son's eyes, looking for lies. Sensing sincerity and truth, the First looked away and walked past Lotus, towards the main doors in frustration and defeat.


But before the First could reach the doors, they burst open with a Royal Guard trying to catch his breath. The First tried to calm down the soldier and ordered him to take his time. The soldier did as he was told, and when he was ready, he stood up in attention and delivered his report.


Baphomet was finally sighted again, in the Dark Sector.



Hope you enjoyed it! Chapter 6 in my next post!

Chapter 6 => https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/116120-warframe-origins-a-light-novel-weekly-updates-10272013-chapter-6-is-up-chapter-7-will-end-the-series/#entry1375749

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Here's Chapter 6! Thanks for the support!


Chapter 6


Warframe - The Brothers' War




Gylan Vidar merely feigned affection and concern when the Tenno warlord accidentally spat out his drink. In his mind, he had already prepared price quotations for the information and materials that he was peddling to the esteemed Mikado, Tenno Council Member and son of the First. Mikado merely waved his hands in apology as he tried to regain his composure.


The Trade Union executive then merely held back while sipping on his own refreshment. Seeing Mikado’s reaction gave him the assurance that he needed. Assurance that the technology he smuggled out of Empire property would actually get sold. Of course, he did not mention that the technology he stumbled upon was smuggled, here merely said that he found it near their borders, and he actually told something true.


Mikado coughed out what little left of his drink in his on a napkin and drew another to wipe himself dry. Mikado had known the term the merchant spoke, mostly from the memories he inherited from his Father. The mere notion that an outsider, not even a Tenno, would know of the Galatine system was shock even for him.


Regaining composure, MIkado then looked the merchant straight in the eyes and inquired on how he came to know about the word. Gylan, getting confident, leaned back, put down his refreshment and merely said that it was written on an old parchment that he found in the underground facility that they found near their borders. Nonchalantly, he dismissed notions that the technology he found was a hoax and that Mikado's own reaction was proof of its authenticity.


Mikado thought for a moment before talking again. He knew that Trade Union merchants in general were shrewd people, and that the one he was facing now was at an executive level. He drew a long breath, then motioned to Gylan that indeed the technology called Galatine was ideally plausible but was never realized. Mikado further warned the the merchant that the system was very dangerous and volatile and only the Tenno can handle such technology.


Gylan raised hi palm to calm down the warlord stating that they only found documents and no systems whatsoever. Mikado, though doubtful of the merchant's words, stifled a sigh of relief. Unerringly, Mikado then directly asked the merchant his purpose for coming to him directly. Mikado knew that Trade Union merchants were infamous for reverse-engineering and selling technology not to the highest bidder, but to all bidders instead. The Tenno warlord was curious why would the merchant not offer the same technology to his archenemy, Baphomet himself.


The merchant again smiled at the notion, and merely expressed the decision of the Trade Union Board of Directors to cooperate with the Tenno. The sentiment merely made Mikado raise a brow but did not make him talk. Sensing curiosity from the Tenno, Gylan continued only to say that the Board does not want Baphomet to win and become Infested themselves.


Hearing a logical answer, Mikado then asked why would the Board not sell to the Empire. Gylan, smiling again, merely said that the Empire did not have what is required to secure the technology. Mikado was now thoroughly squinting his eyes with curiosity. Mikado then asked Gylan what was it that is required to secure the Galatine technology.


Gylan, leaned forward and gently said that they, the Trade Union, only need one thing; Profits.




Section 1


Mikado sighed with closed eyes as the battle ended. He withdrew from the command center balcony and went back to his seat in the war room. Several attendants then gave him various reports from other battlefields as he took seat. The Orokin were winning the Great War, he thought. Victories spread out one by one from each battlefront and the Tenno morale was high. Still, Mikado was ill content. Knowing his brother, no, his former brother, Baphomet would find a way to fight back.


After the attendants have had delivered reports and received orders, a slender hand then suddenly pressed on his left shoulder from behind. Without moving an inch, he let the hand caress his collar bone up until his heart before he pulled it off using his right hand. Medea has slipped in with his attendants and was playing with him as usual. Mikado sternly scolded Medea while released the soft hands.


Medea rolls her eyes and pouted while saying that she was actually here to report. Being the Head of Intelligence Gathering, Medea had something important to tell to Mikado. Mikado then wondered how a Saryn like Medea became the leader of such a group consisting mostly of Nyx bearers. With hesitation, he then told Medea to report. Medea shook her head and smiled as she demanded a private audience. Everybody in the room suddenly looked at her while Mikado sat unamused.


Medea then childishly stomped the floor as she demanded to be taken seriously. Mikado was unmoved by this fact and did nothing to alleviate the incessant sound Medea was making. After a moment, Medea regains her composure and with a sigh, bows gracefully in respect to ask for a private audience. Mikado, still not moving from his seat, took a few breaths and moved his fingers to motion the other attendants to leave.


After the last attendant exits the main door, Medea slowly approaches Mikado on his seat then presses a button on the seat's panel to seal the doors. Mikado merely gave a cold stare as if waiting for something. Medea sat on the side of the chair and whispers that she knows where Baphomet is. Mikado raises a brow and scolds Medea as everybody already knows that Baphomet was sighted in the Dark Sector just a few months ago. An elite team of Ember Primes and Nekros headed by his own son Vadjura stormed the vault and investigated only to find nothing. The remaining area around the Dark Sector was swept by two groups led by Agni with Dahaka as her second-in-command.


The only thing the children found were scraps of human meat that were chewn out, several hive clusters and the still decomposing corpse of Mezner, despite the time gap since the time of the First. Mikado did not take the intrusion lightly, but Medea cut him off by saying that she does not really know where Baphomet is. Mikado was about to stand up when Medea suddenly shoves him back to his seat while whispering something to his hear. His eyes grew wide as she merely whispered that she knew though how to find him.



Section 2


Lotus' research results lightly gained favor at first, since it coincided with the release of the Golem prototypes. But now that the Golems needed to be updated regularly as the Infested merely adapted in turn for every improvement, Lotus research products sent the Tenno back to the battlefield. Her research, that was first promoted and thought upon by the first, took advantage of using nanotechnology to modify molecular structures through a vector of nanomachines that worked like the technocyte virus.


Skeptics were fast to criticize her research due to its similarity to Cain's prior research. They even insulted her that she was fast becoming like Cain ever since what happened on Cain's first attack on Tower 35. It was the first time she saw Mikado beat someone an inch before death from anger. Her family reputation had suffered because of her, but the First merely brushed it off. He encouraged her to continue the research as he had faith in the couple, his children.


And now, Tenno have become doubled in strength due to her research. She had been born a chimera, and the First, suddenly realizing that the Tenno Genome and Physiology is rather prone to manipulation, asked her to research on augmenting Tenno using controlled nanomachines instead of Technocyte samples. Using the combined failed research of Cain, her husband Mikado's reproduction and success at it, and her own penchant for reverse-engineering, she accomplished to produce a system that allows Tenno not only to modify their suits, but also to double its adaptability to the owner's specifications.


Distributing the first known Orokin Catalysts, Lotus was again received by the Tenno society and lauded for her efforts. Although she expressed a sense of great accomplishment during the declaration ceremony of the Orokin Catalysts, she was innately lonely due to the absence of the her husband and children. Dahaka, her youngest, though a social introvert, weighed heavily on her mind as he was still too young to follow around his older siblings. But Dahaka merely wanted to gain the acknowledgement of Mikado and enlisted as soon as he was legally able at 81 years old.


The First, sensing the loneliness of his adoptive daughter and daughter-in-law, told her that he had received reports of the children's return in the next few days. She was ecstatic at the news but then asked about any new regarding her husband instead. The First tried to stop a frown, but that was all he could do and shake his head. Lotus sighed at the news and nodded.


Mikado had gone underground ever since the battle at the defensive line of the Lua settlement near Earth. Being one of the oldest Tenno settlements, it housed a large population and could not be evacuated. Mikado led the new N-series golems and made a highly successful defense from Infested incursion. Witnesses last saw MIkado bring with him his Elite Rhino Prime Unit, the lead group of Nekros headed by Osiris himself, and Medea, the Head of the Information Division together with several N-class golems on his private ship.


Mikado had a bad habit on going on solo missions, and Lotus herself was not concerned with the fact that Mikado brought with him Osiris' unit and his own Rhino Prime Elite, but was concerned with Mikado bringing with him Medea. Lotus has had a loathing for Medea since she could remember, even as far as their childhood, but the thing that concerned her was that Medea was a person she could not read. Lotus was not a Nyx, but she had good intuition regarding people that the First himself acknowledged as astounding. Medea and her sister Psyche, the latter's face always obstructed by her hair and stuttering, always made Lotus uneasy just by their presence. She felt that she being pressed by two similar walls closing in on her, and therefore always avoided the Hemlocke sisters in particular.


As if reading her mind, the First then inconspicuously says to Lotus not to worry about Mikado, as Medea will not hurt him. He jokingly says that after all this time, Medea is still attached to Mikado and that Medea even plays with her children, a fact that even Lotus herself acknowledges. Still, Lotus cannot still her heart. She was still lost in thought when she suddenly head her name being called. She snapped out of stupor and remembered that she was about to announce the imminent release of her new research product, the weapon equivalent of the Orokin Catalyst, the Orokin Reactor. She stood up and went in front of the podium, her heart still aching for Mikado.




Section 3


A Saryn frame slowly walked towards the end of the darkened hallway. the lighting fixtures on this portion of the settlement were no longer maintained, but she was not surprised as the settlement was Empire owned and not Orokin. She came upon a window, but little did it help push away the darkness in the hall. She looked beyond the rusty glass and saw the underground city glow with faint lights and grow hazy with small bursts of steam. Empire technology had always been outdated due to their xenophobia, and worse, they inbred and cloned themselves, declaring that they were superior. The Saryn merely laughed softly at the sentiment, but then stopped as she sensed movement.


It was Cain, and the Saryn bowed in mockery of the former Tenno. The figure in the shadow merely spoke in an ominous and ragged tone to correct the Saryn of his name, dubbing himself Baphomet. The Saryn merely shrugged her shoulders and dismissed the error. Baphomet then suddenly screamed in anger and the windows around them shattered. The Saryn reeled back and apologized to him, addressing him of his favored name.


She then drew close to the hooded figure, lovingly walking towards him and rescinding her frame revealing only scant clothing. The voluptuous woman drew close to the hooded figure, placed a hand on his chest and rubbed her body on him. Baphomet merely asked her for the item he asked for in advance. The woman was obviously enjoying herself while playing with him, and was about to kiss the man when Baphomet caught her hand and pushed her away. Baphomet merely says she is only interested in Lotus.


The woman this time screams in anger and jealousy. She questions why Mikado and Cain are so obsessed with Lotus. She questions why Lotus was favored when she was taller, more seductive looking and just as battle hardened like Mikado and Cain was. She asked why was Lotus favored when she had more admirers and that Lotus only had that cute charm but had no real friends in life. Baphomet merely told her to stop in harsh tone. He was not going to tolerate any further insults to her and the woman calling him Cain again.


The woman stopped and calmed herself, only saying that she had been loyal to him all this time and that only her sister was really in love with Mikado. She claims she had done all she had to support Cain, but Baphomet only grunts at the mention of his old name. The woman stands up and corrects herself, claiming that she had even betrayed the Tenno as a whole by giving Baphomet information on the Galatine system. She had supplied Baphomet with the specifications of every golem made so that he can mutate his Infested to adapt. Baphomet only remains silent and in turn looks outside the window. He then punches the whole wall clean when he remembers that he did not know about the Galtine system in the first place. Mikado was the only twin who inherited the First's memories. He screamed again in anger that Mikado again surpassed him.


Kneeling down and pulling on his face, he had another bout of madness grip him. He rips his clothes apart revealing a permanently disfigured left arm and the loss of all human skin. The explosion on Tower 35 had made use of experimental void energy charges and that he can never fully regenerate as a Tenno anymore. He now looks like a burnt and rotting corpse with the skin of multiple types of insfested that he himself sew on his body replace his own. He even lost his favored mount, Merihem, and will have to breed several Phorid species again to make another mount that would at least come close to Merihem. He then cries in his madness as he misses his mount that saved him in the explosion and exposure to open space by swallowing him whole. Merihem had died saving its master. His mad screams of anger mingled with screams of anguish.


The woman then lovingly went to his side again and embraced the crying figure. She had loved this boy since she could remember and people had always thought that she had feelings for his brother. She tried to calm down the sobbing Baphomet and rocked him back and forth like a baby. The woman lovingly hushed the crying figure and lifted his head. She kissed the mouth of the man who had no lips, and yet felt bliss in her action. She then placed his head on her bosom and continued rocking the disfigured man.


Minutes later, Baphomet regains sanity and motions for them to stand up. He apologizes to the woman that he can only be true to his love for Lotus, but the woman's presence was severely comforting. He touched her face with his remaining right hand that was covered with poisonous boils, and the woman merely closed her eyes and rubbed her cheek against it lovingly. She says that it does not matter anymore as she will love him forever, whatever he becomes. Baphomet feels a stabbing pain at the sentiment but tries to do a makeshift smile. He then asks the woman to be careful on her way back as he had held her up for too long. The woman smiles at Baphomet's concern and replies that it was fine.


The woman then pulls out something from her cleavage and gives it to Baphomet. She tells him the data cube contains the specs of the new N-series golems. Baphomet asks why the naming convention skipped letters, especially that the last series was named J-series. The woman sadly tells that the new series is name N since they will now be using Nyx volunteers for better neural cohesion and sentience. Baphomet then asks about her and her sister, and how this will affect them. The woman the tells Baphomet the she already knows that her sister would surely volunteer just for Mikado. But before Baphomet could get angry again at the mention of the name, the woman then says that the reason the J-series was discontinued was that her father, Lephantis Mensik was the last volunteer of the J-series.


Lephantis, although part of the council, vehemently forced himself upon the golem engineers to give him a golem. When the First finally relented, being the friend of Lephantis' father Yargo Mensik, the First himself escorted Lephantis to the latest version of the J-series as the First himself was like a father to him. Being the largest golem so far, as Lephantis stepped on the golem's main body he was quickly assimilated and was no more.


The golem merely had some ounce of awareness upon activation, but when the sisters tried to approach it, the golem tried to avoid them as if shying itself from them. The woman insisted that this was the reason she herself stole and brought an N-series with her today. Baphomet was shocked but the woman merely said that the war had to stop, and even though she had been feeding Baphomet information all this time, she now wanted the war to stop and let their old days of laughing together come back. She herself brought the new golem for Baphomet to use and experiment on so that he can finally win and settle down with her. Baphomet stops for a moment, then, using his right hand, rubbed his disfigured left arm.


He looks at the woman's eyes and tells her nothing will come back, it will only change. Baphomet thanked the woman and turned around to go. The woman, confused, asks Baphomet to reconsider the golem. Baphomet merely talks as he walks away, saying that nothing will ever come back, and that he does not want anything that Mikado made. He finally says before disappearing that he will win with only his own strength, alone.


The woman, now alone in the dark, mentions only that Baphomet is not alone. She now turns towards her own direction, only uttering angrily Mikado's name on her lips.



Section 4


Mikado seated himself on the captain's seat of his modified ship. His personal cruiser, the Helios Ark, housed the quarters of his own battle hardened regiment of Rhino Prime Elite. Hand picked by Mikado himself, the unit could decimate a whole Infested hive by itself. But with Medea's information, he wanted to be sure and he dragged along Osiris and his men along with 50 N-series Golems.


The Helios Ark was no mere battle cruiser, for it's design had Orokin, Grineer and Corpus technology incorporated into it. Working together with Empire Engineer Fomoria Vay Hek, Mikado bought materials, weaponry and sentinels from Gylan and designed the ship himself. Vay Hek contributed greatly with reinforcing the armor designs of the ship while maintaining it maneuverability and Gylan supplied him with his top of the line materials at discounted prices for purchases in bulk. The resulting ship dwarfed the current Tenno ships at the time and could hold an entire army of golems by itself, all the while maintaining the trademark speed of Tenno ships.


Medea, suddenly slips by his side, sliding her hand by his ear. Mikado takes no heed just as he always had for centuries. Medea then sits down in on the low metal railing in front of him, revealing her underwear as she was wearing a short skirt. Mikado dons a disapproving look and finally asks Medea where is she really dragging him to. Medea merely says that she was taking them to Terminus, on Mercury. Mikado acknowledges this but asks for details. Medea then sighs and says that men are always so impatient. She then tells the navigator several coordinates.


The Navigator then shouts a little in surprise and Mikado asks why. They navigator tells Mikado that the coordinates are for an old Empire settlement that has been abandoned by the Empire itself. It has since then become the den of social pariahs and outlaws. Mikado, thinks over the information and orders the ship be sent to the coordinates. He then adds the order to scan for Infested once they come in range of Mercury.


Medea then chuckles as she taunts Mikado for not looking in the right direction. She tells that Mikado has always looked for the Infested on Jupiter and Eris as they had large numbers there but never thought of Mercury itself. Mikado disregarded the comment and shifted positions on his seat. Medea, irritated by the continued apathy, spreads her legs, showcasing her sheer underwear to distract Mikado. Mikado just looks at her face and tells her that he thinks she is just setting him up for a trap.


Medea then laughs, asking only whether Mikado was referring to Mercury or her underwear.



Section 5


The Rhino Vanguards disembark on the Helios Ark first followed by the Thrak Unit. The elite Rhino Prime unit, dubbed Mobile Task Force Able, followed strict protocols Mikado himself designed. They have not suffered any casualties ever since their forming and was highly looked upon by the Tenno society.


Upon preliminary reconnaissance  resulting in no Infested presence, Team Able signals back to the Helios Ark that the area is secure. Mikado and Osiris disembarks, activating their respective frames in midstep, the Nekros regimen following them. Mikado had decided not to deploy the golems as there were no Infested scanned on Mercury or its perimeter.


Medea, still changing her attire and makeup, then suddenly bursts from behind the lines of Nekros to join Mikado. Mikado tells her to activate her frame, but she merely says that atmospheric conditions in the dome are habitable, and that she did not want to spoil the surprise. Osiris merely gave a grunt and ordered his men to divide into squads and assist Team Able.


Mikado then orders the men to surround the valley where the underground settlement was installed and was not to let anybody get out of the enclosure. After dismissing the several unit divisions, Osiris bows to Mikado and parts to join the lead assault group that is to investigate the settlement itself. Left alone with Mikado, Medea tugs at his arm for him to rush at her surprise.



The Tenno carrier had one N-series golem inside it. Mikado avoided touching the exposed unit as it would assimilate anything sapient it would touch. The golem was haphazardly stolen and all of its restraints have already been "eaten" by the golem's skin, It has even started to assimilate the ship hull itself. Medea was sitting on a crate swinging her feet happily when Mikado asked her, what was her secret. He was sure, this golem was not the surprise she had in store for him. Medea complimented Mikado for his ever sharpness and told him simply that she was like no other woman. She rephrased herself and told Mikado that she and her twin sister were like no other women.


Mikado retorted the sentiment to be impossible, as all Tenno are born ninety-nine percent as twins. Medea then acknowledged Mikado's point and said that she knew that Lotus was a fraternal twin chimera. Mikado, shocked, suddenly turned to Medea and demanded her to tell him how she knew. Medea merely reminded him she was head of the Information Division. Medea then further reiterated, that as a fraternal twin, Lotus was more or less, a normal Tenno. Mikado was first confused with the statement when he heard the ship doors activate. Medea merely jumped off the crate and told Mikado that the show was about to start.



Medea entered her ship while Baphomet's words were still fresh on her mind. The trek from the settlement to the carrier was long and she had the time to think for herself. She tried thinking of ways on how to trick Mikado into a trap and finally earning Cain's, no, Baphomet's favor. She entered via the side door and headed towards the cockpit to try to start up the ship. She was onto an idea of telling Mikado that she had found Baphomet when the engine stalled on ignition. Kicking the panels and pulling up her short skirt, she was cursing when she went down to the cargo bay that was near the engine.



Mikado stood in front of the cargo bay doors as he expected Baphomet to enter. He had readied his glaive but had foregone activating the frame as Medea said that the person entering the cargo bay would be in human form. Medea was irritatingly rubbing herself against his left side as his right hand readied a replica of his Father's signature weapon.


He was then surprised enough to drop his glaive when he saw the person who entered through the door. Medea, sporting the same lewd outift, came through the door while cursing. The Medea at the doorway suddenly stopped herself in surprise also at finding Mikado. The Medea at Mikado's side suddenly shouts the word "surprise".


The Medea at the doorway suddenly addressed Mikado, bowed, and apologized. Mikado was about to call her Medea, when the Medea pressing her breasts against his left arm shouted that she was Medea. Mikado suddenly walked away from the two and rubbed his face with eyes wide open.

The Medea that came with Mikado, the real Medea, said that it did not matter who Medea or Psyche was. The Hemlocke sisters were somehow different with the other Tenno in that they are not fraternal twins. Instead, they were identical twins.


Psyche, the one at the doorway, confirmed this and merely stood beside her sister. The two sisters, now indistinguishable, explained that for centuries they swapped places on a regular basis and that the one named Psyche would just cover her face with her hair and pretend to stutter. They even took turns in explaining that as identical twins, they have the compatible affinity for both their frames and that they swapped frames too.


Mikado was hard-pressed for he was beginning to have a headache, then in the corner of his eye he saw the N-series golem. He turned towards the sisters and asked why there was a golem here. Sensing that her sister Medea had betrayed her for Mikado, just as she had for Baphomet, darted for the cargo bay doors and activated the Saryn frame. Mikado notes that the one in the Saryn frame was the traitor and activated his frame in return. Before Mikado could charge and throw his glaive, Medea had already activated her Nyx frame and cast mind control on both of them.


She told Mikado with an anguished voice not to kill her sister. They had both shared a love for Mikado and that Psyche merely pitied Cain. Mikado tried to resist the mind control and screamed that his brother is dead, and that Baphomet killed him. He screamed that Baphomet will die for what he did to Lotus. Psyche then starts screaming in turn that she never did love Mikado and that it was Medea all along who assumed that. She loved Cain instead all this time and she will not allow Cain to die, even if she had to kill Mikado.


Medea, now emotionally burdened by controlling the two highly emotional Tennos, loses energy and accidentally loses grip on Mikado and Psyche. Mikado regained his bearings and was readying his glaive, but stopped at what he saw. Psyche, stumbling due to the accidental release of Medea's mind control, had pressed herself on the yet to be activated golem. Psyche was pushing herself away from the sticky material clinging to her but she could not. Psyche tried to use her Saryn abilities to no avail; she was going to become a golem.


Mikado, pitying her, readied his glaive to either cut the absorbed part away or kill her. He summoned all his strength and used a power throw aimed directly at Psyche. Medea only screamed at her sister, but Psyche, determined to help her love, closed her eyes, breathed her last, and jumped instead into the golem whilst avoiding the glaive. The glaive nearly missed, bounced back from the cargo bay walls and returned to Mikado. As the golem started its activation process, Mikado then pulled up the Nyx Medea and used a Rhino charge to breach the hull of the ship to escape.


Mikado tried to increase the distance between them and the ship then transmitted an order to activate the other golems. Osiris then reported in that on the other side of Terminus, there was a shuttle that had escaped containing the data cube that Medea put a tracer on. Mikado, poised with the advent of chasing Baphomet or putting down Psyche, was gritting his teeth as he charged through the empty valley with Medea on his shoulder.



Section 6


Mikado reached the decontamination chambers of the Helios Ark and left Medea there to be treated. He went through the decontamination process and then rescinded his frame. After being handed fresh clothing by a neural sentry attendant, he darted for the command center of this ship. After sitting down, he then issues an order while still catching his breath. He stops for a moment, considering the woman in the medical ward, the escaping ship, the rogue N-series golem, and finally the settlement beneath them.


Mikado closed his eyes, clenched his fist and resisted temptation. Temptation to shoot down Baphomet in open space. He then issued multiple orders to take down the golem and issue and evacuation order to the settlement below. Osiris acknowledged and last heard ordering his men. A squad leader of Team Able, while topside, apologized for the escape of the Baphomet. Mikado dismissed the issue and said that he knew that Baphomet was crafty and had help from a traitor. He then said it no longer mattered now, and that what matters is that the golem does not kill any civilian at all. The squad leader, Mordecai's own son Rigby, expresses gratitude and asks for the honor of holding back the golem.


Mikado simply smiles and says that saving people was always the specialty of Rigby's bloodline, and that his godson should go ahead and do what he does best. Rigby is then last heard roaring together with his unit. Mikado then turns to his screen and sees a message has been left noting that his children were en route to their mother's Orokin Catalyst Ceremony. He gives a sincere yet sad smile as he feels a twinge of regret of not being with his family, being especially fond of his youngest Dahaka. He then closes the message and seriously orders the men at the control room to go into attack configuration.



The golem merely knew it was a golem. It had body parts and knew how to move them. It was curious and hungry at the same time. It was severely hungry. It wanted to eat something. It wanted to eat everything. The golem then suddenly breathed acid and dissolved everything around it. It tried to walk and absorb everything it can. The insides of the ship suddenly became familiar. It had melted the ship halfway, but the ship was familiar. Everything was beginning to flood in. Suddenly the golem stopped as memories activated in its head. It roared and flailed and trampled around the ship, absorbing everything it touched. Then suddenly, a thought, a memory came back, a memory of kissing someone, a memory of loving someone, a memory of making love to someone. The golem suddenly roared in grief and ate the whole ship.



Medea stumbled haphazardly into the control room, donning only a patient's gown. Ignoring the fact that she was practically exposed, she tried to inch her way to Mikado. Mikado, sensing the commotion behind him, turned to see Medea slumped on the floor almost naked. He stands up and wraps around her his jacket and tells her she should be resting. Medea beats MIkado's chest and cries incessantly.


Mikado let's her beat his chest, knowing that he will kill her sister afterwards. Medea then tells Mikado that she has the Nyx suit now and she knows what he is thinking, and that he is thinking incorrectly. Although she was connected with Mikado back at the ship, she was also connected to Psyche. She did not really let go because she was holding two emotionally people, she let go because she was holding five. Mikado squinted in confusion at first but then realized that Psyche was pregnant with the first triplets.


He slumped down in surprise with eyes wide opened. He was resting his face on his palms in regret and cried. Medea slowly crawled into his arms and cried with him. After a few moments, the red alarms on the ship came on and Mikado snapped out of stupor. He wiped Medea's face and kissed her in the lips for the first time in her life. He said that was the only payment he could only give for all the pain he caused her all this time. He had claimed her childhood affection, her father, her sister, and now her sister's children. He could only ask for forgiveness as he was about to destroy what remains of her sister. Medea, although stunned at gesture, sadly nodded only.


Mikado motioned for someone to bring her back to the medical bay. Several neural sentries assisted them up and gave Medea a hover chair. Mikado watched as they took her back, and then returned to his seat with renewed determination. He demanded reports as he wiped the tears off his face. The reports cane in and indicated that the ship has now taken flight and is currently flying in their direction. Estimated time of contact was t-minus two minutes. Since the other golems needed to be activated properly for over 5 minutes for them to not go berserk like what Mikado assumed of Psyche, he orders a transmission to Rigby to accompany Osiris in their evacuation. The Helios Ark is now in danger of being struck by the prototype N-series J2000 golem. After hearing confirmation and encouragement from Rigby,  Mikado orders the Helios Ark to take off.



Section 7


Mikado was mistaken. He had assumed that Psyche-golem had aimed itself at the Helios Ark, only to find it heading past them. Mikado Jettisoned the cargo bay that held the golems that he carried and took on hot pursuit of the makeshift ship that Psyche was controlling. Since the makeshift ship only contained its hull, engines and thrusters, it had incredible speed and MIkado had had to forego carrying the golems he had with him. He then issued a transmission to Osiris to contact the nearest Orokin Tower and carefully pickup the golem cargo.


Speeding through the Solar Rails, Mikado finally caught up with Psyche when they were already in view of Earth. Mikado did not really understand Psyche's intentions anymore, moreso now that she was now a golem. But she presents a clear and present danger to anyone and everyone on Earth, especially to his family and the Tenno.


He ordered all charges to fire as they came in range of Psyche. The golem-ship merely absorbed any rounds shot at it. Mikado cursed the bullet based Grineer weaponry and told the crew to use Neural Sentry Heavy lasers. Once the lasers hit Psyche, it wriggled in pain but stayed its course. Psyche then deployed several chunks of its flesh. As much as the Helios Ark tried to evade the chunks of flesh, some of them hit the ship and breached the hull. Mikado ignored them until reports of Infested came from within the ship.


Mikado gritted his teeth in anger as he realized that Psyche was now Infested also. Thinking that it was due to constant contact with Baphomet, Mikado orders that all non-essential personnel evacuate the ship first, followed by all the rest. All remaining Royal Guards on the ship were to ready for Infested Incursion. He then activated his suit and told the crew in the control room to transfer all controls to him. The neural sentries rerouted themselves to his control panel and Mikado ordered all Tenno present in the room to evacuate themselves. Seeing their hesitation, Mikado shouted them orders to help the civilians and wounded off the ship steadfast. They nodded, saluted him, and then went their way.


Mikado then interfaced his suit with the Helios Ark. He was thoroughly concentrated on bombarding Psyche when he felt a soft hand place itself on his right shooting hand. He already knew who it was but questioned her otherwise what she was doing not evacuating the ship. Medea had managed to escape the medical bay again and sat beside her beloved.


Medea merely said that if Mikado was going to kill himself, she would rather die with him. That and she also wanted witness herself how the monster that her sister had become get destroyed. She summoned all her strength to stand up and suddenly kiss Mikado in the lips. Mikado, unnerved by the action, told her that he already thought he paid her in full. Medea smiled as she painfully sat down and said that she will never give up, especially now that she had managed to get MIkado to kiss her finally after centuries. Mikado merely smiled and shook his head. He tried to tell Medea what he was planning but Medea knew what he was going to say eventually. He evacuated the Helios Ark so that he can crash it into the golem and send it away from Earth. Mikado nodded, and Medea re-placed her hand on his.



Psyche-golem could not die. Psyche-golem had to see Baphomet. It had to show him a new Infested for his army. It had to show him his child. It wanted to give birth with him watching. It wanted to name Baphomet's child Lephantis. It did not know why, but it liked the name. It was nearing Baphomet, but the enemykado was behind it. Making everything painful. Psyche-golem threw some of itself into enemykado, but it kept on coming. The enemy threw away its passengers and was catching up to it. Psyche-golem needed to see Baphomet. Baphomet. Bapho....



Mikado had managed to successfully plot a collision course between the Helios Ark and the golem. He breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the golem get flung off into the direction of the meteor belt. It would inevitably get tangled there and become an Orokin Derelict. He was saddened to see Lephantis daughter become like that. As he took off the restraints on his seat, he suddenly felt the ship shake. The Helios Ark has gotten too close to Earth. Caught on the Earth's gravity, it was fast gaining speed and beginning atmospheric re-entry. With all the ships systems dead, all Mikado could do was calculate the trajectory of the Helios Ark.


He looked the person sleeping by his seat, and saw that Medea was sound asleep. Everything was beginning to heat up as they started re-entry when he deduced where the colossal ship would fall. It was going to fall on the Trade Union home city, Dubai. Directly on Dubai. Mikado could not believe his calculations, he retried them several times and they came up the same. He suddenly rushed to the communications panel, but everything had no power. He cursed at everything, knowing he will be killing billions of people. He then resolved to save at least one.


He picked up Medea and rushed to the escape pods. After mowing down several infested with his Dakra Primes, he found a functional escape pod only to find out that it is dislodged and stuck debris. He waited for the ship to enter the atmosphere, put Medea in, and gave the escape pod a stomp. The escape pod launched into the atmosphere. He activated his Iron Skin and jumped into the atmosphere himself. Securing himself to the escape pod while enduring re-entry, he looked down as the Helios Ark fell down on the city below. To his surprise, the ship did not make much of an explosion itself, but dug into the ground as he found out that Dubai now had layers upon layers of underground Trade Union settlements. Still, the bitter taste of killing billions lingered in his mouth.



Section 8


Mikado was sitting down on top of a sand dune when Medea awoke from the pod. Medea had recovered some of her strength and tried to go to Mikado's side stealthily but failed. She stumbled and rolled down the side of the sand dune losing her patient gown in the process and exposing everything as she landed flat on the bottom of the dune. Mikado silently turned around and asked Medea if she needed any help.


Medea, blushingly covered herself and called Mikado a pervert. Mikado sighed at the notion being called one and noted that Medea always flirted with him. Medea retorted that this was different. Mikado shook his head and muttered something about not understanding women for centuries.


When Medea finally came up the sand dune, the scenery that Mikado was looking at shocked her. It was Dubai in utter destruction. The Helios Ark had crashed head first into the city and have excavated a great deep hole, a hole that the adjoining sea drained into. It was simply a scene where people either died quick, or died slow. When Medea turned to Mikado, she saw tears running down his cheeks. He hugged him as tight as she can and hushed him to calm down.


After a few moments, Mikado stood up and wiped his face. He told Medea that he had already activated the distress beacon on the escape pod and that she woke up at a good time as Tenno rescue teams were most likely minutes away. Medea stood up, still trying to cover herself. She asked Mikado where he was going as she saw a hovercraft set down near them. The hovercraft had no pilot and was a personal transport system that Mikado recovered from the ship. It was still connected to his suit via neural sentry connection and he called it up here for him to use.


Medea insisted that Mikado still has not answered her question. Mikado merely says that he is going to end this war today. Mikado deduced that Baphomet was now in the Dark Sector, judging from the flight path of Psyche. At the mention of her sister's name, Medea started to cry again. Mikado turned back and kissed her again in the lips for longer time. Medea was shocked but closed her eyes afterwards. She asked why Mikado did that again, Mikado joked that Medea might not have the chance to experience it again. Mikado apologized then, saying that he kissed her imagining Lotus. He wanted to see her but cannot.


Medea nodded, but asked a favor of Mikado, and Mikado nodded. Since she and her sister were identical twins, and that only Mikado knew what really happened, Medea asked to be called Psyche from now on. She had the Nyx frame, and she wanted her sister to be known as a good person, while Medea sacrifices her own name to be called a monster and traitor. Mikado asked if she was certain of her request, and Medea nodded saying that the only person who was important to her, Mikado,  to know the truth was enough. She blamed herself for not being able to discover and stop her sister before it ended into this disaster. She wants her sister's name to be cleared by living her life.


Mikado accepted, but demanded one thing in return. Medea listened and Mikado asked for good old 'Psyche' to take care of his children. Mikado may not return and Lotus will need help with children. 'Psyche' the accepted as an honor and bid her Master Mikado politely good bye and good luck while stifling her tears. Mikado entered the hovercraft and traveled to Lasria.


Section 9


Mikado dismounted the hovercraft when he reached the vault doors of the Dark Sector. Seeing fresh foot prints, he calmly checked the weapon inventory at the back of the hovercraft. All he had was a Glaive, two Dakra Primes, several rounds of ammunition, two Vastos and one Paris Prime. He disappointingly looked at the compound bow and skipped it, saying to himself that Mordecai his friend would have jumped at the thing. Mikado often fought with blades himself and considered himself then lucky at at least getting Glaive and two Dakra Primes.


He then ate some rations, drank several fluids, took some energy replenishment, activated his frame, and started arming himself. He took the two Dakra Primes and slapped them on his back. He took the two Vastos, checked their hammers and firing pins, put in bullets and pocketed reserve ammo. Finally he condensed the Glaive into its compact form and slapped it into his right arm. As a bonus, he brought some of the same void energy explosive charges and strapped it to his left arm. After making preparations, he ordered the hovercraft to hide itself, and then walked off into the opening of the colossal vault doors.



Baphomet was petting a young new mount when Mikado kicked the doors open. Mikado was smeared heavily with the blood of infested and showed numerous scratch marks all over his frame. Upon entering the doorway, he threw away his spent Vastos and took a Dakra Prime on each hand, all the while maintaining his slow walk towards the disfigured man atop the hall stage.


Mikado merely stopped midway and pointed one sword at Baphomet. Baphomet, still not rising from his seat of rubble, clapped his hands while laughing. He stood up, when on the center of the stage, spread out his hands and bowed. Mikado, still pointing his sword, taunts Baphomet to finally end this war. Baphomet laughs at the notion, noting that even though they were twins, he could never win in a fair fight. He then recounts the multitude of stories of Mikado's victories against him, in and out of the war.


Mikado, growing impatient, screams at the man to fight him already. Baphomet, with a hint of madness, shushes him and tells him everything had to be in order. He then notes on Mikado's tiredness, shows concern and offers him a refreshment. Baphomet then rushingly goes to fetch something fomr behind his seat, then throws it at Mikado. Mikado, being battle-worn, merely slashes away at the object. Mikado is then splashed with juice, then realizes that the object Baphomet threw was a Tenno refreshment, served only by Neural Sentries.


Lowering down his sword  in realization, Mikado screams at Baphomet demanding to know where he got the item. Baphomet only childishly frowns that his brotherly gift was wasted and begins to stifle his tears. As the the young mount behind him began to growl, Baphomet motioned it to go away and entertain the 'guest'. Mikado growled in turn at the mention of the word. Baphomet held up his hands and plead guilty to not fighting fair. He then tells Mikado to wait for their special guest.


Mikado relents and lowers his guard, not wanting to have one more innocent life taken in his name. The mount slowly comes back on stage, only to bring on its jaws a young man. Even through the darkness, Mikado knew the familiar figure and shouted his name. Baphomet suddenly step in front of the stage and urged Mikado not to make any hasty moves. Baphomet then mentioned that although he knew that Dahaka was his own son, Baphomet would not hesitate to kill the young man as he knew Mikado treated him as his own.


Mikado screams that Dahaka is his son. He screams that Baphomet will never learn to be a father, to be a husband, and to love somebody else. Baphomet snaps that he has loved and still loves Lotus. Mikado screams back that if he loved Lotus, he would have never harmed her. Mikado says baphomet cannot even give attention to and abandoned the woman who loved him all this time. Baphomet merely laughed at the mention of Psyche's name. Baphomet told Mikado that Psyche is merely a tool for his plans and has served her purpose well.


Mikado sadly told in turn, that Psyche is no more. He looks down and tells Baphomet she sacrificed herself to let him escape. He then looks back at the stage and Baphomet to tell him that Psyche was pregnant with his children when she became a golem. Baphomet merely says that he has a lot of "children" and the one child that matter is the one he was holding now. Mikado dropped his swords, skewering the ground with them. He sadly told Baphomet is a bastard and that Mikado pities him. Baphomet maddeningly laughs at the word pity and asks Mikado why would he say such a thing.


Mikado merely says that he pities Baphomet since nobody loves him anymore. Baphomet roars in anger and all the remaining Infested gather at the stage. Mikado still with empty hands, asks Baphomet a question while slowly walking unarmed towards the stage. He rescinds his armor upon coming at the edge of the stage and asks Baphomet what makes Lotus special. Baphomet in turn is only confused at the question and merely says that Lotus is pretty. Mikado smiles and taunts that he does not know Lotus' secret.


Staunched at mockery, Baphomet demands clarification from Mikado. Mikado then reiterates that Tenno are ninety-nine percent born as Fraternal Twins, and that Lotus is no different. Knowing Lotus is an only child Baphomet gives a puzzled look. Mikado raises and removes the gloves off his right hand and shows Baphomet his burns. Mikado retells how he, with his congenital analgesia, personally held Dahaka and pulled him from Lotus. Dahaka had burned his right hand with high voltage. Baphomet shakes his hands in confusion instead. Mikado smiles. He climbs the stage and stares the disfigured man in the eyes. He then tells Lotus is a chimera, and the she is the product of the fusion of two babies with differing DNA.


Baphomet reels back in shock. He had not known all this time that the woman he had obsessed for all this time had been actually two women. He then gains anger at Mikado for again knowing something he does not. He turns back to Mikado, but he sees the man smiling. He screams at Mikado to demand to know what he is smiling about. Mikado simply dares Baphomet to hold the young man's right hand. Thinking it a joke, Baphomet laughingly approaches the unconscious young Dahaka while tap dancing.


Baphomet looks at his face at first and marvels at the good work he did. He then takes the young man's right hand and shakes it, then shows nothing has happened to Mikado. Mikado merely smiles some more, and Baphomet becomes confused. He suddenly feels his hands stuck to the young man as high voltages run through his whole body. Baphomet's clothes start to burn at the high voltage, and since Baphomet lacks their Father's congenital analgesia, he screams in intense pain at the high voltage. Painfully, he looks towards Mikado's direction.


Mikado merely states that he favors Dahaka since he takes after his mother, since Dahaka is also a chimera. His left side has Baphomet's DNA, burning Mikado's right hand, while his right side has Mikado's DNA, burning Baphomet. In an instant, Mikado activates his frame and throws his Glaive towards Baphomet's waist. Baphomet is cut in half and releases Dahaka's hand. The young mount was about to attack when the Glaive bounces off a wall and proceeds to cut off its head.


Mikado receives the glaive back and hurriedly goes to pickup Dahaka while stepping over the cut down body. Mikado carefully picks up the young man and charges through the halls as the multitude of Infested descend upon them.



Section 10


With Dahaka still unconscious and his energy reserves draining, Mikado was getting anxious to get out of the vault. His hopes lit up as he saw the large main vault doors seep light from its sides. He uses his last energy to do a charge and lands themselves outside the vault. Mikado suddenly drops to his knees in exhaustion and rescinds his frame as he puts down Dahaka. He checks Dahaka for Infection and wounds, and only finds bruises on the back of the young man's neck. Relieved that the boy is safe, he orders his hovercraft to return to him.


After more than a few minutes of waiting, Mikado grows weary and repeatedly issues commands to the hovercraft. The silence in the grassland is broken when suddenly, bits and pieces of the hovercraft crashes just a few meters from them. Mikado turns towards the direction from where the wreckage came and saw a large figure on top of the vault doors. It was Baphomet, his torso attached to the severed neck of his mount, sporting a more sinister version of his old frame. Baphomet was pulsating with energy as he seethed with anger.


Mikado tried to stand up and get away from the young man, but he buckled with exhaustion. Baphomet jumped down from the top of the vault door and slowly started towards them. Mikado punched the ground and summoned all his strength to stand up. He only manages to stand up only to parry Baphomet's greatsowrd with his Glaive. The Glaive shatters from the force, cuts Mikado's palm and throws him aback a few meters away.


Even though reeling in shock, Mikado tried again to stand up for another attack, but saw in horror that Baphomet's target was the sleeping Dahaka. Not able to stand up, Mikado crawled to Dahak while screaming his name. Baphomet raised his great sword and swung down with a large crash.


As the dust cleared up, a vision of hope made Mikado cry. It was the First, blocking Baphomet's sword with his metallic arm while holding in his left arm the boy. Their Father had finally donned the Caliburn and had saved his own grandchild. The First, Hayden Tenno, merely looked at the abomination that was his son and sends it flying with his Evolution Powers.


Mikado tried to stand up in joy when suddenly his right arm failed him. The cut that Baphomet made on his hand has been infected. Ignoring the infection for now, Mikado still tried to get up. Hayden seeing his remaining son in trouble, walked towards him and dropped several items to his front.


Seeing the gesture, Baphomet mocked his Father while painfully trying to stand up. Baphomet was still unaccustomed to being a quadruped but it did not stop him from taunting the First to finally finish the job himself. The Caliburn bearer merely pointed out that this has war has started with the brothers, and that it should end that way. He was merely here to pickup his grandson.


The First then turns to Mikado, explaining the items at his feet. The colossal sword that Hayden skewered the ground with was called Galatine, named after the system that made the golems. It was a new weapon made to commemorate the volunteers for the golems. The Glaive needed no explanation, but Hayden remarked that Mikado should keep an eye on it. The last item was an Orokin Catalyst, only, that it was purple in color. His Father merely states that it is a gift from Lotus, Mikado's wife. And with that being said, the First jumps off to a great distance with his grandson and left the brothers to end the war themselves.


Mikado pulled himself up using the colossal sword. He then looked towards the wriggling mass that was Baphomet, then turn to look at the purple Orokin Catalyst. He chuckled at Lotus' color sense and finally injected himself with the catalyst. An immediate burning sensation spread through out his body. He noted that Orokin Catalysts were not supposed to react this way and that they only changed the DNA markers that were related to suit affinity.


Mikado then finally noticed that his right arm was turning into bands of metal and that the infection on his hand has halted. he felt his energy reserves fill up and double. Finally, he felt body had been forcibly renewed. Upon looking on his reflection on his right arm, he noticed that his eyes now had a purple tint to them. Lotus had made a catalyst that did not change the DNA of the recipient, she had made a catalyst that injected her own DNA into the recipient. Now having three sets of DNA, Mikado now had triple the energy reserves as well as determination to take down his enemy.


Baphomet, seeing his transformation, roared maddeningly and called forth all of his remaining soldiers. Mikado activated his frame, surprised to see it  lined with purple lotus insignias and glow with bluish purple energy. Mikado then roars back in retaliation as the infested rained down on him. He then executes a stomp and everything in a 50 meter radius was destroyed.


Sensing that he alone could take on Mikado, Baphomet charges at him. Mikado calmly picks up the Glaive and throws it at Baphomet. Baphomet, not falling for the same trick and knowing there were no walls behind him, evaded to the side and continued his charge. Mikado picks up the Galatine sword and parries Baphomet's greatsword. While the two were locking swords, Baphomet maddeningly cries why Mikado always had everything. Mikado, realizing his old response to the question, answers differently this time, saying that he did not have everything, he was merely not alone. His strength came from the people behind him. He then asks Baphomet in turn who was behind him.


Stumped for an answer, Baphomet is speechless. Mikado then jokes about their Father's lesson about Glaives, and that Hayden had clued Mikado about this particular Glaive. Before Baphomet could realize his error, he felt the glaive cut through his back again and see that Mikado was controlling it telepathically like their Father. Mikado, now released from the sword lock, turned in his place to charge his sword, then rotated his body to cut Baphomet with Galatine.


Baphomet was struck and cleaved from his right hip up to his left shoulder, hitting the area where his heart should be. Staggering from the cut on his abdomen and struggling to re-attach himself from the diagonal cut, Baphomet managed to laugh as he taunted Mikado that he has already managed to become truly Immortal as he can re-attach and regenerate anything. He also laughed as MIkado's efforts to hit his heart has failed since he has none anymore.


Mikado still had his back turned from swinging the colossal sword forcibly when he spoke. He knew that Baphomet no longer had a heart and that he was actually expecting him to regenerate. Mikado suddenly turns around and activates the Void Energy Charges he strapped on his left arm earlier, then shoves it in the cavity where Baphomet would have had a heart. Mikado retorts that he just wanted to fill up the emptiness in his brother's heart.


Baphomet, sensing the same bombs that burned away his human skin inside his chest, panicked, dropped his sword, and started clawing away at his regenerated chest. Before Baphomet could get to the bombs though, Mikado executes another stomp and paralyzes him in mid-air, then Mikado executes a charge attack sending him flying inside the dark vault. Mikado rushes to the vault doors and again, this time with all his might, stomps the vault door itself to close it and lock it in chronostasis. After accomplishing the task, a large explosion was heard inside the vault and the whole mountainside and valley quaked and crumbled down. Mikado merely whispers a farewell to his brother.



Moments later, Mikado sighed a breathe of relief, then finally heard several footsteps behind him. Hayden returned alone, saying that a unit nearby has already taken Dahaka to safety. He asks about Baphomet, and Mikado merely nods to the smoking vault door. Hayden sadly nods and comments that the reason why Mikado always won against his brother was that he did not fight with strength, but always fought with wit.


Mikado stands up and expresses appreciation at the compliment, but corrects his Father that the reason he won against his brother was that Mikado never fought alone. The First smiles in understanding and escorts his son home. Just after a few steps, MIkado collapses, and the First checks up on him. The First then sees that his right arm, though metallic, has become colored red instead of Lotus' Purple. The First then picks up his son and rushes to the extraction site.



Final Section


Lotus merely wept in front of her mirror as she felt lost from all that was happening around her. The First, her adoptive Father, had recently sealed himself for the safety of the Tenno poeple. The First finally broke the silence to the Council regarding the Siege Perilous. It was a system to wipe off unwanted memories from his brain and interface with the Caliburn frame. The Caliburn frame, much like its sibling, the Galatine system, absorbs a sapient host to become a weapon.


Basically the Caliburn was meant to be a balance between the Arondight and the Galatine systems from Project Vivian. Nonetheless, Caliburn is evolving and compounding centuries of memories makes Hayden susceptible to the maddening effects of the Caliburn. He went regular maintenance to purge memories so that he can maintain control of Caliburn. When asked where the Caliburn system is, Hayden merely activated his Excalibur frame, then activated it further transforming it into the Caliburn frame. The council was shocked to see that the Caliburn frame was with Hayden all along. And with that notion, the Council relented to the request of Hayden to be sealed within a special Cryopod that would purge his memories once improperly breached.


Lotus then turns her memories to the last time she spoke to her husband. Mikado also wanted to be sealed, but in a different way. Cain's Technocyte Virus has worked its way into Mikado's arm. His right arm was now basically Cain's arm and Mikado now carried four sets of DNA. Lotus's DNA staved off its further spread of infection, but like his Father, Mikado did not want to risk the safety of the Tenno. She merely cried at noting the similarity of the Father and Son. Mikado was now in a Cryopod that is contained in the reconstructed Helios Ark, renamed the Tenno Ark.


Mikado had planned to venture beyond Outer Terminus before the Great War started, and now he was going to finish it while in sleep. He had only kissed his wife passionately while asking Lotus to take care of the children while he was gone. He jokingly promised to come back and make other children upon his return. Lotus could only cry while laughing at his joke. And now, hours from now, the Tenno Ark was to disembark and she has not even put on any make up.


A voice behind her then tells her she does not need it. Lotus turns around to find Psyche, Mikado's friend and her new confidant. The Nyx bearer had been a second mother to her children in the past few years and had taken a liking to her youngest, Dahaka. Dahaka in turn, also had a penchant for Psyche and the two were often seen strolling together. Psyche approaches her and tells her she just needs to brush her purple tinted hair.


She asked Psyche how the children were faring and Psyche merely commented that they were most likely bickering again. Lotus laughs and thanks Psyche for being her friend. Psyche merely says that it was no matter as they merely cared about the same group of people, hinting on Mikado and the children. Lotus nodded and stood up to get prepared for the ceremony, then asked Psyche to fetch the children and have them prepare too, especially Dahaka. Psyche merely giggled and went off.



At the ceremony, it had been more than an hour when Lotus sent out her twins to find Dahaka. The Tenno Ark were already igniting its engines and Lotus was worried that the children might miss the departure of their father. A few more minutes passed and the Tenno Ark entered into its final stages of departure. In a few more moments, the trails of the Solar Rails lit up and the Tenno Ark finally started its voyage towards the outside of the Origin system.


Lotus was now both disappointed and frustrated at the children, not only for being late, but for not being able to say their farewells to their father. The Tenno Ark was now beyond the Horizon when suddenly a commotion stirred up from the crowd. Bewildered, Lotus then suddenly hears the visiting Queen of the Empire shout incoherently.


Suddenly, the crowds burst into flames and death while the attendants of the Empire start gunning Tenno and innocent civilians alike. Pressed without much security, mainly due to the fact that the remaining Tenno forces were cleaning up the Infested in the system or came with the Tenno Ark, the Council was in danger of being killed.


After several moments, Lotus is horrified as she sees her twins Vadjura and Agni fighting off thousands of flesh bound automatons by themselves. Lotus was to run after them when the Royal Guards stop her in her tracks. She then realizes that she can save the twins by using the void key the First had given her. She activates the void key and sees Agni looking at her. She mouths off the word "Sorry" to Agni and points the void key to save the twins by transporting them somewhere.


Unfortunately, the void key was volatile, and it instead transports Lotus and her party into the unknown.





The Board of Directors met at an undisclosed location to assess their losses at the assault of Outer Terminus. After delliberating changing the company name to Commercion Unione Corpus, the chairman of the Board formally opens the discussion and addresses the Tenno as the "Betrayers" since Tenno Mikado destroyed their home city of Dubai.


Gylan Vidar had a contract with the Tenno assuring security from the Infested in exchange for discounts on building materials. Instead of honoring the sacred contract, Tenno Mikado dropped off his Helios Ark unto the founding city of the Trade Union and killed billions of their employees, including Gylan Vidar himself.


And now, the Betrayers have paid their price, they were not informed by the Corpus of the attack on Outer Terminus. On top of that, the Corpus has now switched customers to the Empire. A board member suddenly raised his hand. Addressing the question, the Chairman acknowledges the board member. The board member asks specifically did they get the information and how was it reliable in the first place.


The Chairman answers that Vidar's own grandson, Derald Vidar was vacationing to the Empire's Engineer Fomoria Vay Hek. Gylan had sent the young boy Derald to spy on the aging engineer in the guise of apprenticeship to his "friend" and partner. Derald had come upon a transmission from the Queen herself regarding the attack and the commission of new weaponry.


The asking board member rests his case while another one asks about what to do with the remaining Tenno. The Chairman merely says that that task had already been volunteered upon by the young Derald himself, vowing to get revenge on the family of the First for what happened to his Grandfather and parents in Dubai. Noting that the young man might still be emotional, the Chancellor merely says that in time, Derald Vidar will be given a slight promotion, shortening his name to Derald Vida.


The board then unanimously approves this promotion and is excited to see Derald learn that profits will dull his pain.



The last chapter of the Orokin Cycle will end on the next installment...


The next chapter will end this series, please continue to read and support it. Thanks!

Chapter 7 => https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/116120-warframe-origins-a-light-novel-weekly-updates-10272013-chapter-6-is-up-chapter-7-will-end-the-series/#entry1393688

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Warframe - Chapter 7 - The Last Petal



Derald Vidar, now called Alad V, went to his bedchamber for the night. Well, technically it was not night yet in his Gas City, but Alad V had been worn out from his recent activities. He had been expanding the Gas City zealously over the years, promising the Board of exponential levels of profits. Finally giving instructions earlier to his engineers to attach the finishing touches on his esteemed creation, Alad V had retired for the time being.


Removing his suit proved to be a tiresome task. A meddlesome task he undertook daily to prolong his life. He had once gambled on stealing the heart of a Tenno Council member, and now, his body now suffers the aftereffects of his success.

Upon the removal of his suit, aided by automaton servants, he painfully strains his own body to move. The suit itself had been his body, while his own body was just a frozen corpse he reanimated from time to time. He had reverse-engineered the Tenno cryopod technology and had incorporated it into a suit. The Technocyte virus embedded in the Tenno DNA was no longer contagious, but having a physical relationship with a Tenno would have varying results.


Finally, freed from his walking coffin, Alad V tries to walk to his bed with his withered and aged body. Having been alive for more than a century, Alad V has lived out his long life as a Corpus Executive, holding the position for the longest time in Corpus history. As he almost falls, his devoted automaton canine companion helps him to his feet as he finally comes to the edge of his bed and finally sits down.

He catches his breath and finally looks out the fiery horizon outside his windows. The orange tinged clouds of his Gas City reminded him severely of his pains; his pains that no profit can dull. He pats the head of his canine as he stares blankly at the orange clouds, reminding himself of his only remaining pain.



“Vidar Orzhov Rephaite”, Agni declared while clinging to Derald’s side. She then scowls at Derald’s face as she points out her disdain for Corpus naming conventions. Derald then complains about the Tenno tradition of putting the family name first before the given name. The couple had been laughingly arguing over baby names as they lay in bed.

After a moment, Agni finally decides to give up and embraces his side. Derald thinks to himself that the beautiful woman at her side can exude emotions even while her eyes are closed. He runs his fingers on the woman’s back, gently admiring the soft yellow porcelain like plates that lined her spine. She had explained earlier that her mother, Lotus, had the same features, only in a purple metallic hue. Still, Derald smiles as he prefers the ones on his woman. But then, an ominous thought hinges on his mind.


He had betrayed his cause. He has fallen for daughter of Tenno Mikado, The Hero of the Great War, the destroyer of Dubai, and the murderer of his family. Yet, Derald cannot avert himself from taking a liking to the Tenno Council member. The woman had proposed to burn him alive at their first meeting, but now the same woman was now in his arms, cuddling his chest.

The serene silence of the room was broken with an alert tone on Derald’s personal communicator device. Derald merely dreaded answering the call with a realization at the back of his mind. The Energy Siphoning and Compaction project he ran with Agni’s brother Vadjura was finally complete and had a working prototype. His customers and sponsors were now demanding results.


The alert tone faded away, and he drew a sharp sigh of relief. Agni begrudgingly looks up to him why he had ignored his summons. He merely replies that he was enjoying her company at the time. He runs his fingers again at the intricate designs on Agni’s back and heard her sigh.


He jokingly inquires if his friend and research partner Vadjura inherited anything at all from Agni’s mother. Agni laughs at the joke and answers that Vadjura actually took after their father Mikado, and that Vadjura was more of a geek than a Tenno. Derald bursts out in laughter and warns Agni that he will tell on his brother.


While they were laughing heartily, alarms suddenly blare in Derald’s room and the red lights flood in. Derald knew what it meant and closed his eyes. He then got up and asked Agni to return to her quarters before Psyche searched for her. Agni again begrudgingly addressed Derald while she got dressed. She pointed out that when the two of them got married, he would not be able to hide his ‘business secrets’ from her anymore. Derald merely smiled at the sentiment and watched as Agni made her way to the door. It still perplexed Derald how Agni maneuvers herself perfectly though she is perfectly blind.


Derald was about to answer his communicator when Agni suddenly stopped at his doorway. Agni then reminded Derald that Tenno children were often born as twins, and that he would have to come up with another name.



Section 1

The void travel was extraneous and took its toll on the travellers. While some were eventually lost to the vast energies smashing against them inside the void, Lotus held on to the hope that she would see her family once more. Void travel without the aid of shuttle crafts or towers were dangerous as the volatile energies within could easily rip a Tenno apart.

After what seemed to be several minutes of mentally draining travel within the limitless void, Lotus and a few survivors finally came upon a void gate. After re--materializing in the physical world, Lotus felt nauseous and was hobbled up to her feet. After realizing that they were in a biosphere and that the artificial atmosphere was breathable, Lotus rescinded her frame and took big long breaths.


After a few moments, Bilshan, the squad leader of the Excalibur Prime Royal Guards that had survived with them, approaches Lotus and bows. Still bowing, he asks for forgiveness for having failed to protect them at the assault on Outer Terminus. Lotus, remembering his husband Mikado’s friend and her own savior Mordecai, dismisses the apologies of the Tenno officer. She comments that he is much like his twin brother, Rhino Prime Rigby, a squad leader of Mikado’s own regiment.


The Tenno officer expresses his gratitude at her compliments and asks instead for orders. Lotus asks for assistance in standing up as she is still wobbling from their experience. Bilshan rushed to her side to comply and helps Lotus up. Lotus pulls out her communicator and frowns as it fails to connect. She then suddenly takes notice of their surroundings, shocked in realizing that they are in Terminus, Mercury instead.


After the horrible realization, Lotus pulls up a device and measures the star maps. She sinks back to the ground as she reads the output on the device. It has been more than a millennia since the attack on Outer Terminus, and that their Void travel had put them aside for that long time.


She suddenly cries aloud in pain, and several other Tenno around her cannot help but join her. She let out a wail for her loss. She wails for her family. She cries for her husband. She shouts out aloud the names of her children. She simply shouts.

After giving the grieving mother a few moments to herself, Bilshan wearily approaches her again to help her up and calm her down. After seating the sobbing Tenno on a jutting rock, he kneels down again, asking for her orders, as she is now the highest ranking Council member left.


Lotus stifles her sobs and bites her lips, then remarks they need to awaken their leader, The First. She presses herself for all the self-control she can muster and swallows hard. Wiping her face clean, she stands up again and faces the officer. She orders that the Royal Guards divide into two teams; one team to make a perimeter and one team to assist and take count of all the survivors. Once all required initial medical aid and preparations are done, they are to scout for a safe location for them to regroup.


Once Lotus was finishing up on her orders, the able Royal Guards suddenly stand up in attention and suddenly take arms. Bilshan suddenly steps behind Lotus and covers her while pulling out his Paris Prime. Lotus, alarmed by the sudden action of the Royal Guards, turns around to see what the commotion is about.


From afar, a lone figure was walking slowly. At first unnoticeable, the figure seems to be holding his arms up while slowly approaching the group. Once the pale but human person comes within earshot, Bilshan motions his men to take a semi-circle formation against the interloper with hand signals.


The stranger just laughs and shakes his head. His continued laughter deters some of the civilians and Lotus takes heed. Lotus, ignoring Bilshan’s warnings, approaches the stranger to converse. As she approaches the stranger, a familiar feeling comes flowing down her metallic spine. She then comes several feet of the stranger and she locks eyes with him.

The stranger suddenly lowers his hands, and then bows in the old Tenno tradition. He then mentions that his name is Darvo La Jutus, and that he cannot but notice the predicament the old Council member is in. Lotus then vehemently asks how the stranger knows of her. Darvo merely grins and says aloud that nobody does not know about the great Lotus; the wife of Mikado, Hero of the Great War, and the mother of the Council of Three.


Lotus suddenly understands Darvo’s sentiment at the moment he mentioned her children. Though thousands of years have passed, she senses that Darvo is a Trade Union Executive by his demeanor and way of speech. Darvo merely acknowledges the fact that he is in the employ of the Trade Union, informing her at the same time that it is now called Commericio Unione Corpus, or simply Corpus. He also states that he is no executive, noting at his lack of entourage. Lotus eyes the man and orders her men to stand down. She then turns to the man and eyes him from head to toe, and then asks what he offers. Darvo compliments the great leader upon her intuition and says that he merely offers his services to the Tenno.


Lotus voices out her doubt upon his words, but she must take it for now due to their situation. Lotus then states Darvo shall be rewarded at a later date since she has to access their hidden Orokin Vaults and asks him if it sits well with him. Darvo bows again, this time in acceptance of the offer. Lotus then offers a handshake to commensurate the bargain, and Darvo hesitatingly takes the hand. Lotus takes notice of the hesitant handshake, then turns to order the Royal Guards to accompany Darvo.



Section 2

What Lotus beheld was a large hall after the lift doors opened. Darvo led the way into the vast expanse of his “Dojo for sale”. True to his nature, Darvo explains the various amenities and function rooms of the dojo. Lotus asks him how he came to “own” such a large facility, built exactly underneath an Empire settlement in Mercury.


Darvo smilingly explains that this was once a Tenno Dojo belonging to a large “Moon” clan that he had done business with recently. Darvo points out that for now, only he knows the whereabouts of the Dojo since all of the previous members are gone. The whole clan had unanimously agreed and joined in an assault when they had a mission alert from one of their spies. Needless to say, they were wiped out. Darvo then corrects Lotus politely that the Empire is now more known as the “Grineer”.

Lotus then inquires as to what the clan system is. Darvo merely states that, without a unifying body like the Tenno Council like before, the remaining Tenno have banded together into small groups scattered hidden throughout the Origin system.


Lotus bitterly nods at the fact then takes interest in a particular room. Darvo scrambles to keep up with the Tenno leader and stops only when the two of them were inside a small room. Darvo then explains to her that it is a Duelling Room, where Tenno would test their mettle against each other in private. Lotus, without hesitation, proceeds to the center of the room and beckons for Darvo to follow suit.


Perplexed at the request, Darvo obliges his customer and proceeds. She then orders the Royal Guards to leave her here and to map and secure the whole Dojo Structure. Bilshan vehemently argues in outrage but Lotus insists on being left alone with the Corpus merchant. She counter argues that a mere merchant cannot possibly offer any risk to her.

All the while, Darvo still standing in the center of the room, Lotus proceeds to activate the room locks when she senses that they are alone. Lotus then proceeds to the front of Darvo and then begins to take off her heavy vestments. Darvo’s eyes widen at the gesture, but is then caught unaware of Lotus’ energized attack.


After a few moments, Lotus notes to herself that the room is really built for duels. Having hit the floor and the walls with energized attacks, any regular material would have crumbled already, but the room is still in good condition with only minor scratches.


Her supposed opponent, Darvo, is slumped bleeding on the farside wall but still conscious. She then slowly walks toward the bleeding man, and compliments him for surviving her attacks even though he was a “normal” human. She then bursts into tears, falls to her knees and then hugs the man. Darvo thinks to himself that his disguise is blown.


After a moment, lotus composes herself a bit and asks what had happened to her the man bleeding in front of her, “Lotus Vadjura” her son. “Darvo La Jutus” merely states, that her son is now dead and that he is merely a shell of his former self. He has been defeated, no, betrayed and now he and his siblings are now separated.


Crying again, Lotus then begs Darvo about any information about her other children. Darvo merely shakes his head. Lotus tries to beg further for anything about their family, but then, Darvo finally succumbs to his wounds and falls unconscious.



Section 3

A month has passed, and Darvo comes into the briefing room of the Dojo while on a hover chair. Though the fact that he is the previous Vadjura, the son of Mikado, the Hero of the Great War, he is now stripped of his frame, siphoned of his energies, and has been given a new face, he still wonders how Lotus has managed to see under his disguise as he enters the room, but then Lotus dismisses her officers out to their respective tasks.


As soon as the room is left empty besides the two of them, Lotus checks Darvo’s status just as a mother would. Darvo rolls his eyes and remarks that Lotus did not have to beat him up. Lotus, while checking a bandage on his arm, merely retorts that she just wanted to make sure. Darvo then asks Lotus how she was sure that it was him. Lotus merely says that when they first shook hands, Vadjura zapped him and felt that there was still some residual Tenno energy in him. It was an energy signature that she knew all too well.


Darvo merely shakes his head and corrects her by telling her to call him Darvo. As of the moment, only three people know of his true identity; Darvo himself, Lotus and the Corpus High Executive Alad V.

Lotus breaks the awkward silence that followed Darvo’s last word. She had been meaning to ask about what happened since she was last around, but all she knows that they are dwindling in numbers and that her husband is still not back. Lotus tries to stop crying, stands up after finishing checking up on her son, and takes a seat.


Darvo senses that Lotus already wants some answers. He sighs, Lotus takes notice of this and reminds her of her husband, and then Darvo pulls out a small datamass from his locket. He inserts the datamass into the holographic projector facing Lotus and plays the media contained within. Darvo then moves aside to tell a story with the aide of the machine.


Lotus was unable to control herself. Though her Mag Prime suit had been torn off from her, she still had some of its affinity in her. That affinity manifested right now as she screamed in anger at what had happened to her children. All the electronics in the briefing room was now malfunctioning and Darvo was now on the floor as his hover chair failed.

The structural damage has alerted the Royal Guards and they had successfully bypassed the security locks to the room. Bilshan was expecting to shoot the Corpus merchant upon entering, but was surprised to see Darvo asking for help as Lotus was going berserk.


Suddenly, some of his men were pulled away with big jerk and were sent flying across the room. Lotus was out of control from rage and an old Tenno Prime like her had lots of energy reserves, even without a frame. Bilshan, thinking for a moment, readied his Paris Prime and shot Lotus. Lotus merely stopped the bolt mid-air, but Bilshan was expecting that. Bilshan suddenly use a Radial Blind while Lotus was fixated on the arrow bolt and stunned her. He then used Slash Dash, using only the blunt back of his sword and put the Tenno leader unconscious.


Darvo gave a breath of relief as the tremors ceased. But as soon as Bilshan gave Lotus’ unconscious body to the medics, he then roughly picked up the disabled Corpus merchant from the floor and demanded information as to what had happened.

Knowing that Lotus had destroyed his datamass, Darvo merely states that he told Lotus what had become of her children. Omitting several parts, he paints the general story of the events to Bilshan. Bilshan throws him down, asks for another medic for the Corpus Merchant then assigns guards to monitor him. Darvo merely shakes his head, as he remembers that Bilshan and his twin Rigby had been his roommates in the old Tenno Military Academy.



Section 4

Almost a year has passed since Lotus learned of what happened to her children, but the mere thought of it still makes her tear up. She wipes her eyes again as she gazes out her window. They had finally been able to secure another Dojo in the periphery of the Origin system and are now safer for it. Darvo had been very helpful in their recovery while maintaining his guise as a merchant. He merely “sells” his wares to his “patrons” at a discount as he told in his reports to his auditors.


Darvo himself enters the room as soon as she finishes the thought. Darvo, now completely healed, walks in only to bring several new information he “bought” from his network. Before he speaks, Lotus begs him again to rejoin the Tenno and be with his kind again. Darvo looks down sadly and refuses again. He mentions that even though he does not age, he is now powerless and cannot serve their race. He further adds that he can be of better use this way as a supplier to the Tenno cause.


Lotus sadly nods and asks for what news Darvo brings. Darvo shakes off his sadness and asks if Lotus wants the bad news first or later. With a displeased look Lotus remarks that she had just lost Bilshan and was not up for games. Darvo’s eyes widen and he asks how Bilshan was lost. Lotus recounts that only days before, Bilshan had led two teams into a Security Tier 3 Void tower. Bilshan and three more served as distractions while the other team tried to secure data locked in the tower.


The tower could not be reclaimed, but the important data had been regained. But the cost was that Bilshan held off as long as he could so that everyone else could extract themselves. Lotus tears up again as she remembers Bilshan’s father Mordecai, who had unselfishly saved her as well. Knowing full well that Bilshan was an old friend of Vadjura, Lotus only nods at the sad face of Darvo.


After a moment, Darvo resumed his report. And it was a pertinent one. He had explained to Lotus that the information only circulated in limited channels but was secure and reliable due to repeated instances. Lotus merely waived off the details impatiently and asked for the point of the report. Darvo then mentions slowly that Baphomet has resurfaced.


Expecting shock from Lotus, Darvo is surprised to see Lotus smile instead. Lotus explains that the data Bilshan fought hard to regain was relevant to Baphomet, as the data itself were the blueprints for an advanced frame that was designed explicitly to decimate the Infested. It was a frame that used controlled electric feeds into manipulated magnetic fields. It was a frame she had designed to replace her own Mag Prime since the new frame also used magnetic fields itself. Darvo asked what the magnetic fields for and Lotus answered that she had found a way to indefinitely contain antimatter using magnetic fields. 

She called the new frame Nova, and now she can finally put it to good use. Lotus explains that the new frame is now in its production phase since the designs were already complete were supposed to be used in the Great War. But now, they may have some new use.


Lotus paces around the room to explain the frame. With a broken voice, Lotus tells that upon her battle and loss with Baphomet at Tower thirty five, she had found that magnetism was ineffective with the Infested since they were half biological. She then had the idea to decay and destroy the Infested system by use of Antimatter. It was by pure coincidence that the Infested’s system made use of Hydrogen in large amounts, and that the easiest antimatter to produce was its counterpart Antihydrogen.

The Nova system not only made the Infested explode, but it also hindered its movement. Deploying Antimatter around a subject would counterbalance the inertia and the kinetic forces in a subject, leading it to have lessened movement. It was the perfect system to combat Baphomet’s fast and damaging propensity for battle.


Lotus, noticing that she had been talking by herself for a long time, apologizes and asks Darvo for the rest of his report, mentioning that she had heard him mention some good news. Darvo smiles, remarks again that Dahaka is accounted for, but through his information network, he has found out that Agni was still alive.



Section 5

Agni was being held in a colossal prototype ship made to be the counterpart of the Tenno Ark. Called the “Fomorian” named after its late engineer Fomoria Vay Hek; it was now in line to be the flagship of the Grineer Empire. But for now, it held the office of Vladymir Oskar Rasputin, and most of his test subjects.


After her capture at the hands of the former Derald Vida, now called Alad V, Agni was sent to the Gradivus base on Mars for processing. Right there and then, after the drop ship had landed on the base docks, she was further siphoned off of her energies, stripping her of her frame affinities. She was then stripped naked and continually probed by everyone she met.

After her decontamination procedure, which included the thorough cleansing of every cavity possible, she was then strapped to a table and vivisected immediately. She was given a full hysterectomy and then hurriedly closed up and sent to her cell. She merely screamed while she knew that the still forming fetus in her womb would be discarded. She would cry for weeks later after the operation.


Weeks later still, she was transferred from one Empire laboratory to another, after each Empire clan had petitioned to experiment with her. Though she knew that her reproductive system was now with Psyche’s remains with Rasputin, she was passed around like some toy within the Empire.


After centuries of being frozen in stasis, reanimation, vivisection, rape, and torture, she merely became a mindless doll. The last time she held consciousness was when the Regor clan had her in custody for genetic sampling and experimentation. The Regors were unsuccessful in their endeavour to copy the life lengthening effects of the Tenno DNA, and had resigned to have the doll passed on to the last interested part, the Ruk clan.


She heard the conversation between the old leader of the Regor clan and his clone son, but did not take heed as she was already being prepared for cryostasis again. The next thing she knew, she senses a young man had been sitting guard beside her, while she lay in bed.



She was surprised to be on a bed. For an immeasurable time she had only experienced cruelty and pain at the hands of the Empire, but for now, she was comfortable and unchained. For the first time in centuries, she thought, she was not hanging by some chain or suspension device, but was spending a warm afternoon being fed.


She was being fed manually, for she had lost all of her limbs. It was a long time ago and she does not remember who did it, but her limbs were cut off while she was conscious. She does not know where her limbs are now, but all she knows is that she is merely a torso with head now. After some time, when she had regained strength, the young man who always stayed near addressed her and introduced himself as Captain Sargas Ruk.



Section 6

The Ruk clan, much like the Tenno of old, held honor above all else and treated their prisoners of wars fairly, young Sargas Ruk told Agni. The young officer also started briefing Agni of her status and past experiments, apologizing along the way for the behaviour of his brethren.


Agni, stunned after centuries of pain, kept her tears at bay while the young man spoke. Though the young man spoke without malice, he had trouble speaking the Common Language. The young man laughed softly as he noticed Agni’s difficulty at understanding him, but explains again in a slower pace that the Empire has now evolved to be called the Grineer Empire and has created its own “superior” language.


Agni, still doubtful of the young man, only nods in acknowledgment of the fact. The young man laughs heartily this time, slowly speaking and remarking at the noticeable doubt on Agni’s face. Agni suddenly becomes conscious of her face for the first time in centuries. She had assumed that the Grineer had destroyed it, but Ruk explains that his clan has mended all of her injuries as much as possible. Ruk further explains that due to the research of the Regor clan, healing skin perfectly was now fully in their capacity and that she has nothing to be embarrassed about her face. Seeing the displeased look on Agni’s blind eyes, Ruk then hesitates as he realized that the process came from experimenting on Agni herself.


Ruk then tries to change the subject as he states that he had been anxiously awaiting Agni’s arrival. Clan Ruk had been waiting to do its experiments he says. Agni, at the mention of the experiment, faces away in disappointment. Ruk again panics and tries to correct himself, merely saying that the Ruk clan specializes in body augmentations and that he plans to give her limbs again. He tried to explain himself, but Agni did not turn his way again for the day. The young man then excused himself with a sigh and left the room as the nurses were going to wash Agni’s body. Agni secretly smiled by herself at the kindness of the young man.



Though the Ruk clan were really honourable and fair as the young officer stated, they needed Agni’s cooperation for their experiments. They were interested in the unique Central Nervous System that Agni possessed. There were only two Tennos that had the unique bodily structure, but Lotus was unaccounted for. Therefore, the Ruk clan petitioned to work with Agni for their experiments especially since their work centered on bodily augmentations and replacements.


The Ruk clan was hoping to improve the mobility of the body augmentations of the Grineer by studying how Agni’s unique Central Nervous System worked. Though they hypothesized that her spine structure was somehow different with her mother’s, mainly because Lotus’ spine was metallic and Agni’s were ceramic in nature, the Ruk clan was thoroughly exited when the young prospect of their clan had claimed the consent of the former Tenno after weeks of slowly encouraging her.


They needed her consent since she had to cooperate in operating the artificial limbs that they planned to place on her. Although the young Ruk knew of this, he still maintained a friendly and civil line of communications with the former Tenno mainly due to his pride and honor.



When the first incident of the experiment took place, Agni was given the latest in Grineer limb replacements and optical sensors, and then was monitored for neural feedbacks. While a technician was finishing up with the test and was to calibrate an arm, Agni suddenly clutched the technician and flung him far. She then broke free of her restraints and made for escape. Donning the latest in Grineer technology and having combat training herself, she was halfway through the Ruk clan base when an elite corps of soldiers came up and cornered her.


She was desperately fighting back for her freedom when she noticed that the volley of bullets stopped coming. She went to check the situation and only saw the young officer Sargas walking towards her unarmed. Sargas merely came up to her and stared her down while she pointed an arm mounted rifle to his face. She spoke for the first time in centuries and felt that her throat was dry. Still, she managed to tell Sargas to stand aside and let her through. Sargas merely looked at her directly and shook his head. Though he was very tall even for a Grineer human, Agni’s artificial limbs put her on equal footing with the young officer.


Agni cocked her rifle and asked once more, but the young Grineer would not even talk anymore. A gunshot was then heard, and the soldiers snapped into place for an attack. All they saw was Sargas struggling with the former Tenno to not shoot herself. Agni had chosen instead to shoot her temple, but Sargas had stopped the bullet in time with his right arm.


Sargas’ right arm had been destroyed and was heavily bleeding when the soldiers came to his aid in subduing Agni, but Agni still tried to kill herself, all the while crying and screaming aloud. After the soldiers finally restrained her and disconnected her power cells, she was screaming at Sargas for him to kill her finally. She kept on screaming at Sargas as she was being dragged away by soldiers. Sargas, even though being questioned by medics while still standing, ignored the pain in his destroyed arm and felt something run down his cheek.



Section 7

After the incident, a failsafe switch was installed on Agni’s artificial limbs as a safeguard for future escape attempts. But the technicians at the time were facing another problem; Agni was again unresponsive and merely had a blank stare on her face. As a result, tests were postponed indefinitely while she was expected to recover.


A week later, Sargas visited her again in her room. He was now donning a mechanical right arm much like her own when she was doing her tests. She tried hard not to notice his arrival, but she merely turned away her face. Sargas merely sat on a stool and laughed heartily just as he usually did. He remarks that he likes warriors and their fighting spirit. He then further boasts that he only commands under him the fiercest of warriors. He spent the whole day and the next few weeks recounting his battles with his fierce elite unit as long as he was around.


After the third week, Agni was now looking at Sargas as he told his battle stories. He was telling a story about a recent Infested incursion into Lua on Earth, and how his fierce unit had driven them away. He had now lost his legs due to the encounter but was laughing at his new legs as they looked like the legs of the extinct species of chicken. Agni stifled a laugh.

Ruk noticed the gesture, and there was an awkward silence in the room. Breaking the silence, Ruk suddenly stood up with a serious face and stood in front of Agni’s bed. Surprisingly, he suddenly made a tapping dance using his new artificial legs. Agni was taken by surprise and was not able to contain her laughter.


After hearing her laughter, Sargas Ruk then stopped to regain his composure and looked around if there were anyone who had heard him dance. He then motions a nod to Agni’s direction as she stopped herself from laughing. He tries to leave the room only to stop at the doorway and offer Agni a position in his unit. Agni still confused about herself and her condition, was suddenly taken aback at the offer. She tried to speak but again felt her throat was dry. She looked down, swallowed hard and tried to respond, but Sargas was no longer by the door when she looked again.



Years pass, and the Ruk clan was successful in creating a device that emulates the processes of the synapse connections in Agni’s unique spine. They had found out finally that Agni’s spine was not actually ceramic in nature, but was condensed silicon crystal constructs that were structured to become semiconductors. Since Agni was formerly an ember, her spine not only was resistant to high heat, it became more active as a semiconductor when her thermal abilities where activated.


The Ruk clan had found a way to emulate this process by building a device they called a Neurode, and placing it inside Grineer body modifications and augmentations. The resultant Neurode not only vented heat from mechanical parts just like a heat sink, but also facilitated more complex electrical signals to be sent from the recipient’s brain into the machine. The best part that Ruk clan boasted about it was that the more heat that the Neurode absorbed, since it is based on silicon semiconductor with a negative temperature coefficient of resistance, the more its performance improved.


The Ruk clan had given the Grineer Empire’s augmented troops more agility and speed, gaining them favour from the royal court and providing them promotions for their officers. By now, Sargas Ruk had become a Colonel and was absorbed in a meeting with the esteemed officers of the Grineer in the Fomorian ship.


Beside him in the conference room was Lech Krill, the veteran hero who had won the Infested war on Ceres and pushed back the Infested to Jupiter. Aside Krill, was Captain Vor, the Twin Queen’s lapdog and Rasputin’s favoured clone. Vor had the unfortunately contracted a condition where he aged prematurely, gaining him the nick name of “Old Man” Vor. This nickname did not sit well with Vor’s actual age, as he is actually was younger than Ruk himself. Only the people in this room knew the fact that he was grown using Agni’s womb, resulting in his premature aging, except for two other people.


Those two other people included the Corpus Executive across him on the table, Alad V himself, together with one of his merchants, Vadro as he remembered. It mattered not what the name of the merchant was, his eyes were fixated on Alad V, remembering what he did to Agni. He only smiled to himself as he knew that he held the former Tenno Agni in cryostasis in his docked ship inside the Fomorian.


Their topic for today was brought up by the Prime Minister of the Grineer Empire himself, Vladymir Oskar Rasputin. He had thought up of creating a council within the Origin system that would facilitate dealings within the different human factions. After millennia of bickering and incursions of Infested, resources on the Origin system were growing limited by the minute, and Rasputin pointed out that Outer Terminus was still non-operational.


Alad V then shot out a comment that the Grineer should put a hold on breeding more dogs to feed. Vor, Krill and Ruk was suddenly put to their feet, as the new Tyl Regor and Fomorian Vay Hek’s son aptly named Councilor remained shouting in their seats. The Corpus merchant merely stayed quiet and Alad V laughed haughtily. Rasputin then shouted at the Grineer officers to sit down and then coughed hard. Alad V was keen to notice that Rasputin had coughed up blood.


The Grineer Party sat down but their ocular augmentations glared with energy as they looked at Alad V. Ruk himself was itching to use his right arm to roast the impertinent Corpus, but he cannot disobey Rasputin’s orders. Ruk’s armor had been standing out in color as contrasted to the colors that his peers donned. With the exception of the bright blue of the eccentric Regor clan, most of the Grineer are clad in dark toned gray or green hued armors. But Ruk himself was wearing an orange armor, a color unusual with the Grineer. In truth, he had adopted the energy color of Agni into the color of his armor and his elite unit, so that she can blend in. Though Agni still had safeguards on her augmentations, she had served well under him and was content.


As he controlled his anger while patiently hearing out the ramblings of the old Prime Minister, an alarm sounded off. A petty officer of Rasputin’s suddenly comes in and whispers something in his ear. Rasputin’s eyes widen and he dismisses the soldier. He then announces that the meeting is now postponed and everybody in the room is hereby ordered to vacate the ship.

Before Alad V could object to being ordered around by a Grineer, Rasputin announces that the Infested has unknowingly breached the ship and is flooding the Fomorian too fast for the soldiers to keep up. Since the meeting was meant to take place in a hidden place for the safety of the differing parties present, reinforcements will take too long to come and they have abandon the ship. Rasputin then asks Alad V if he is willing to meet Baphomet himself.



Section 8

Lotus had been riding on the information that Darvo provided, and they were in fact correct. There was a colossal ship hiding between Sedna and Pluto’s orbit, and that it was to be attacked by the Infested at the exact time there would be a meeting of the high officers in the Origin system. Though she knew her son was quite ingenious like his father, she was still confounded by the fact that Darvo had exactly predicted that the Infested would attack on time as if Darvo himself had scheduled it.

But questions to his information gathering methods would have to be put aside as she was here to rescue her daughter Agni. She was donning her new Nova frame, and her unit of other Nova frames were able to slip through the security without being noticed. They used silent antimatter motes and coordinated placements of wormholes to traverse the insides of the colossal ship unnoticed.


Darvo had insisted that Lotus infiltrate the ship from below, near its massive thrusters. Seeing from afar, while on the way to the ship, Lotus noticed that the Infested had commandeered a carrier class Corpus cargo ship and slammed it directly onto the front section of the Fomorian. She remembers the same maneuver that Baphomet made on the thirty fifth Orokin tower, but shrugs off the thought and reminds herself that she is here for her daughter and not Baphomet.


She then issues hand signals to her Nova elite to split up as per plan, so that they can blow up the three reactor engines on the Fomorian simultaneously as she herself extracts Agni. She then reminds them first to meet up in the docking bay in the middle of the Fomorian as the extraction ship will pick them up from there, since the thrusters will become unstable once they blow up the reactors. She bids them luck and they go their own ways.



Darvo had been looking at his time piece when the alarms blared and he smiled to himself. A soldier comes in to report to Rasputin and the old man orders an evacuation. Before Alad V could complain, the old man had already told him off and he merely grunted. He then motioned for his servants to escort him and Darvo followed suit.


As the conference room was designed to be near the docks and the escape hatches, Alad V and Darvo managed to reach their ship earlier than expected. Darvo had expected this also and timed himself to separate from the group when the ship suddenly suffered heavy turbulence. Darvo had expected Lotus’ soldiers to blow up the Fomorian’s reactors, and that he planned to separate from Alad V in the commotion. Looking at the Corpus party from afar and sensing his absence had been overlooked, he departs to proceed with his plan.


Though the Corpus representative party came in a middle sized but fast drop ship, Darvo had pretended to be late and arrived on his own personal ship. He had brought merchandise in his smaller ship, to hide the fact that he was carrying some equipment for Lotus. He boards his small ship and activates the equipment that Lotus told him to bring.



A week ago, Darvo came to Lotus with some very important information. Darvo had informed Lotus that Agni was alive a month earlier, and now he had information that there was a chance that they could rescue her. He had caught working on a frame, and after delivering his news, he had questioned Lotus as he thought that the Nova frame was already complete.


Lotus commented that Nova frame was indeed complete, and further pointed out that due to his shipment of the new Grineer Neurodes, Lotus even able to improve its mobility further. She then resumes her work on what seems to be another exoskeleton and asks nonchalantly what his information was. Having established a civil relationship with Lotus, Darvo explains that there will be a summit of the top leaders of the different factions on a colossal ship within a week.


Agni will be brought there as the Ruk clan that holds her will also attend with all their assets. Lotus stops what she was doing and looks at Darvo in the eyes. She had accepted that Vadjura was already lost and the man in front of him was merely a Tenno supporter, but she could not help but inform him of her aching for children. She then proceeds to reveal another suit beside the one she was working on.


She explains that through reverse engineering the Neurode technology, she had successfully created a new frame system that would integrate itself successfully into a recipient’s Central Nervous System and not corrode the mind of the user. Going back to the basics, she melded what was known of Project Vivian and its three products that used nanotechnology. She now held the technology to make any person don a suit that would practically give the recipient the powers of a Tenno. Although using countless Orokin cells in the process, the energy output would rival any Prime Tenno in combat.


She had already finished work on a prototype suit that specializes in sensing, monitoring and communication. It had a lotus figure for a helmet and had several root like wires jutting from its back. Lotus touched it and activated it for a moment, and mechanical fireflies suddenly began materializing around the frame. Lotus explains that the fireflies are remotely controlled by the frame and can deliver high explosive charges when detonated.


Darvo then remarks if he can sell the new frame. Lotus laughs at the question and deactivates the frame. She then says that the two frames are exclusive and not for sale. She had planned for three unique frames like before, but it seems Agni was now a priority. Darvo only raises a brow as he follows Lotus out of the laboratory.



Section 9

The Grinner party cursed in their rough language as they passed through numerous halls into the opposite side of the docking bay. The docking bay had two platforms separated by a wide chasm, and their ships were docked on the east side of the area while the Corpus was docked on the other side.


Ruk was cursing to himself for not being able to show off to the spoiled Corpus High Executive that she had Agni with him. After experiencing several aftershocks and reports from the soldiers stationed at the top section of the ship that the Infested were now working their way down, Ruk informs Rasputin that they should hurry. Although Ruk had said such a thing, he was actually wishing he could stay and fight but they had the old man as a burden.


Finally reaching the last set of blast doors to their ships, the party stops as a lone Tenno drops down in front of them as the doors slid open. The Tenno was donning an unfamiliar frame but nonetheless looked unthreatening as it was small and had only smooth features.


The Elite Lancers readied their weapons, while Ruk noticed that on the other side, the Corpus was already boarding their ships. The lancers prepared to fire at the lone Tenno when it suddenly slams the ground with its hands. They initially thought that the flashing light was only a diversionary tactic, but when they saw that the Tenno was still standing in the same place, they started to shoot.


Unfortunately, they were surprised that they found it hard to move, much less attack at all. The Tenno suddenly materializes a small round object and throws it like a bullet to one of the lancers, making him explode. Suddenly, the hallway was abound with chain explosions, with each dying soldier exploding and killing the one next to him, restarting the process.


Ruk and the other officers suddenly try to cover Rasputin, but as they turn to him, he was already being held by Tenno who had apparently teleported. Teleporting back outside the hallway into the east docks, the Tenno held Rasputin by the throat and suddenly screamed. The Tenno berated the old man and demanded where Agni, her daughter, to be returned to her. At first confused while choking, the old man then laughed as he realized that it was Lotus, the Tenno Council member, who had mysteriously vanished more than a millennia ago.



Rasputin remarks that he would like to chat with the esteemed guest, and that had he known that she had returned, he would have invited her to the meeting. The old man coughs up blood from his illness, and tells Lotus that Agni herself has been passed around the Grineer Empire, and that even he has lost track of where she is. After shaking his head when Lotus another question as to where Agni was, Lotus then primed the old man himself and opened a wormhole to the other side of the docks with the Corpus ships.


She threw the old man into the energy doorway and saw the old man materialize amongst surprised Corpus crewmen. What Lotus was late to notice was that Sargas Ruk was rushing behind her and she braced herself, but the heavy Grineer officer enters the doorway instead before it closes. Ruk materializes on the wesr docks and slices the old man cleanly in half while throwing away the primed half into the chasm. Ruk saved many important lives as the explosion occurred beneath them in the chasm.



Rasputin himself had been placed on the floor, coughing up blood and still alive. He sees Alad V in the crowd and motions him to come closer. The old man beckons Alad V to listen to his last words as he is the last genuine clone of Rasputin, the last one carrying Rasputin’s memories, teachings and knowledge. He whispered something into the ear of Alad V and then motioned for him to take the small pendant he wore. Upon closer examination, Alad V notices it is a datamass and hurriedly hides it in his person. The man looks at him with a smile and closes his eyes.



Lotus was impressed by the actions of the Grineer officer. She had planned to blow up the escape route of the Grineer while blowing up the Corpus as well, knowing that Darvo will not be among them. She was to jump into the chasm for their extraction point when suddenly; a stringed blade pierces through her abdomen. She thanks the metallic nature of her spine, keeping her still mobile and her spine intact. The blade retracts and she turns around to see a heavily armored Grineer that bore resemblance to the Grineer officer earlier.


She then notices that it is a female as it screams under its mask and tries to evade its attacks. Though wounded and the Grineer woman highly capable of combat, Lotus easily manages to blow away each weapon the woman released from its body. After a tiring fight, and Lotus heavily bleeding, Lotus finally slams the ground again and blows up the Grineer woman completely. She slumps as she tries to contact Darvo, but then a slim form of a woman suddenly jumps out of the smoke and attacks her with blades.


After regaining footing and as the smoke from the explosion recedes, with a horrified look, she sees Agni herself donning Grineer appendages and armor. She had survived the explosion by discarding the heavy armor earlier while it exploded. She was now fighting Lotus with only her artificial limbs and a blade. Agni was unable to bear to see the angered and pained face of her daughter while most of her body parts were now replaced. She cried aloud with anguish and pity at the sorry state of her daughter.



Section 10

Agni, still in a state of bloodlust, starts to attack again with her blade, but the Tenno does nothing to dodge the fatal attack. The blade pierces her chest in the middle and gets lodged in her metallic spine. As Agni tries to pull out the blade, she is stunned to notice that the Tenno embraces her and tries to console her. She then recognizes the voice and tears up herself.


The Tenno, finally losing energy due to the attack, accidentally rescinds her frame and reveals herself to be Lotus. Agni then stops at the horror of what she had done. Although she had become accustomed to killing Tenno in the field as she has accepted that the Tenno has abandoned her, she cannot believe that she had struck her own mother.


As Lotus drops down, Agni assists her and lays her down to sit on some rubble. Lotus smiles as she caresses the cheeks of her daughter. Agni repeatedly apologizes and bursts out in tears at her act. Lotus hushes her daughter and tells her everything will be fine. Sensing her mother’s imminent death, Agni screams further, activating the failsafe in her body. With her last energies, Lotus blasts away all of Agni’s artificial body parts while sending her down into the chasm below.



Ruk and Alad V witness everything from the other side of the docking bay. Alad V clenches his fists in secret as she witnesses Agni come to life and fall down to her death in a single moment. Sargas Ruk, feeling something running down his cheeks again, is disgusted with the Tenno for being able to fight dirty and killing their own children. He vows to never trust anything not Grineer anymore and will do everything to conquer the whole system.


He dreams that one day, Clan Ruk will replace the Twin Queens and that Agni and Sargas’s adopted clone child will be king instead. He then receives a report that the Officers are safe and en route to the west docks where he is. He wipes his face, fires his flamethrower in the air, stops firing and blinds himself with the hot metal in remembrance of Agni.



Agni was stunned by her mother’s last action of throwing her to her death in the chasm. But then, she thought that death was now welcome after all the things she had gone through. Suddenly, she lands on something soft and wonders what was happening since she was now blind again. Suddenly, she hears a buzzing sound that begins to multiply. From nowhere, wires and machines emerge beside her and she becomes afraid.


A voice then calls out that she should be fine, considering the sacrifice their mother made just for her to return to the Tenno. The man introduces herself as Darvo, the Corpus merchant, but then tells her that it would be better for him to introduce himself by touching her forehead. Agni was baffled by the sentiment, but then remembers that Vadjura often held her forehead as a child as he had the odd ability to channel memories. He remembers Vadjura tells her that he inherited an evolved form of their father’s ability, and having a Volt affinity, he can transfer memories to anyone he touches. Darvo then proceeds to touch her forehead and memories flood her.


After a moment, she screams in emotional pain as she regrets blaming their mother for abandoning them. She had learned from Darvo, now known to her as Vadjura depowered, that Lotus had intended to save them using the last Void key, but the Void key malfunctioned and sent Lotus into the future instead. She cries as she remembers attacking Lotus, at all the regrets and mistakes that she made. This emotional stress triggers the last residual Tenno energy in her and the machine she was in activates.


While still crying, Agni asks Vadjura what was happening, but Darvo merely tells her to call him by his Corpus name and relax as Darvo and Lotus had prepared a surprise for her return. The machine then propped her up and suddenly injected her with nanomachine and painkillers. The machine then fully activates as Darvo lets a firefly rest on his index finger.



Lotus was dying. She was content though that she had saved Agni and Darvo would be outside now, installing her back into the Tenno fold.  The ships from the other side of the docks have now left and the Infested were banging on the collapsed door.

After a few moments, the Infested finally pour in and rush to her place. She had prepared herself to die painfully but then the Infested stop and order themselves around her. Some of the creatures make way and Baphomet arrives riding on his new mount.


Lotus painfully laughs as the moment from more than a thousand years before repeats itself. Baphomet dismounts and begins walking towards Lotus, and Lotus tells him that he is too late to savor anything anymore. Baphomet merely stands above her for a moment silently and the act confuses Lotus.


Baphomet rescinded his frame only to reveal a well formed and well-dressed man. Lotus is surprised to see the man and cries again. She only gives a nod while tears ran down her cheek. Baphomet raises his sword and ends Lotus’ pain. The Infested seem to bow at her death and then proceed to flee the exploding ship. Baphomet activates his frame again and calls his mount. His mount also bows at the body of Lotus and accepts his master. Baphomet rides to herd his Infested off the ship, but stops for one last look at the smiling face of Lotus.




While still looking out his window, Alad V snaps out of his long daydream and senses something amiss. Though not a Tenno, his predisposition for foresight had gained him several successes. Looking around, the serenity of his room is disrupted by the flickering of the lights. Initially dismissing its first instance, Alad V shifts his seating position once the lights kept on flickering.

His canine automaton getting agitated, Alad V motions it to stand down. The automaton companion lowers its guard but stays near its master. Alad V then S#&$s his attention to the open space in his room. He had heard of the rumors of a rogue Tenno that had gained the nickname of “Stalker”, apparently visiting and assassinating those who it deems guilty of some crime.


For Alad V, with his aching and withering body and personal regrets, he would welcome such a visit. He put on a smile as the rumoured trademark smoke slowly materialized as the lights flickered for the last time.

Suddenly, a dark hued Tenno materialized within the smoke, sitting on its knees, facing him directly. Alad V makes neither remark nor action as waits for the visitor to take action. His automaton companion, clearly anxious, asks permission to engage the visitor. Alad V relents and the canine rushes to the visitor.


The Stalker merely stays his sitting pose, yet unsheathes his weapons. But instead of defending itself, the Tenno places his weapons to his left side and rescinds his frame. The young man then greets the canine and pats its head just like Alad V did.

Alad V motions the automaton to stop bothering his guest and the automaton complies with a whimper. Alad V, with his ragged body, painfully leans forward towards his guest. The guest bows in acknowledgement and awaits instructions.


Alad V sighs and asks about the task he gave the young Tenno. The young man merely reported that he had successfully eliminated reinforcements that were en route to the cryostasis chamber to support Captain Vor. Afterwards, he had to stay a good distance and watch from afar as the extraction team assisted and escorted the newly awoken Tenno from the Void Cryopod. He states that he took this precaution as the rescue team had included a Nyx in their ranks and he wanted to remain hidden at the time.


The Corpus Executive merely nodded in approval at the mission results. He was planning all along to stir up the Grineer by awakening Him. Alad V commends his young guest but then merely complains about the young man’s strict adherence to Tenno tradition, asks him if he would like some tea. As the guest declines, he settles himself more comfortable and finally asked the young man what other news he had, addressing him only as “…Orzhov, my son”.


To be continued...



The next chapter really will end this series, please continue to read and support it. Thanks!

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Chapter 8 - Series End


Warframe - Chapter 8 - The New Lotus



The young Tenno at Alad V’s feet simply made a nod. He had been dismissed and was to remain on standby while training with his Tenno master. Alad V motioned him dismissed and gives his regard to his son’s Master.


After hearing that He has now awoken, Alad V goes to bed, his mind was filled with excitement as he plots plans after plans. He simply states to himself that he will not be denied after sacrificing too much.


He remembers his family, his parents, his grandfather, and his love. He remembered Agni. He knew that her mother Lotus would kill him on sight for what he had done to her children. But still, even now as he holds Vadjura in control, he still yearns to correct his mistake. He will have revenge, only this time, on the correct people. He had set out to get revenge on Mikado and his bloodline, only to be met with the truth.


He remembers Rasputin’s last words and gift to him. While he clutched the last dying clone of the man who literally shaped the Empire on his arms, the man told him to watch his back and gave him a small datamass. Rasputin’s motive still a question on his mind; he initially settled for thinking that Rasputing wanted to poison his mind in spite. But now, as he had read, memorized and destroyed the contents of the datamass, he was now sure Rasputin had something else in mind.


Now he knows who to punish, and now his eyes are fixed on one seat; the seat of the Chairman of Board. He had contributed exponentially to the Corpus wealth throughout the centuries of his service, but he never understood why he was never even considered to be finally become part of the Board. But now he has realized the reason, and now he knows the truth. The Board is his true enemy.


As he lay in bed, he signals the windows to close and dim the room lights. In the darkness, he ponders about his revelations. In an ironical twist, since the Corpus has had its roots in patriarchal Middle East, the Board itself is comprised of women. It is comprised only of women. And at the head of the table, is none other than the bearer of the Arondight system, Nadia Sudek.

Alad V does not know how she has come to survive Hayden Tenno’s assault. He knows only that the Technocyte virus had revived her, cocooned her, and that Mikado’s decision to blow up the Lasrian Mountains to defeat Baphomet eventually led to her release.


Having been present herself at the assault of Outer Terminus, she merely escorted her former lover and partner, the crown prince of the Empire. The Empire Royal Family had always dreamed of only two things, hegemony and immortality. Rasputin was still loyal to the Empire to the end, but his research results have started to yield less and less results over the millennia.


Nadia Sudek, having infiltrated Trade Union society discriminately, marrying a majority stockholder and arranging his murder, have become a superpower and has now claimed the seat of Chairwoman of the Board. The Chairwoman made the ultimate deal with the empire, in exchange for Hayden Tenno. She gave the Empire’s Royal Family immortality, and she gave it directly to its crown prince.


The Arondight system, much like its sister system the Caliburn, embeds itself into its wearer and it’s DNA. Much like the Tenno predisposition to have twins as offspring, Nadia Sudek gave birth to twins and gave them to the Empire. Now they are called the “Twin Queens”.


Alad V now understands Rasputin’s motives. He was still loyal to the empire to the end, even in death. He gave the datamass to Alad V to have him protect the Twin Queens from their mother. Rasputin knows that Alad V will switch sides when he knew the truth; the truth that the Board would stop at nothing to gain wealth, or cut costs.


Alad V had been mistaken all this time. The Dubai tragedy was not Tenno Mikado’s fault, the Board had placed gravity wells near Dubai so that the Helios Ark would fall on it. The Board wanted to get rid of its largest non-profit human settlement, Dubai itself. These are the kind of people that he worked for, and these are the kind of people Rasputin wanted to protect his beloved Empire from.


With his plans taking shape, although none of this was Nadia Sudek’s fault at the time, she will now have to be collateral damage when Alad V takes over the Corpus, and retake what is left of his family.




Section 1

Agni, now referred to as Lotus, broods over herself as she sits alone in her darkened Zen garden. She had not expected herself to return to the Tenno, much less become a part of the Council again. But here she is, a lead Tenno, sending off various four man cells to various missions, not only to protect the balance of power and the weaker factions, but ultimately to revive the Tenno as a whole. They have yet to reclaim all of the unaccounted cryopods and the void towers, and their only help came in the form of a Corpus merchant who is under the supervision of the very man she hates.


She though it was perchance the penance that she rightly deserves after all the she did. She still regretted hardly how she had accidentally stabbed her own mother. This memory jolted her from her meditation.



When the suit integration process in Darvo’s ship finally finished, Agni stood up and realized she was wearing a frame. Darvo merely corrected her, telling her it was a new system that was created by Lotus specifically for her. Though it emulated a frame nonetheless, the minute nanomachines interfaced with her Central Nervous System were basically different from the Technocyte Virus as they were purely metallic. Darvo retells how the Neurode Technology was reverse engineered while melded with the nanotechnology of Project Vivian.


Darvo rolled his eyes as he manned the small ship as Agni inquired what Project Vivian was. Darvo had forgotten that Project Vivian was only known to the first Tenno Council and to the eldest male members of their bloodline. He reached out and touched Agni’s head, only to find out and remember that she had the mask on now. He then asked to borrow one of her “roots”.


Agni, still not briefed about her new suit and still dazed from the events that had just happened, surprized herself when she moved one of the tendrils from her back and handed it to Darvo. Darvo then gave her additional memories through the conduit and she learned about the processes of the Arondight, Caliburn and Galatine systems.


Darvo then communicates via the tendril conduit that since Lotus has most likely perished in the explosion of the Fomorian, the Tenno now needs a leader to herd them. Before Darvo could proceed, Agni then blurts out that she did not know that Vadjura could communicate by touch. Darvo merely corrects her again to call him by his Corpus name and that it was not his ability to communicate by touch, it was the frames ability to communicate with anything it touches.


Darvo lets go of the tendril and speaks instead, telling Agni that the frame was designed to be a support frame for all Tennos in that it can interface with frames via remote contact though she needs additional equipment to cover more ground. The frame itself is also combat-viable and the fireflies around her are actually remote controlled high explosives. Agni sits down in the cargo area of the small ship and absorbs everything Darvo had just said.


She then notices she can move her tendrils consciously and tested it by plugging into the ship. Darvo then shouted at her and told her not to mess with the controls as he was flying under cover. Agni laughs as she remembers the old Vadjura scolding her. She then cries again upon remembering her mother and sobs out loud.


After a moment, Darvo notices that Agni has calmed down again and resumes what he was pointing out earlier. The Tenno needed a leader and he thinks that Agni should pose as Lotus from now on. Agni then gives Darvo a wide-eyed look.




Section 2

Upon re-entry into Tenno space, Darvo was allowed to enter the tower since he was known to be their patron merchant. Upon docking though, guards immediately stormed the ship demanding for Lotus.


Darvo merely exited the small craft with raised hands and a smile. He then motioned them to look at the cargo bay for their leader. As they carefully opened the cargo bay from behind, a lone figure came out and introduced itself. Agni tried to pronounce her full Tenno name, Lotus Agni, but she was unable to finish as the guards suddenly bowed down as soon as she mentioned her Family Name of Lotus first. He then heard Darvo laughing from afar since apparently; the Tennos have already mistaken her for her mother because of her mask.


Sighing and relenting to the fact that the Tenno do need a leader instead of grief at a time like this, she acted just as her mother would and issued orders to the guards, though via remote communicator to change her voice. The guards, though a little confused, acknowledged her orders and set everything into the right place. Darvo then approached her with clapping hands.



It had been two weeks since she had assumed her role as the Tenno lead, but things have been going smoothly as Darvo regularly supplied her with goods and information, just as he did for her mother. She had also come to understand, that Vadjura is now lost since Darvo has a very different set of values and ideals as opposed to his former attitude. Although Darvo attests this is due to the Corpus Indoctrination Program, Agni shakes her head that it is something deeper that has changed her brother.


The sentiment is merely shrugged off by Darvo as he checks off the last of his delivery schedule.

He then informs finally that through his information network, he found out that though Agni has stabbed her mother, last minute security camera footage recovered from the black box of the Fomorian shows that it was Baphomet that ended Lotus.


Agni almost detonates her fireflies at the information, and Darvo scrambles for cover. Able to contain herself, Agni demands any additional information on Baphomet as she intends to finally put him down. Coming out of his hiding place, Darvo relents but tells her that he will tell her about Baphoment in due time. He then bows as he leaves and whistles a tune while walking away.




Darvo knew full well, that some of his “business secrets” will enter the light of day soon, but worries not as he flies his delivery ship out of the Tenno Dojo. In his itinerary, he still had one more stop before actually getting some rest from stressful cycle. He sighs as he knows that he has to stop by Baphomet’s newly infested ship in Palus, Pluto.


He rubs his face, knowing that he will need to have Agni, no, Lotus face Baphomet soon and that he just needed some more time to prepare for the two to not kill each other as soon as they meet. Darvo engages the stealth mechanisms on his ships as he engages flight inside the Solar Rails.



Three weeks later, Darvo contacted Lotus for information about Baphomet’s whereabouts. He had contacted her remotely now that he was now part of the communications network that Lotus had set up. Initially hesitant that Darvo wanted her to go unattended, but she finally relents to the request of the Corpus merchant and gives instructions to wait for her at the site.



Darvo’s small ship hovered some few miles west of the Pacific Grinner base on Earth, and Darvo has been waiting for Lotus to finally show up. Seeing her ship signal on the monitors, he signals her back and tries establishing communications with her. Lotus merely popped up in the Heads-Up-Display of his helmet and startled him. Darvo rubs his face at the childishness of the Tenno leader and tells her to follow his lead into a small island.


As the two ships landed on the beach of the island, Darvo and Lotus got off their respective ships and Lotus remarked that somehow the place was familiar. Darvo then stated that the place should be familiar to her since it was once the Lasrian Mountains of old. The polar icecaps on Earth have melted, resulting in the rise of the water level on it. Darvo reminds Lotus that the Earth has been subject to more than three thousand years of human abuse, and now it is just reclaiming itself.


Lotus nods and turns to see several large vault doors from afar.  She looks at Darvo and he merely nods. They were basically at the same spot where everything had started, the Dark Sector. Although seeing no Infested around, Lotus though already fused with her frame, was only using its human appendages and mask so she quickly fully activated it revealing the additional armor and tendrils from her back and hiding away her dress.


Darvo merely shakes his head and opens the cargo doors of his ship. He orders the robotic lifts to carry out his cargo and they comply. Upon completion, the robotic lifts return to the cargo bay to store themselves, but Lotus notices a singular metallic box left inside the still open cargo bay. Lotus is then distracted by Darvo’s shouting into the direction of the vault, shouting that his delivery is now present.




Section 3

Lotus whips Darvo to the side thinking that she had been sold out again by a corpus merchant. Darvo merely flys unto a seaside tree and loses consciousness. Lotus ignores the weak merchant for now and readies for the worst. She seethes with anger at the apparent betrayal and vows not be taken alive ever again.


She releases all of her fireflies as soon as she can, but no Infested came out of the vault. Instead, a lone infested Tenno came walking slowly out of the darkness. The Infested Tenno had an enlarged left arm and bore a great sword, and Lotus immediately identified him as Baphomet.


Still walking slowly, Lotus watched as Baphomet turn back and order his mount to go back in. At that moment, Lotus immediately ran to attack Baphomet with all her speed and might. Unfortunately, the surprise did not work as the Rhino like infested frame immediately jumped away, apparently mocking her by sticking his sword to the ground.


Lotus gritted her teeth and lunched waves upon waves of fireflies unto Baphomet. Baphomet merely charged through the swarm without igniting the high explosives. Baphomet was again turning towards Lotus, but then he realizes that one of the tendrils have caught on his right foot. The large waves of fireflies were basically a diversion and Lotus wanted to catch him unaware. He was suddenly lifted into the air and Lotus pounded her into the ground several times. Though unable to create a telepathic connection through the tendril due to Baphomet’s infested nature, Lotus knew that she had slammed the man enough to damage him.


Lotus merely withdrew her tendrils after several minutes of pounding Baphomet into anything she can think off. As the dust begins to settle, she positions herself at the ready again, knowing the tenacity of the man. The dust finally settles and a large figure suddenly walks slowly out into view. Lotus was surprised to see Baphomet merely stretch out his arms while donning an Iron Skin. The man had taken no damage whatsoever and was just stretching himself as if nothing happened.



Angered to the limit, Lotus summons all of her energy reserves and her tendrils point upwards. Baphomet merely looks up to see that the sky over the Island had been overshadowed by the sheer number of fireflies glowing with energy. He laughs at the massive swarm of explosive insects about to decimate his island.


He merely rubs his chin nonchalantly as he eyes Lotus’ movements. Lotus, further angered by the man’s apathy, holds her hand right hand up and brings it down to signal the descent of the fireflies. The fireflies flicker and start igniting themselves as they begin their descent. Lotus looks with a smile at the doomed Baphomet, but is impressed that the man is merely standing still with arms crossed.


Suddenly, midway the descent of the fireflies, Baphomet stands at attention, focuses energy on his right foot, and lifts it up readying to stomp the ground. Lotus’ eyes widen as he recognizes the move, but is too late to stop Baphomet himself. Baphomet executes a Rhino Stomp that literally shakes the whole island and all the fireflies above are decimated. The explosion above the island creates a dazzling flash that blots out the sunlight, but Lotus was busy curling her tendrils into a defensive ball to protect herself.


As the explosion and the light recede, flickering nanomachine dust comes flowing down from above them. Lotus was unable to believe that this is the man that her father defeated. Baphomet then talks in ragged voice, telling Lotus that it was obvious what she was thinking. He merely stated that he knew Lotus was wondering if he was the man that Tenno Mikado, Lotus Agni’s father, had defeated.


Lotus was surprised but not shaken by the sentiment. She readies herself again for battle and checks how much energy she has left. Baphomet then states that he knows that she is not Lotus herself, but is Agni in a mask. He knows too well how Lotus fights and further states that Agni always left her right backside open. Upon hearing the specific weakness of her style of hand to hand combat, the man in front of her suddenly disappears and she feels a sharp kick from behind.


She is sent flying into a tree but is not turned unconscious by the attack. She tries to stand up but then the man teleports again in front of her. Astounded by the ability of the man, Lotus is surprised by the support Baphomet gives her in standing up. Still confused, Baphomet dusts her off and sets her tendrils straight.



He then pushes a button behind Lotus’ left ear and her mechanical pseudo-frame rescinds, including her mask. While still cleaning her face up, Baphomet carefully narrates that Mikado himself would have trashed him easily as Mikado’s Rhino Stomp could actually level mountains. He comments on how Lotus, or Agni, has apparently neglected her kata training and is ill tempered in fights.


Agni, now unmasked and being cleaned by Baphomet, merely provides a blank stare and blinks. Baphomet then laughs heartily, and states he should haven not come out with his new frame on. Although Agni was blind, she sensed that Baphomet took a few small steps back. Though still wary of the man, she no longer took a defensive stance. Defeated by curiosity, she merely put on her mask for her to engage her visual receptors.


Baphomet, standing in place, merely rescinded his frame. Agni was surprised and became teary eyed at seeing her younger brother Dahaka.




Section 4

Dahaka joked at her bigger sister’s embrace, asking her if she was now trying to kill him by asphyxiation. Though Agni was the bigger sister, she was dwarfed by the big structure of Dahaka’s body. This fact did not prevent her though from smothering the sibling.


After calming down, Dahaka put down his sister and asked where Darvo was. Agni’s eyes suddenly widened and she smilingly explained what happened to their eldest brother. Dahaka rubs his face and remarks that with Agni around, he had always felt that he was the older brother. Dahaka and Agni find Darvo unconscious but well, slumped underneath a tree. Dahaka carried the man and placed him on a bench in his Darvo’s own cargo bay.


He then motions to Agni for her to come with him. Agni was about to comply, when suddenly several Infested come out of the vault and start walking towards them. Agni was about to activate her frame again when Dahaka motions for her to stop. Dahaka walks toward the few Infested and pats their heads. The infested seem to purr, and then makes a bowing gesture towards Agni. They then proceed to haul the cargo that Darvo had delivered back into the Vault.


Agni, again sporting a blank stare, asks Dahaka what had just happened. Dahaka sighs heavily in the manner reminiscent of their father, and again motions for Agni to follow her. Agni complies this time and follows her brother reluctantly inside the Vault.



At first reeling in fear and disgust, Agni notices that any and all Infested that they come upon makes way for them and makes a bowing gesture. She had found it odd that the Infested would not attack, much less bow politely. The insides of the vault also, though dark and musty, are actually cleaner than one would expect of an Infested hive.


Dahaka then asks sarcastically if Agni was surprised. Agni pouts and admits she is actually confused at the moment. Dahaka teases her bigger sister and jokes that she was always confused at these types of things. As Agni was about to hit Dahaka, they came upon a large clearing where plant life had invaded upon. Within the clearing were several circular patterns that looked like training grounds, and in the middle were what seemed like two swords stuck to the ground. Dahaka stops near the swords, and points out that these were the two Dakra Primes that their father Mikado once used.


Agni comes closer and admires the two swords that have been partially melted down. Knowing that Darvo most likely have briefed Dahaka of what had happened to Agni, Agni in turn asks now what had happened to Dahaka. Knowing it was inevitable to avoid the particular question, Dahaka sits on a stone jutting from the ground and looks down to start his story.



After decades of torture and vivisection by the Trade Union, Dahaka was still vehemently fighting his captors. He still resisted being led around, and never cooperated on any of the tests done to him.


His captors, now called the Commercio Unione Corpus, getting tired of keeping up with his attitude and having no results from experiments on him, finally got the approval to terminate him. He had overheard that his elder brother was still alive and that experiments on him have yielded the technology of making Fieldron, so his captors were hard-pressed on making results themselves.


As he was wheeled in and strapped in the operating room where he was terminated, he finally had the insane idea to teleport his hand, centimetre by centimetre through the metal bonds the held it firmly. His right arm had several apparatus attached to it so he had to make use of his left arm. Using what little left of his residual Tenno energy reserves, he teleported his left arm little by little through his bonds while the Corpus crewmen were busy with their preparations.


Enduring agonizing pain as he teleported his own flesh into metal repeatedly, ultimately destroying his left arm, he succeeds and in setting his left arm free. He immediately goes berserk as he frees himself from the operating table. Still capable of advanced hand to hand combat, he slaughtered anyone who got near him as he ran through the laboratory halls. Finally stumbling into a shipment of Orokin cells, he recovers some energy though his original Rhino frame has been torn from him.


Remembering Psyche’s words to him that he had the natural affinity to be a Tenno Prime, and knowing he had double the normal energy reserves, he mentally focused himself to at least create a makeshift frame for himself. Surely enough, though somehow with disfigured features, he manifests a dark colored Excalibur like frame and he feels his energies flowing again, but in reverse order.


He felt nauseated and felt his Tenno energies come from some other place from within him. But he ignored the coarse feeling and regained his senses. He then heard the alarms blare, and curiously enough, he felt himself smile. As if suddenly taken by madness, Dahaka went on to slaughter everyone on the station. It was as if a voice was stuck in his head, telling him to kill everyone. After finally settling down with blood trickling down his face, Dahaka faces a security camera and utters a warning.


He then walks towards the docking bay and commandeers one of the smaller ships. Finding himself in open space and finally safe, he rescinds his makeshift frame. But to his horror, the voice in his mind does not subside, instead it beckons Dahaka to find it, the source of the voice, and meet with it. Dahaka, left with no other allies or choice, relents to the wishes the voice in his head, thinking only that he may have gone mad.




Section 5

Dahaka finds himself on the orbit of Earth, the origin planet of the humans, and a desolate wasteland after the humans have completely plundered it. He looks at the grotesquely green hue of the planet and remembers that it was once their home too.


Though already bandaged and given initial medical aid, his left arm had been throbbing with pain. He tried to endure the agonizing throbs since he knows that painkillers will dull his capability to pilot the craft.


Once he entered the Earth’s atmosphere and began re-entry, his head suddenly felt groggy and he became nauseous again. Knowing that the effects on him were influenced now by the incessant voice in his head, he held through knowing that any mistakes in his atmospheric re-entry would mean death.


After pulling through and now gliding through open air, he merely followed the voice while skimming the dirty waters of the planet to avoid detection by the Grineer. He finally sees a large clearing on a large island ahead of him and senses that this is the place he was looking for.


He lands on a spacious beach that has a clearing that leads into a forest. He follows the clearing while stumbling due to massive blood loss. Still, he persevered to uncover the identity of the voice that had been ringing in his head, until he finds something quite familiar in front of him.


It was the vault doors of the Dark Sector, and the doors have had several scratches and dents from the inside. Not wanting to believe what he assumes to be the worst, he continues on to the insides of the vault knowing he has nowhere else to go and that he is losing blood quickly.


Astounded by the thriving Infested hive inside the vault, he alerts the Infested with the smell of his blood dripping on the floor. The Infested suddenly swarm him, but as he was to activate his makeshift frame with his remaining strength, they stopped short of him and formed alone that seemed to lead him further deeper into the vault.


Now grown weakened, he comes upon the central clearing and finds a large quadruped lying in the middle. Upon sensing his presence, the quadruped rises and roars to face him, but is suddenly stopped by a ragged voice. The quadruped, called Merihem by the ragged voice that sounded much like the one in Dahaka’s head, growled and went on its way to the sides, revealing only a large jutting rock that was obscured by the shadows. The voice then beckoned him to come closer.


Upon dragging himself closer and his eyes adjusting to the light, he then sees that there is a figure embedded on the rock, with root-like growths anchoring him. The person was only a mere upper torso, consisting of a head, its right shoulder, right chest and right arm. Though the man’s face was disfigured and featureless, Dahaka immediately figured that it was Cain, his father.


The figure merely laughed telepathically as it no longer had a mouth. He expresses his happiness at seeing his son and wants him to be by his side. Dahaka, though already falling to his knees due to his blood loss, vehemently denies that Cain is his father. Cain merely laughs again and corrects Dahaka that his name was Baphomet now, and that technically, Baphomet was only half his father. Baphomet shortly explains that Mikado himself revealed to Baphomet that Dahaka was a chimera like his mother Lotus, and that the left side of his body actually burned Mikado himself.


Dahaka screams at the man but falls to the ground due to his wounds. Baphomet then laughs as he tells Dahaka that he has waited all this time underground for him to be resurrected. After Mikado blew him up almost a thousand years ago, he had survived only as a portion of his head, and had spent centuries trying to regenerate himself slowly. And now that Dahaka was here, Baphomet can fully regenerate using Dahaka’s own body.


Dahaka groans in anger as he sees the grotesque figure pull himself from the rock with his roots and suddenly start to crawl up to him. Dahaka tries to activate his makeshift frame, but he fails as he is dying. He horridly waits as the disgusting remains of Cain makes it way towards him.


As Baphomet was finally scrambling above his figure, Baphomet’s mouth widen as if to eat him whole. Baphomet suddenly lunged himself at Dahaka, but the younger Tenno suddenly had the idea to stop the crazed man with his still intact right hand. He had stopped Baphomet with his right hand by holding him by the face, and suddenly, just as before, Baphomet ran ablaze with electricity and fire.


Dahaka was correct in his assumption that if his left side burned his father, then as a chimera, his right side would burn Baphomet. He kept on gripping the wailing creature with his right hand while it tried to wriggle itself free. But no matter pain Dahaka suffered from the whipping actions that the creature made, he did not let go up until Baphomet was once again reduced to nothing but a head. Knowing no alternative to survive as he was beginning to lose sight, and that the corner of his peripheral sight he saw the Infested swarming, Dahaka in turn bites the remaining flesh he held in his right hand and ate.




Section 6

Dahaka finishes his story telling that the beach has slowly come inland throughout the centuries as the water levels rose. This has led to the gradual sinking of the island and having parts of the vault submerged in water. Still, Dahaka notes that he had made his own adjustments to the lair and that the island’s eventual sinking would be helpful in keeping it hidden from the Grineer.


Agni, still trying to absorb the tale she heard, then asks what had happened to him after he ate Baphomet’s remains. Dahaka merely raises his left arm and shows that although it is formed correctly like a human’s, it was now completely metallic from the fingers up to the elbows. Dahaka notes that devouring Baphomet turned him into the new Infested patriarch and mended his broken body. He was now able to materialize a proper frame though it looked similar to Baphomet’s own Infested frame.


Agni nods in acknowledgement, but then remembers about the Infested attack on the Fomorian ship. She stands up from her kneeling position when she was listening to her tale, and then demanded to know if Dahaka was responsible for the attack on the Fomorian. Dahaka merely nods, and then leans his head to the right to evade as one of Agni’s metallic tendrils suddenly attacked him.


Dahaka shakes his head, knowing that Agni was really ill-tempered. Agni then screams at Dahaka for killing their mother. She saw the security records of Baphomet himself running his sword at Lotus chest. Dahaka stands up with a sad face, and then looks at Agni angrily. He then shouts that Agni herself killed Lotus, and that when he came to Lotus’ side, she was already beyond saving. All he could manage to do was reveal to her that her youngest child was still alive, and alleviate her of her prolonged dying pains.


Agni was about ignore the sentiment and attack again, but was stopped to see Dahaka crying blood and looking at her sincerely. She rescinds her frame and her mask, falls to her knees and cries aloud, realizing and accepting the truth finally. Dahaka manages to walk towards her and embraces her as they weep together for their lost mother.



Moments later, Darvo had finally woken up after being knocked unconscious by Lotus’ attack from his behind. He stretches himself and dusts off his robes from being unconscious for too long. He finds himself on a bench in his cargo bay and deduces that Dahaka and Agni must have fought, judging from the destruction around the beach.


He stands up and readies himself to walk inlands towards the vault. He avoids several craters on his way to the vault doors and enters the darkness while shaking his head at the apparent childishness of Agni. Having been inside the vault several times, he had grown accustomed to the odd bowing of the Infested inside. 


In the central clearing, he finds the two siblings wiping tears and concludes that they have reunited finally. He makes his presence known, and Agni rushes to him asking for forgiveness. Darvo merely raises an eyebrow and sighs while telling he has gotten used to Agni’s temper ever since he was still Vadjura. The three siblings then sit down and have a talk.


Darvo breaks the silence by asking the two about their future plans. The question confuses Dahaka as he has grown accustomed to following Vadjuras plans. Even now, it was Darvo himself who coined the idea of rescuing Agni from the Fomorian.


At this sentiment, Darvo merely says that his role is now over. His part as Vadjura, their elder brother is now complete and the two must now decide for themselves. Agni berates his older brother for being so detached. Darvo merely comments that unlike Agni, Darvo can no longer join the Tenno, and unlike Dahaka, he has no army to command.


All Darvo can do for now is support the two leaders in whatever directions they want to take. Agni argues that just like her, the secondary and tertiary armors that their mother Lotus could perhaps return them to their Tenno forms.


The youngest sibling, Dahaka, is first to decline. He states that he is needed here. Dahaka mentally orders his Infested to line up and bow in unison. Dahaka then mentions that with the loss of Baphomet, the Infested can now roam uncontrolled in the Origin system. Baphomet once had complete dominion over all the Infested in the system, but as he was defeated initially by Mikado, his hold has loosened and several powerful Infested have made their own factions.


Dahaka further points out that he now needs to pose as Baphomet, not only to keep face, but also to keep the balance within the warring factions of the Infested itself. As of now, he tells of Lephantis’ army within the meteor belt assisted by a J3-golem, Phorid’s chargers in Eris who was descended from the original Merihem, and the leviathan Tartarus that orbits the sun beyond Mercury.


The youngest sadly tells his siblings that giving up his Infested patriarch position would make the other Infested fight over the system and add to the conflict brewing already. The resulting incursions of Infested that has grown over the millennia will undoubtedly wipe the innocent humans on the sidelines.


Agni then turns to Darvo, and Darvo just shakes his head as he smiles at her. Darvo says he has already resigned to his fate, and that the frame that Lotus was working on for him had been left unfinished by Lotus herself. Now that there are no known Siege Perilous units left, information about Project Vivian is lost and cannot be put to use. Lotus was the last person, aside from the First and their father Mikado, who knew of Project Vivian and its nanotechnology. Agni merely bites her lips and cries.



Section 7

After Agni has calmed down, she is surprised to notice that a small Infested approached her with a drink on a tray. She turns to look at Dahaka, and the younger sibling merely smiles and nods. Reluctant at first, she takes the drink and slowly reaches out to pat the Infested on the head. The Infested seems to like it and growls in low voice, before shyly going away back into its fold.


Agni giggles at the cuteness of the Infested, but then Darvo looks at her with a stupefied face. Darvo rubs his face and resumes talking. He points out to Agni that without any powers or an army, he can better assist the two by simply giving them supplies. He points out that the water she is drinking is actually from the delivery he just brought with him. Agni raises her eyebrows and looks at Dahaka, and Dahaka merely nods. Satisfied with the answer, Agni gulps down the rest of the water and nods at her siblings.


After a moment, she then explains that she plans to restore the Tenno as nation and recover their brethren from the other factions. She plans to finally balance out and live peacefully with the other factions, just as her mother wanted. At this sentiment, Dahaka suddenly stands up and walks away from the group.


He speaks out loud that the other factions have done nothing but destroy each other and reminded her what the Grineer and the Corpus have put them siblings through. He vehemently disagrees at living peacefully with the other factions and instead proposes that they re-establish the superiority of their race. Even though infested himself, Dahaka wants to reclaim Outer Terminus and locate their father again. He feels that all the Primes should return and that they should put down all of those who have brought harm to the Tenno.


Agni stands up again, and says that there is another Prime still remaining in the system. The First was still in stasis and the she plans to have him restore the balance in the Origin System. The two argue continuously while Darvo watches them, still sitting on his rock.



After a heated argument, the two engage in battle again, and Darvo merely watches the two fight it out while now hiding behind his rock. All the domesticated Infested have withdrawn away from the central chamber and the three of them were the only ones left inside. Darvo thought he should finally call upon and use that equipment he brought and left in his cargo bay, but before he could activate the switch on his communicator, the two leaders agree to a ceasefire.


Dahaka looks afar as he telepathically senses that some of his Infested on Pluto were terminated. Lotus in turn tells that her network reads an access to the void near Pluto also. They turn to Dahaka, who proceeds to tell that through his information channels, Captain Vor is en route to a location near Pluto as the Grineer have sighted a void chamber materialize nearby one of their scout ships. They all conclude that it is Him, and that He has returned. They all hurry to exit the vaults, with Agni and Dahaka still bickering along the way.


Lotus activates her frame and connects to her Tenno ship to issue orders. Darvo enters his ship, closes his cargo bay and checks his information channels for further information. Dahaka stays behind to calm his Infested down and make sure the two ships were fine. Darvo then hurriedly communicates that he will be back with his regular delivery to Dahaka and Lotus, then the two ships depart.




Final Section

As soon as his siblings departed, Dahaka then speaks aloud to the shadows behind him, while still keeping an eye on the departing Tenno and Corpus ships. He asks the shadow why it had not chosen to show itself to its mother.


Orzhov merely states that she does not want to burden his mother further by being concerned with a son. Orzhov remarks that Lotus Agni is already burdened by being in conflict with her brother, and as a son, he merely wants his mother to not worry about being in conflict with her son.


Orzhov also sarcastically inquires how he could explain to Agni, that her chimera child with her hated Alad V was sent back by Rasputin as a fetus, since the honourable Rasputin only paid for a womb and not a child. Dahaka merely laughs at his nephew’s ideals and then turns back into the vault to resume training his protégé.


But Orzhov merely declines, saying that his father has a job for him. He disappears into the shadows and a third fast stealth ship is seen by Dahaka leaving. Dahaka shakes his head at the similarities between mother and son.




Lotus signals Darvo’s ship farewell as she herself races to the nearest Tenno dojo. She knows she was too far to personally go and rescue Tenno from his cryopod assault, but at least she knows that she can send dependable people in her stead.


She docks at the nearest hidden dojo and demands to be lead to the control room. The Tennos, shocked at seeing Lotus in the flesh, hurriedly complies. After being escorted into the control room, the lead Warlord of the Dojo offers her a seat but she brushes the gesture aside. She then extends all of her tendrils and interfaces with the whole dojo.




Darvo, driving a cargo ship, spots a small ship zoom past him and smiles as he knows who it is. He jokes to himself that Alad V may be helping them out this time. He then remembers to breathe a sigh of relief as he did not have to use the equipment that he brought with him. He would have lost one or both of his customers if he had been forced to use it.


As for now, Darvo smiles at the new development brewing between the two siblings of his. Though he has plans of his own, he concludes that it does not coincide with the ideals and plans of the two siblings, or even of the Grineer and the Corpus itself. He has his own agenda, and now he is pleased as everything is now falling into place.




The lotus flower blooms beautifully upon silent or turbulent waters. But when it is time for the flower to make way for its seeds, it sheds all of its beautiful petals. And the seeds disperse afterwards after the last petal falls. And thus, the three siblings part, each to its own faction. One sibling, Vadjura, goes home to the Commercio Unione Corpus. His twin sibling, Agni, once a Grineer Empire soldier, is now a Tenno leader. And Dahaka, their youngest, following in the footsteps of his two fathers, is taming his Infested and training his successor. The Brother’s War has ended, only to be replaced by the Sibling’s Cold War.





Darvo enters the observation room and spots Lotus sporting a worried look while leaning through the one way glass. The young Tenno on the other side of the glass was now fully awake and is now in a kneeling position while donning a blackened Excalibur frame. Although personally looking much younger and no longer having any metallic appendages in his human form, the Tenno was still undoubtedly the man they were looking for.


He approaches Lotus to tell her that Captain Vor has set up base in Mercury to hunt down this particular Tenno. Lotus, undeterred by his words, keeps looking vigilantly at the kneeling Tenno. She then utters words of distress at being at a loss on what to do with Him. She knows that even though depowered for the moment, He is still the hope of the Tenno to win this war. But she is concerned on how to guide him properly while hiding him from the eyes of the Corpus and the Grineer.


Darvo merely shrugs off the sentiment and tells Lotus of an old Corpus saying. “Better to hide a seedling in tall grass, than a great tree in a forest.” Lotus nods in understanding, and connects herself to a control panel. She then starts up the tutorial program for Him. He then bows and stands up asking for His name.



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Chapter 8.1 - Seeds Sown in the Dark (Side-story)



Section 1

The young Tenno nods as he was motioned dismissed by his father. He stands up, bows and uses his Master’s signature teleport technique. He had teleported outside his father’s room up to the rooftops. He ran along walls and ledges and teleported whenever a camera or a guard showed up. With relative ease, he reaches the exhaust pipes that led to where he left his small craft.


Once he reaches his destination, he readily starts up his stealth ship and plots a course for his own quarters. He had just come from his master before going into his recent mission and his master also had to rest. He thought to himself that he himself needed to rest. He disengaged the locks on the ship and went on his way.



Upon getting within Neptune airspace, Orzhov disengages the cloak on his ship and flips a switch on his dashboard. The stealth ship suddenly transforms some of its features and dons Corpus IFF signals. Neptune, the new home planet of the Corpus after the Dubai Incident, was where he put up his own Dojo. It was ingenious to put a Dojo right under noses of the cryopod greedy Corpus, and it was his own uncle Darvo who conceived the idea.


As he docked and disembarked from his ship, he remembers that his uncle Darvo should have seen him leave Earth airspace since he passed by his ship on the way out. He brushed the idea off since he knew he could trust Darvo with his secret. In fact, Orzhov himself was one of Darvo’s secrets. The fact that his mother is still ignorant of his existence proves this matter.


What bothers Orzhov was the fact that his uncle Darvo himself has too many secrets. Though Corpus individuals do carry secrets more than the average humanoid, Darvo’s secrets is only matched by those secrets carried by his own father. He cannot help but doubt Darvo even though he seems to be only helping his siblings. He rubs his temple with the thought of one day going against his elders especially his own mother as he walks in the dark


Orzhov finally rescinded his frame and walked into the elevator that led to his Corpus home. Emerging from behind a sliding wall in his bedchambers, he directly walks into the bathroom for a quick warm shower. Ordering the domestic proxies to prepare him some refreshments while he bathes, he disrobes his bodysuit and steps into the steaming shower. Still fazed by seeing his mother and great grandfather in one single day, he combs his dark red hair as he let the water splash on his face.


After bathing and taking in some fluids, he puts on several loose fit clothing and decided he would train a little to clear his mind of his troubles. He walks into the far room of his house, and enters into a spacious room ridden with wooden floors, walls and support beams. Though it was a Corpus house, he took pains to at least have one room acknowledge his Tenno heritage, and it was this training room that he himself designed and secretly built.


Starting off with some breathing exercises, Orzhov tries to cleanse mind of idle thoughts and continues. Feeling further motivated, he starts several of the kata taught to him of his other uncle, Dahaka. Though he was biologically the son of Alad V, Orzhov looked up to Dahaka as his true father as he was the one who raised him from childhood to adolescence. Alad V merely sent Darvo to pick up his son when the time to use him came.


After several katas, Orzhov then proceeded to start energizing his movements to emulate charged attacks. Always training and fighting in darkened rooms, Orzhov did not mind the dazzling red energies that emanated from his hands since he always moved with eyes closed. Dahaka merely taught him that the trick to evading most Tenno attacks was not to fight with one’s eyes, but with one’s instinct. Dahaka broke concentration and chuckled as he always took it easy with his prey, “pretending” to dispense justice, all in accordance to his father’s plans.


His whole body then burst in energy as the thought of fighting seriously entered his mind. He had been labelled as a mere “nuisance” by the older, more powerful Tenno, and he just pretended to escape. He had voiced this complaint to both his father and his uncles, but they had a plan and that he was to continue this farce. The room was already brightly lit with his energy emanations when he sensed that he broke off in anger. He rubs his temple again and shook his head as he chuckled at the notion of being ill tempered just like his mother.


After restarting with several breathing exercises, Orzhov maintains his focus yet again with better results. Dahaka had trained him to the bone to better utilize his chimera heritage, and Dahaka was more than ample to be his teacher regarding his powers. Though he had never asked his master why he was going along with someone like his father, Orzhov always of thought of asking the question one day soon. But for now, he had to set the thought aside, for he had to concentrate on his movements, and that he had to avoid a whip like weapon coming at him at sonic speed.




Section 2

Trusting his instincts, just as he was taught to do by Dahaka, Orzhov gracefully evades the flurry of attacks aimed at his person. Knowing that the attacks are aimed at either his head or neck, he thought it easy to evade such attacks even as he kept his kata form and stances. Although sensing that the attacks have ceased, he does not change the pace of his breathing and keeps a defensive stance. Still with eyes closed, a familiar scent enters his nose and he sighs as he lowers his guard.


He releases his stance and stands upright as he speaks aloud into the darkness. Unsurprisingly to him, two lithe arms come from behind him yet he does not struggle. The arms gently embrace him from behind and the body that came with it rubs itself on his back. He then hears the gentle purring of a woman cuddling him.


He issues a verbal command for the lights to come back, and as it does he opens his eyes to allow them to adjust. He did not turn to look at his attacker, for he knows who it is already. He addresses the woman sister Bavita and bids her to let him go. The woman merely gets annoyed by the way she is addressed and presses her body further on the man. She listlessly whispers that Orzhov knows that they are not really siblings.


Orzhov, annoyed at this point, sets himself free of the woman’s embrace and proceeds to get a towel from a rack. He rubs his face with the cloth all the while stating the fact that they are adopted together as a pair by his father still stands. The woman, with her long slender and taut body outlined in her tight apparel, approaches lovingly towards Orzhov and offers to wipe his adoptive brother with the towel.


With a sigh, Orzhov relents and hands over the towel, cautioning Bavita to act properly as expected of a priestess of the temples. The woman merely grumbles as she proceeds to wipe the sweat from the young man’s neck. She then proceeds to undress Orzhov of his upper garments and wipes his back. Though donning a disapproving look at the inappropriate action, Orzhov relents to the woman pouting as she wipes him clean.


Unable to withstand the awkward silence and the angry motion by which he is being scrubbed, Orzhov finally relents and calls her Calypso, her Tenno name. The woman suddenly jumps on his back and embraces him again, this time taking a piggyback ride on the man while giggling. Her reddish hair flowing in the air as it came untangled by her actions, Orzhov begs her to calm down and get off him.


As she calms down and sits like a giddy little girl, Orzhov rubs his temple and tells her to act her age, now that she is seventy-nine and almost in legal non-cryostasis Tenno age. Calypso pouts again at being scolded but this time bites her lips after instead and says that she is happy to see her cousin after a long time. She adds that the temple duties she assigned are quite tiresome and that she was envious of him being able to wander the Origin system.


Rolling his eyes at the sentiment, Orzhov calmly puts on his robes again, throws the towel in a bin and motions Calypso to follow him out of the training room. The girl takes his arm as she caught up to him and rubs herself against his side. She maintains the action while Orzhov orders the proxies to prepare dinner for them and giggles whenever she can. Orzhov shakes his head while reciting her full Tenno name in his head, Hemlocke Calypso. All the while withstanding her giggles, Orzhov tells himself that she really is descended from the Hemlocke bloodline.




Section 3

Orzhov was hoping to have a quiet rest after his last mission, but Calypso made short of that advent. Though he did resent the loneliness of the empty house, Calypso’s incessant demands and flirting made his head hurt. Gone were the days when “little” Calypso was just a small playmate to him.


Though returned by Rasputin as foetuses to Alad V, Orzhov was transplanted unto a corpus servant priestess decades before Calypso was. The resulting age gap made Orzhov look like an older brother to Calypso. Though still an adolescent himself by Tenno standards, Orzhov has been battle hardened and trained rigorously by his uncle Dahaka, and so Orzhov was more mature than his adoptive sister.


Finally coming back to his bedchambers to get another shower, he had already taken off his upper garments when he was surprised to hear someone getting undressed behind him. He turns around to see Calypso humming as she was undressing herself. Panicking, he shouts at her demanding to know what she was doing.


She nonchalantly replies that she will accompany him bathe and scrub his back just like when they were kids, as she tried to loosen her undergarments with a giggle. With horror filled eyes, Orzhov teleports inside the bathroom and seals it shut. He shouts to Calypso she can take a bath in the adjacent guest room as it has complete facilities also. Calypso bangs on the door and lovingly demands to be let in. Orzhov merely states that if her father should know of her intentions, her father may very well kill him.


Calypso, still banging on the door, states that Alad V will do no such thing. Orzhov corrects her that he was referring her father and not his. He also states that they are blood related cousins, and that it is inappropriate for them to be together like that. Orzhov suddenly remembers and reminds Calypso of her secret Grineer lover Agnus.


Calypso’s mood was obviously swayed by the mention of the name. Calypso states that Agnus was merely a tool, and she was a pawn being played by Alad V by trying to get information from the young Ruk clan prospect Agnus Ruk. She really found her work tiresome and despicable, and that Orzhov was the only person he could trust.


As she started to gently knock on the door again, she was angered by what she heard; Orzhov was taking a bath. Seething with anger at his apathy at her story and disregard for her plight, she was emanating energy from body. She kicked the metal door open only to see the naked back of Orzhov, with his glistening crystalline spine, alternating with red and black colours with each vertebrate piece.


Orzhov, having been found out bathing secretly, hurriedly teleports outside the bathroom; still naked, he tries to grab some clothes. He fails as Calypso suddenly pulls out her whip and rips his hanging clothes. Covering his privates with his hands only, he teleports into outside the bedchambers and into the lobby while running from Calypso. Calypso, still in her underwear and emanating energy, tries to catch Orzhov with her whip but manages to fail every time as Orzhov teleports randomly.


After half an hour of running around and destroying the house, a communications alert makes Orzhov ask for a ceasefire with one hand. He tries to approach a secured line communicator piece while still wary of Calypso’s whip weapon, especially now that her underwear has almost come loose. He swallows hard as he maintains eye contact with Calypso while answering the call.


It was Dahaka himself, his master and uncle, calling him back to his lair. Dahaka felt a different chill this time as it was the worst timing ever. He urged Calypso to stay silent as he talked to his master. Dahaka himself had a mission for him and that he was to present himself immediately in his lair. Orzhov gave an affirmative and turned off the communicator.


Orzhov calms down, and tells Calypso to stay and fix the mess in the house while he was away. Calypso begrudgingly agrees but asks that they take a bath together once he gets back. Orzhov was lost in thought at his masters orders and he mindlessly agreed. Calypso was ecstatic and began cleaning the house immediately, her underwear finally falling off unnoticed in her excitement. Orzhov rubs his temple as he imagines that his master Dahaka will kill him if he ever finds out that his daughter is naked in front of him.




Section 4

Finally free of Calypso’s incessant demands, Orzhov managed to get dressed and suited up and was now walking towards his ship. He had forgone taking a third bath in risk of having Calypso mugging him again. He starts up his ship, mindful of the task that his master has in store for him.


Dahaka rarely gave him missions of his own, and they were particularly difficult. He was consigned to keep the infested in check so that they would not attack civilians, so as much as possible he sends Orzhov on missions instead. He always took missions from his master seriously as they were transparently important unlike the frequent missions he receives from his father. Now having cleared Neptune space, he activates the stealth mechanisms on his ship and engages the solar rails on maximum velocity.



He arrives on Earth in good time and plots a re-entry course towards his master’s den. Re-entry on Earth atmosphere was admittedly difficult due to the dense atmosphere; he had to concentrate further while piloting his craft. As soon as he finished re-entry procedures, he plotted a course directly to the island that housed his master’s den.


Dahaka was waiting on the makeshift cave hole landing bay with his frame rescinded and he watched Orzhov disembark from his ship. Orzhov himself rescinds his frame and bows before his master. His master bows in return and motions him to follow.


They walk through the darkened hallways and the Infested they encounter bow politely as they approach. He had gone accustomed to the odd behaviour of the Infested in this particular lair as he had spent his youth training here. Then, out of nowhere, a small infested comes crawling up and rubs its head against his calf. It was his pet Infested Cadmus. Cadmus was special was that he was the first Infested that learned to read and write, by Orzhov’s own instruction. Orzhov picked up the small creature and petted it like a big cat.


Dahaka then retorts that it was ingenious of him to give his own mother some water using his pet when she was visiting last time. Dahaka had thought that he would show himself but was also proud of his protégé’s hiding prowess. They continued their walk as Orzhov put down Cadmus. The small creature followed them around until they came into a functional briefing room, and the small creature whimpered as it was not allowed in the room.


It sat beside the door and Orzhov patted it on the head before entering the briefing room. After the sliding doors closed shut, Dahaka and Orzhov sat kneeling and the briefing room sprang to life. Showing holographic projections of the Origin system, Dahaka then made a stern face as he started to talk. Orzhov breathed deeply as he anticipated the mission he was to be given.


Dahaka started by reiterating that he was not as strong as a Patriarch like his predecessor, Cain the traitor. Donning only the title of Baphomet the Betrayer, Dahaka could only completely influence the Infested in the inner planets. Ever since the true demise of Cain, or the real Baphomet, the other Infested Generals have exerted their own control over their domains and Dahaka could only stop them from going against each other and involving billions of civilians.


Without the original power the Tenno held during the Orokin age, the Infested would easily devour the Origin system if not for Dahaka’s meddling. He was already hard pressed with the advent of Phorid and Lephantis’ incursions into civilian space, but now a fourth power was now growing near Mercury.


He had sensed before already that there was a fourth power hiding beyond mercury, but had ignored due to the more pressing matters that Phorid and Lephantis offered. But through centuries of unchecked growth, he now has to take measures that Tartarus is under control also. Tartarus, Dahaka senses, has been devouring and growing at an alarming rate lately and is now a clear and present danger to the Mercury system as it stands.


Orzhov nods and asks how he shall engage this particular General. Dahaka corrects him that he cannot engage Tartarus directly, for Tartarus is a whole mass of ships and cruisers bonded together by Infested growth. Dahaka motions at the holographic projection to zoom in on Sol and tells Orzhov that Tartarus itself is the whole asteroid sized mass that is currently orbiting the star.




Section 5

Still in disbelief at his master’s revelation, Orzhov disengages the autopilot on his ship as he manually gets off the solar rails ending at the Terminus station at Mercury, now directly en route to the coordinates that his Master told him.


His master only gave a vague range of coordinates since he only used his senses to discern Tartarus’ current location, and Orzhov readjusted his shields to protect the ship from the additional radiation from being too near the star.


While searching the supposed orbit of Tartarus, Orzhov tries to remember his mission; to obtain the core node of Tartarus. To do this, he must dock on a side of Tartarus facing the star as Tartarus is actually tide locked for now, and insert himself on the original ship that houses Tartarus’ core node.


Replaying the mission objectives in his head, he smiles as he remembers his master allowing him to fight seriously and without a mask this time. He was ordered to use all his faculties and abilities as possible since Dahaka says he would need it. He was also given permission to use the technique that he was taught just recently. Though facing fatal danger, Orzhov was ultimately happy to be able fight in earnest but then he was distracted by a small dot that very noticeable against the illuminated background that was Sol.


He was genuinely relieved to finally find that what his master said was true, but his satisfaction was cut short when he spots that there were several Tenno ships docked on the mass. Knowing that his mission just got more complicated, he engages the stealth cloak on his ship and engages the ship to go faster.



Finally finding a suitable area to do a forced docking, Orzhov was relieved that the Tenno were docked on the dark side of Tartarus. Thinking that at least he did not have to contend with pretend fighting the Tenno, he was also actually happy that the Tenno would serve as a suitable diversion while he did his own mission. By his count, there were three Tenno ships docked meaning there were three Tenno cells inside, but the knowledge that they had docked on the darks side put him at ease.


As he finally inserted himself into the heavily hidden and dilapidated cargo ship that was dwarfed by the battle cruisers that bonded to it, he immediately sensed an ill feeling as his feet touched the inside floors of Tartarus. He thought immediately that the whole mass was sentient and could feel the Infested Control signal it radiated. Thanking the training that his master gave him against such mind control, he then checks his equipment.


Taking his signature Stalker Gear he always brought Dread, Despair and Hate, the personal weapons donned by Dahaka himself. He checked his Dread, and it made a good vibrating sound. He then shouldered the Dread to check his Despair, and his reserves were full. Finally checking his Hate, He has recently sharpened it and modified it with heat based nodes. Orzhov donned another helmet this time, and it was particularly different with his Stalker mask.


Though the Stalker mask gave him the ability to hack into the communicators of Tenno he hunted, the mask he donned now was his own original head gear. It was a cross between an Excalibur Prime helmet and a Thrak Rhino Helmet, and when he wears it, his suit becomes ridden with golden linings. He was born a Prime, Orzhov thought, and again thoughts of his mother flooded his mind.


He snapped out of his stupor and ordered Cadmus to engage their cloaks. Cadmus has been trained and modified not only to be his pet, but also to be able to transform into his own personal sentinel on serious missions like this. Cadmus could emulate the Cloak abilities of a Shade and the Crowd Dispersion of a Wyrm, but would shoot acid bolts like a Djinn sentinel. After checking all of his equipment, he then closes the insertion hatch from his ship and proceeds into the ship with Cadmus flying right behind.





Section 6

Upon a lengthy and difficult road into a spacious room by which Orzhov found by sensing the source of the Infested Control signals, he climbs the nearest wall structures to get a better view of the area. Seeing that the center of the place has some sort of a large circular formation similar to stage or a coliseum, he drops down suddenly from his perch and silently approaches the formation.


Deciding not to use the main hallway leading inside, he again climbs the walls of the coliseum and stops momentarily at the top to survey its insides. He was at the right moment as an Infested bone and flesh like Tenno pull out a chipped Galatine out of the body of a Frost frame. Looking around, he finds the corpses of a Mag with its face shattered, a Trinity split in half and a body of a Loki frame missing a leg and its head.


He was thinking that these Tenno were most likely one of the cells that he saw earlier, but what bothered him was that there were also four Infested Tennos that he had to deal with. Just as he was thinking up of a plan to possibly bypass them while looking at the node at the ceiling, he missed noticing that the Ash like Infested Tenno turn its head towards him and use pull. He was confident at Cadmus’ cloaking abilities, but he was suddenly jerked towards the center of the coliseum.


Though landing safely successfully, he has now been uncloaked and facing the Infested Tenno with the Galatine. Having jumped a backflip right in time to evade the enormous sword swung at him, he readies his Despair but a voice resonates in his head. It was Tartarus itself speaking to him telepathically and introducing its so-called Favoured Revenants. Tartarus was displeased with the previous group’s performance and was now glad there is another challenger that might present entertainment for it.


The ship suddenly quakes as Orzhov hears Tartarus scream. He thought that the other Tenno might be more successful in their mission and that he sees the other infested rush outside of the coliseum, apparently to chase after the Tenno. Smiling that there would not be a mob after him, he holsters his Despair, and readies his Dread.


The one known as the Ghoul in front of him readies his sword and coats it in poison like a Saryn. He draws his bow, but instead shoots it at the node above them. The arrow explodes on impact and the node shatters just like glass. A maddening scream can be heard on the whole ship, and Orzhov was thankful he was accustomed to such outbursts.


Tartarus angrily orders all of the revenants to kill the intruder and they come down from their respected seats. Once they have all assembled at the stage, Orzhov take a step back, looks at his enemies, then suddenly picks up eight Dread pieces at once and hurls them at the group. The Storm Revenant called Specter steps forward and deploys an energy shield that immediately stops the projectiles.


Unknown to them, Orzhov has taken flight to their right side and has let three arrow bolts loose simultaneously at them. Ghoul then launches what seems like an Ice wave but with rocks to counteract the arrow bolts. Orzhov jumps away from the rock wave but suddenly finds the one called Wraith behind him. Wraith has probably teleported to his back and is now about to stab him with his Fang blades when Cadmus activates his Crows Dispersion, sending Wraith and Ghoul tumbling away.


Landing on his feet, Orzhov suddenly feels his shields drain. He looks up and sees the one called Lich cast Shield Polarize on him but then he is distracted as a small ball of lightning is tossed near him. The ball, a Tesla, suddenly discharges electricity and he is suddenly jolted with electrifying pain. Thinking fast, he remembers Dahaka’s lesson of switching energy reserves that only chimaera Tenno can only do to counteract electrical stun.


He switches energy reserves and his suit colour polarizes in its opposite form, freeing him from paralysis, just in time to avoid the Vectis shot to his head and deflects the Kunai thrown at him with his Hate. He breathes slowly as Cadmus regenerates his shields and watches as the four enemies gather again.


Orzhov simply smiles at finally having a challenging and serious fight. He tells Cadmus that since their opponents are serious, they should fight seriously too. And with a motion, Cadmus engages the cloak again just as Wraith missed them with his Pull ability. Lich, knowing that they are in for hard battle, Roars to boost his comrades and Specter throws several Tesla in the coliseum.  Lich then tries to cast Blessing on his comrades, but is cut short by an arrow bolt shot at them. Thinking that the bolt would explode, the four disband into separate directions, but the bolt merely strikes ground.


Knowing that they had been tricked, Specter casts a large Sonic Boom to the direction of the Arrow bolt source and sees a shadowy figure fly away. Readying his Vectis to shoot the cloaked intruder, he finds his left arm suddenly melting away. Cadmus had shot Specter with an acid bolt while he was casting Sonic Boom and is now being melted away. Ghoul steps in to cut off the melting arm and save his comrade while Lich tries to cast Blessing again.


This time though, Orzhov suddenly materializes behind him with his Hate already charged. He then changed his spell to summon Infested Ancients to aid him, but Orzhov’s blade glided through his neck. As Lich’s head flew in the air, Orzhov jumped high in the air and made another backflip just in time to avoid Wraith’s daggers. Orzhov knew that once he was visible that Wraith would try to stab him in the back again, but this time he jumped high and readied his Hate, bringing down the blade on another neck.


As Orzhov landed on his feet, the heads of Lich and Ghoul made a thumping sound as they bounced and rolled on the stage floor. Ghoul screamed in anger and threw several Null Stars at Orzhov’s location, but Orzhov was no longer in the area before it was decimated. Ghoul activated his Battle Fury, but only found himself melting as he found an acid bolt on his chest. Orzhov was now just standing in the middle of the stage as he had ordered Cadmus to shoot a bolt while they were evading the Null Stars.


Ghoul, still melting, had lost energy to maintain Battle Fury but was now running with his Galatine in hand. Orzhov merely slammed the ground and released the Ember skill World-On-Fire that he inherited from his mother. He stood up as he watched Ghoul melt quickly into a small pile of melted debris. Right after he rescinded the skill, he felt a hand grasp his right foot. It was Specter on the ground, holding his foot and laughing. Specter screeched something unintelligible, but Orzhov understood the Infested language, and Specter activated his Cloud Fury, obscuring everything with a tornado of electricity and apparently burning Orzhov alive.


Specter had already risen and was walking painfully when the smoke faded, only to show a metallic figure standing. Orzhov activated his Iron Skin skill that Dahaka taught, shielding him from the electrical damage of Cloud Fury. Specter, sporting a horrified look, hurriedly tries to drag his body away, only to feel a blade run through his body as he saw Orzhov pass by him using a Slash Dash.




Section 7

Orzhov has managed to climb up to the whole that was once sealed by what others assumed to be a node, but was really a crystalline seal to an entrance to heart core of Tartarus. Easily destroying thousands of poisonous and spiked tendrils along the way, he finally comes upon a large, twenty feet tall grayish and red pulsating crystalline orb. Seeing the millions of root like structures emanating from the colossal orb, Orzhov deduces that this is the objective of his mission.


He approaches the orb but he is then quickly approached and bound by long roots. Though immobile, he orders Cadmus to go on standby and not help him, since he was expecting this response. Cadmus whimpers and maintains his position while still vigilantly looking at its master. Orzhov readies himself as the roots drag him closer to the middle of the orb.


To his surprise, a face emerges from the orb, and much later the outline of a body. Though the image of the person was of the same colour of the orb, it was definitely a female, and definitely someone he was familiar with. Shocked at the face he was staring at, he could not believe that it was Hemlocke Psyche, Calypso’s own mother. His stupor was broken by the sudden movement of several smaller roots that seem to be probing his body.


After probing him, the face started to speak, but not of a neutral voice of the Infested General Tartarus, but with a voice of a woman. The woman noted that he smelled of Baphomet, the Patriarch and thus demanded what his relationship was with Baphomet. Orzhov merely replied that Baphomet was his master and mentor, and that Baphomet himself sent him.


Sensing no lies in his statement, the woman then asks what master Baphomet demands of her. Orzhov again replies calmly, saying that Baphomet only demands her heart. The woman, as if to cry, tells Orzhov that Baphomet already has her heart, as she loved him dearly, and even bore him three sons. Puzzled by the statement, Orzhov inquires about the three sons, knowing and seeing that Calypso is definitely a girl.


The woman’s tone suddenly changes into a happy one and tells that she had named her triplets Lephantis, in honour of her late father, Lephantis Mensik. Orzhov’s eyes widen at the revelation that the Infested General Lephantis the Golem was this woman’s child. Looking closer, the orb actually shared the same colour of a Golem’s activated state.


Psyche, sensing something wrong with the emotions being felt by the young Tenno, demands to know where her beloved Baphomet at once. Knowing that she would not like what she would find out, and that she clearly is a great danger to all living things in the Origin system just as his master said, he readied himself to finish his mission.


He apologized to the woman, saying that he is forbidden to talk about his master. Psyche-Golem makes the whole place quake with anger and she draws herself out of the core to touch the young Tenno. Orzhov, knowing that she is part Golem, already knows that she will assimilate him to get the information he holds. But this was part of the plan, for his master said that he needed to draw out the person out of the core, for it was invincible as long as it was touching the core.


Waiting for the right moment, Orzhov orders Cadmus to shoot and melt his bindings. Cadmus responds and Orzhov, now freed, uses the latest technique taught to him. He melds the two energy sources he has and uses all of his reserves as he executes a Rhino Stomp, sending Psyche into stasis. He then proceeds to use his Hate to cut up her chest and grab her heart. Successful in taking the still beating Infested Golem Heart Core, he readies for his escape while Psyche-Golem was still in stasis.


He rushes with several uses of Slash Dash, and as he drops down into the coliseum below the whole, he hears the screams of Psyche-Golem. He then motions for Cadmus to engage the cloak and follow him back to the ship.




Section 8

He arrives at his master’s den physically exhausted and drained of most of his energy reserves. His master was waiting for him again as he disembarked from the ship, and caught him as he almost collapsed. Cadmus in turn reverts to his Infested form and looks for a den to rest in.


Dahaka was basically carrying him already as he was already dragging feet across the floor. On the way out of Tartarus, Orzhov and Cadmus must have at least killed two thousand Infested creatures, knowing that Tartarus will rip them apart personally if they were not to escape. Dahaka merely shakes his head and notes that Orzhov has lot of training to do if he were to catch up to his predecessors. Dahaka also notes that Orzhov most likely used the Rhino Stomp haphazardly, and that a non-Rhino like him would have energy reserves completely depleted and his frame fall apart if only he was not a chimaera.


They come back into the Briefing Room, and Dahaka sets him down against the wall while giving him something to drink. The doors slide closed and the holographic projection comes to life in the darkness. Orzhov notices that several stations in mercury are being attacked right now by unfamiliar Infested, and deduces that Tartarus must be looking for its core.


Dahaka points out correctly what he was thinking and asks for the heart core immediately. Orzhov painfully hands over the container and slinks back into his slumped position against the wall. Dahaka carefully opens the container and pulls out the still beating almost crystalline heart.


Orzhov demands to see what Dahaka will do to it, saying that Dahaka had bid him look away the times that he retrieved Phorid and Lephantis’ heart cores. This battle was particularly hard, and he deserved to know what had happened to his efforts. Dahaka nods silently and proceeds.


Dahaka then activates his frame, and slowly and frightfully opens his mouth. It was horrifyingly and morbidly large, lined with razor sharp teeth and a long, blood red salivating tongue. The tongue merely wrapped itself around the heart the Dahaka held and pulled it into its mouth. Dahaka, no, Baphomet suddenly crunched on the heart and chewed on it as juices poured from the sides of his mouth. He swallowed his prize and the frame brightly shone in the dark.


The frame grew in size and began to grow more spikes and glowing orbs. Finally, horns grew on its head and the energy colour finally became blood red. Baphomet speaks that his transformation is finally complete, having regained much of the lost powers of the Infested Patriarch. Dahaka rescinds the frame, and reminds the wide-eyed Orzhov that he means no harm. Dahaka had planned on regaining the lost powers of Cain to finally implement his plan.


Orzhov, finally snapped out of his shock, finally asks Dahaka if that was the reason why Dahaka cooperated with his father, Alad V. Dahaka only nodded, saying that Alad V had once come upon him on the Island one time to propose a deal. Swayed by Darvo not to kill the man on the spot, he listened to Alad V’s plan to finally take over the Corpus and dispense with the Grineer. As a sign of good will and insurance, he took out the infant Orzhov as a hostage for Dahaka.


Dahaka states that even though that was how he came to be Orzhov’s custodian, he had always thought of Orzhov as family, and even as a son. Orzhov nods and smiles, but then Dahaka suddenly speaks that Alad V has a hostage himself that prevents him from attacking the Corpus directly for now. Sparked by curiosity, Orzhov asks who the hostage was.


Dahaka merely states that his daughter Calypso had apparently survived and is held captive by Alad V. Orzhov’s face suddenly shows disapproval and he rolls his eyes as he remembered his last meeting with Calypso. He was tempted to tell Dahaka that he can get Calypso to him, but then Dahaka sadly says that he regrets not being a good father to his own child like his father, Tenno Mikado, and his grandfather, Hayden Tenno was. Dahaka had dreamed of raising his daughter ever since Psyche told him she was pregnant, and that he had wished for ages to raise his daughter to be prim and proper like her mother Psyche and grandmother Yeon.


Knowing that Calypso was now a merciless Tenno murderer and high priestess in the Corpus hierarchy, Orzhov did not want to disappoint his adoptive father. Orzhov merely says that he will one day help Dahaka find his daughter, and Dahaka thanks the young man.


Orzhov did ask why Psyche was the core of Tartarus if she was killed by Alad V back then. Dahaka merely explained that Calypso’s mother, Hemlocke-Tenno Psyche, was originally Hemlocke Medea, Psyche’s identical twin. Medea, in remorse for the betrayal and infection of her sister Psyche, took over her name and life and devoted herself to the Tenno cause. Though she was centuries older than Dahaka, and was actually their caretaker as children, Dahaka eventually won Medea’s heart, and the result was Calypso.


Orzhov merely nods in understanding and finally stands up as he was able to already. He chuckles at the thought of Calypso’s girlish flirting, now knowing that it actually came from her mother and not her aunt. But then he reels at the thought of Calypso always rubbing her body against him. He had a preference for redhead girls because of his inclination towards women resembling his mother, but Calypso was his first cousin and thus a shiver ran down his metallic spine at the thought of Calypso waiting at his house.


Dahaka breathes hard and bows at his master, while noticing that the holographic projection no longer shows any attacks on Mercury. Dahaka stands up also and asks Orzhov to stay for dinner. Orzhov politely declines, saying that there is someone waiting for him at his place. Dahaka laughs aloud and slaps Orzhov at the back with a beaming smile.


He teases the young Tenno who the lucky girl is, and Orzhov panics. Dahaka then remembers and reminds Orzhov that marriage to cousins were allowed in Tenno culture and that Calypso might turn out to be a good match for Orzhov. Orzhov’s eyes widen in horror and he teleports to his ship. He hurriedly starts up the ship while hearing the beaming laughter of Dahaka within the halls. He makes a haphazard lift off and tells Dahaka by communicator that he still wants to enjoy his bachelor life. Orzhov was already clear of the cave opening but Dahaka’s laughter was still audible as he sped away.




Final Section

Finally in Neptune space again and bound for his house, Orzhov rescinds his frame early while wishing for a bath. Though he had gone through the decontamination procedure with his on-board equipment, he still felt dirty himself after cleaving through so much Tartarus Infested.


He had remembered that Calypso was in his house only halfway in his elevator trip, and he checked his bedchamber first before stepping out. He was relieved to see and hear that only the proxies are working hard to clean his place.


Finally making a full check of all the rooms in the house, especially the training room, he returns to his bedchambers satisfied, thinking that Calypso may have been bored and went out. He checks his home communicator and is relieved to see that no messages have been left for him by his father or by Darvo. After feeling content about the house and his recent mission, he felt exasperated and opted for another shower. Weary of the events of the past time cycle, he disrobes and throws his dirty clothing into a bin. He turns on the hot water for his shower and begins cleansing himself.


As he had finished cleaning his face and hair, he holds his face again against the splashing water, all the while reminiscing all that he learned recently. He then told himself aloud laughingly that his uncle Dahaka was willing to marry his daughter, his own cousin, to him. As he was laughing aloud while the water was splashing on him, two lithe arms came from behind him and wrapped around him. A naked female body suddenly pressed against his back and told him lovingly in his ear that marriage to him would be “nice”.


Credits to:

YandereSamantha (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/user/214732-yanderesamantha/) for her Oracle Boss concept (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/130002-concept-female-corpus-boss-the-oracle/)


Siubjieni (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/user/116272-siubijeni/) for his Tartarus Boss concept (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/122281-sotr-concepts-new-world-tartarus-the-infested-dreadnaught-vectis-revision/)


Thanks for reading and see you on the next issue!

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Happy Birthday Sam!


Warframe Origins - Chapter 8.2 – The Princess and The Oracle


Section 1


The large doors leading to the inner cloister swung tremendously slow yet quiet. Darvo has been to other meditation gardens within the Corpus, but the hanging gardens in Neptune always impressed him on every visit. Those visits though, were always of a business nature, and this one was no different.


Though technically Darvo is grossly beneath the High Priestess in rank, Priestess Bavita had always had his contact configuration on speed dial. Darvo only shook his head with a smile as he recounted her most recent call two cycles earlier.



The alert tone had frantically been ringing on his communicator while he was discussing matters with Lotus and her chosen team members for a certain mission. Apparently, Lotus’ favoured attendant, Yanmei, had been caught in a daring Tenno hunt by one of Alad V’s forces. Fortunately, Alad V has yet to find out Yanmei’s importance as she held in knowledge the coordinates of some the Dojo’s and Void Towers in Lotus’ possession.


Lotus personally was hard pressed about Yanmei’s abduction, as she also knows Lotus’ true identity. She had assembled a team of some of her most skilled Tenno to infiltrate and rescue Yanmei from the Martian settlement of War, and Darvo was called upon to give intelligence and battle supplies in exchange for platinum.


The Tenno audience, especially Lotus, was growing annoyed at the incessant ringing of his communicator. Darvo merely smiled wide and excused himself as he stepped outside of the briefing room, feeling the annoyed stare of Lotus on his back. As soon as his communicator rang again, he immediately pulled it out and answered it.


“Calypso, how many times have I told you to call me on this frequency only on emergencies? I’m here with your Au-,” Darvo closed his eyes to correct himself, not only his connection to Lotus a secret, but knowledge of Calypso’s parentage would be a disaster in itself. “I’m on a business meeting with my preferred client.”


“Uncle’s in trouble”. The voice on the other line sobbingly spoke.


“I’m always in some sort of trouble. So what’s new? Honestly, Calypso, what is it  now?” Darvo spoke, a tone of sarcasm in his voice.


“Not you Uncle Darvo. Alad V is in trouble he-”


Darvo interceded, “I know. This time he just went too far. And now the Lotus has issued an order to take him down. I can’t give you any more information, but-”


“You don’t understand!” a hint of concern obvious in her voice. “Alad has been disavowed by the Board because of Zanuka. The Corpus itself is hunting him down.”


Darvo lowers the communicator down and paces around while rubbing his face. Alad V had been his immediate supervisor, and he knew the man would not gamble on something as risky as Project Zanuka, unless he had an ulterior motive. Knowing the man, Alad would have stashed himself away to work on a project alone on some secret base. He licked his lips and calmed himself down.


“Calypso, make a reservation. I’ll be visiting you ASAP. I’ll just wrap things up here.” Darvo hastily said going back to the briefing room.


“But Uncle Darv-“ Darvo already turned off the device.


He hastily entered the briefing room, motioning a wave to Lotus for her to wait. He went up the middle of the room and turned off the hologram projector showcasing the Martian landscape.


After a deep sigh he spoke, “My esteemed Tenno, we have a change of plans.”




Section 2


Lotus, being as she is, needed an attendant that would serve to be her personal guard and assistant, especially when she had to go under maintenance. When Yanova Mensik-Eindar was chosen, not only was she ecstatic, she rolled around on her bed giggling from excitement after the selection ceremony.


As a descendant of Yargo Mensik herself, she had grown up always being compared to their cousins, the Hemlockes. Even after the great betrayal of Medea Hemlocke, the next generation Tenno of today still looked up to the Hemlocke bloodline, especially for their exotic beauty and battle prowess, inferior only to the now lost Royal Family.


Yanova herself had always dreamt of becoming a Tenno Princess, wed to the brilliant Tenno Prince Lotus Vadjura. But now that the Three Siblings are no more, all she could hope for was to be acknowledged by their mother, Tenno Lotus. Still, Yanova keeps a holographic representation of Prince Vadjura in her quarters.


The selection ceremony was held a full year after the failed rescue attempt for Princess Agni, and Lotus returned donning her new purple frame called Nelumbi. Darvo, the Tenno’s main supplier for intelligence and supplies, was present at the ceremony regardless of his Corpus association. Yanova had always been bewildered by the Corpus merchant, deeming him not trustworthy and a mere money-grubber, and ever conscious of his presence.


She had always questioned her mistresses’ trust upon the merchant, but she had complete faith in the wisdom of her mistress. She had always accompanied her on business meetings and mission briefings, but she was both surprised and excited when she was finally allowed to assist in Lotus’ maintenance procedures. All she knew back then was that she was heavily injured during the failed rescue attempt and has had several organ replacements.


But when the day came that she was allowed into the maintenance room, she was proven wrong. Seeing Darvo himself standing by a control panel, the darkened room suddenly illuminated itself as soon as the blast doors behind her sealed itself shut. The imagery in front of her merely stopped her in her place.


“Well? What are you waiting for? Would you familiarize yourself with the controls and start already?” questioned Darvo.


“What is the meaning of this?! Did you mean that all this time, YOU were controlling the Tenno?” shouted Yanova as she pointed to the cybernetic body suspended in the air via magnetic vectors, taken apart piece by piece, though it was obvious that it was the Nelumbi frame and its wearer.


Darvo rubs his face and talks to the suspended torso, “Apparently, you haven’t told her have you?”


*No I have not* replies a robotic female voice. *I have deemed it unnecessary until this moment*


“What are you talking about?! Let me out of here! I must warn the others!” Shouted Yanova as she suddenly activated her frame and lifted Darvo off his feet. Darvo just sports a face of disappointment and scowls, “Why is it always me?” before he is thrown unto several equipment.


Yanova turns around to open the blast doors with her magnetic powers, and it cracks inch by inch from the pressure. She was already seeing light through the cracks when suddenly Lotus appears in her Communicator.


*Cease this folly. We need you. Darvo cannot be here always.* the unfamiliar robotic voice says.


Alarms suddenly started blaring as Yanova was close to tearing open the blast doors. She was pushing her energy reserves to the fullest, when suddenly she feels several wires pierce the back of her helmet. She suddenly loses energy and slumps to the floor.


Several other Nelumbi tendrils suddenly handle her and turn her around, bringing her into the center of the room. Trained to not fear death, Yanova struggles with all her might, but cannot release herself from the vice like grip of the tendrils. The suspended body energizes and sends a firefly towards the knocked out person of Darvo.


Darvo is awoken by the buzzing and the probing of the firefly, and reels back in surprise at seeing the volatile creature near his face. He stands up and dusts himself off before going near Yanova and addressing the torso.


“You know, you should me tell these things. I always get caught up and hurt by your, uhh, decisions. And I always suffer the full blow of the consequences.” Darvo referring to the repeated physical abuse he takes.


Yanova is now left clueless as she had thought that the torso was merely Darvo’s puppet. The torso, still connected to her helmet, read her thoughts and hovered itself nearer. Upon stopping a mere meter from the startled Mag frame wearer, the torso rescinds its head gear to show its face.


“It’s me Yanova. I’m sorry I haven’t told you.”


Yanova’s eyes wide opened, she first stuttered some unintelligible words, but as the tendrils loosened their grip and allowed her to calmly stand on her own, she started to talk. She bowed down in respect and continued “P-Princess Agni. If I had known it was you, I would have not reacted that way. Please excuse my impertinence.”


Agni merely scoffs it off and turns towards Darvo. “I told you it would work.”


Darvo retorted, “I wish it would work without me getting hurt.”


“Well you deserved it. Hmph.” Yanova shot while glaring at him. “Princess Agni,” Yanova, now addressing Agni again, “What has happened? I thought that your rescue mission failed. Looking at your body now, it is grievous what the Grineer have done to you, but what is this facility? And more importantly,” Yanova paused, “Where is Mistress Lotus?”


Agni merely showed a pained face at the memory of her mother and sighed, and then turned to Darvo again. “I think it is better that you show her, brother.”


Yanova got confused again at Agni’s mentioning the word “brother”, but as she turned towards Darvo, the merchant had already touched her forehead with his hand. A sudden flood of memories fills her head and afterwards, she loses consciousness.




Section 3


“What are you doing here? You’re not needed here anymore” snapped Yanova as she performed the maintenance on the Nelumbi frame. Darvo’s entry into the room made the Mag wearer suddenly activate her frame.


Darvo merely shrugged his shoulders and looked innocently at the laughing torso across the room. He ignored the negative remarks the Mag frame made while working and made his way across the room to speak with the Tenno leader.


“We have a problem.” Darvo starts.


“Yes, we have a Corpus merchant inside our confines. Who knows what kind of intelligence about us he is selling to our enemies?” snapped Yanova again, still minding the control panels.


“She hates you, you know? She feels that you violated her back then.” Agni chuckles.


“Under your orders. Honestly.” Darvo sighs and shakes his head. “Anyways, as I said, we have a problem. The Corpus forces on Mars are bolstering their strength.”


“What of it?” asked Agni. “Nef Anyo is a nuisance at best. He may claim to be a smuggler, but we always have dealt with him easily.”


Darvo raises his index finger to motion a correction, “Sergeant Nef Anyo and his son are currently increasing their efforts to find and trade Warframe Cryopods. They have aggressively tripled their manpower and have also lobbied to the Corpus Board for additional shipments of MOA proxies.”


“Wait, wait, back up there. Anyo has a son? That greedy, spineless sniper wannabe has a son?” Agni jokingly asks.


Donning a disapproving face Darvo replies, “Yes, he has a son. Derf Anyo. To be honest, the name sounds like a joke from the 21st century. But yes, he has a son.”


Agni stifles her laughter, but then Yanova speaks, “Mistress, please stay still, we have yet to calibrate the neurode relay systems.”


“Ah yes, I apologize Yanmei.”


“Pardon me, my Mistress? What did you call me?” Yanova turning around.


“She said Yanmei. Your name, though prestigious in itself, is too long.” Darvo interceded. “So one time, while I was talking to her, she mentioned that you wanted to have an old Chinese or Korean name like her mother, Lotus.”


“I wasn’t asking you, merchant.” Yanmei snapped again.


“Well he was the one who came up with it. Yanova Mensik-Eindar, Yanmei. I think it suits you well, seeing that you have a beautiful Asian look upon you.” Agni defends Darvo.


“Well, uhm, thank you my Mistress.” Yanmei bowed in gratitude.


“Don’t mention it. Besides it’s true anyways.” Darvo replies instead.


“What do you mean? And again, I was not talking to you.” Yanmei looking coldy at Darvo.


“It was me who mentioned that you were an Asian beauty. So I called you Yanmei.” Darvo paused as he crossed his arms and tilted his head. “In old Chinese it meant ‘swallow plum’, a flower just like Mistress Lotus. It can also be read as ‘flattering and seductive’ in another version.” Darvo ended his statement with a slight grin.


Yanmei stood still for moments on end, up until she realized that she was blushing. Forgetting that she still had her frame helmet on, she became conscious of her face and ran off. “Uhm, I’m sorry my Mistress, I have uhh, urgent stuff, uhh, business to attend to. Please excuse me.” Yanmei said as she shut the blast doors to the room.


Agni merely looked at Darvo coldly.


Darvo, feeling the insidious look from Agni, merely asked, “Whaaat?!” while shrugging his shoulders.




Section 4


The mission to the Martian facility of War started without problems. Intelligence provided by Darvo three cycles ago proved accurate, and Corpus forces on the smuggling facility have quadrupled in size.


On top of that, though it was yet to be proven, Derf Anyo was rumoured to be sporting a Corpus made Warframe Exoskeleton prototype, the first of its kind to be made by the Corpus. Nef Anyo had always evaded death from assassinations by deploying a clone double, who would then resume his smuggling activities, which was barely tolerable, but a new frame prototype in the hands of Corpus would disrupt the balance of power in the Origin System too much.


Yanmei was regretting her rash decision to volunteer for the special operation to take down the new prototype frame, but she was just too embarrassed to withdraw. When Lotus was briefing the Tenno and was asking for volunteers, Yanmei had haphazardly volunteered herself just to get away from the presence of the Corpus merchant. Everybody suddenly put their gazes on her as she quickly raised her hand as soon as Lotus ended her request.


“Haaaaah. I just wish this loser Derf Anyo would kick the bucket easy enough.” Yanmei spoke.


“Hahaha. Don’t worry about it. When did an Anyo put up a decent fight anyway?” said Calhoun, the Excalibur volunteer that sported a Pendragon helmet.


“You two keep it together and focus on the mission.” ordered Shyelle, a Trinity wearer, and the one serving as team lead for the mission. Afterwards, Shyelle then motions to her silent brother, Shinook, who was scouting ahead with his Ash frame.


Shinnok simply nods and vanishes into thin smoke as they hide from atop a hill overlooking the War facility. Yanmei shakes off the memory and the feeling that came with it, all the while calibrating the scope on her Snipetron. From behind cover she surveys the facility back entrance below them.



Yanmei carefully traces Shinook’s scout path from afar and tallies his confirmed kills on her communicator. She is impressed by the Ash’s stealth assassination skills and she smiles as she shakes her head. She also laughs a little while noticing the sound of the clattering sound of Calhoun’s incessant checking of his Soma. She thought that the Excalibur sure was fidgety and impatient, without failing to track Shinook.


Shinook was finishing up on taking out the perimeter guards and Yanmei prepared to holster her Snipetron. As she was about to take out her Hikou, she notices the lights near Shinook flicker. She pause momentarily to look at it, but by then, all the lights in the area of Shinook flickered a second time. Yanmei’s eyes widened in horror as she realized that The Stalker was about to attack Shinook alone.


“Team! Condition Sierra Lima Bravo!” quickly shouted Yanmei into her communicator as she took out her Snipetron again. She kicks Calhoun into attention and the Excalibur accidentally executes a Super Jump from the surprise. Yanmei just shakes her head as she runs towards Shinook’s direction.


“Yanmei, take point midway. Seal his movements using cover fire.” Shyelle’s voice came out loud and clear from the communicator. As Yanmei nodded to the Trinity running from across twenty meters from her, Calhoun suddenly flew by Yanmei from above using a zip-line, and Yanmei chuckled for a moment while still running down the slopes. “Calhoun, support Shinook mid-range. Take point on Yanmei’s 10’o Clock. Leave the CQC to Shinook.”


“Affirmative” was the only reply Calhoun gave, showing sincerity.


“Shinook handle that scythe from Yanmei’s 2’o Clock. Avoid crossing her sights. I will provide close support from your 12.” Shyelle gave out orders and ended in a tone knowing that Shinook will follow.


The air suddenly got tense. A moment earlier the Excalibur was joking beside her, and now they are rushing towards the facility to confront the dreaded Stalker. And it was for good measure too. The Stalker has ended the lives of hundreds of Tenno, young and old alike. He has been known to wipe out entire cells completely. The question of why another Tenno would go against the Lotus is beyond the beliefs of most Tenno, but Yanmei has her doubts, for she has seen more than the usual. Still, the moment does not require such idle thoughts and shook it from her head.


She finally reached her cover spot; a small ledge from an 8 meter giant rock jutting from the ground. She takes point and sets up her Snipetron. After checking the batteries again and checking the charge gauge, she interfaces with the scope and begins another scan of the area. She calls out a “clear” on her communicator to inform Shyelle of her findings.


Her sights see Calhoun drop from the zip line and take point on a large crate on her 10’o Clock. He checks his clip and cocks his Soma. Another “clear” is heard from the communicator with Calhoun’s voice. The back entrance of the facility was a large open ship dock, yet the place was dead silent due to Shinook’s doing. Shinook did not report on the communicator, but Shyelle instead reported the all of them in position while Shyelle took point near Calhoun at Yanmei’s 11’o Clock


It seemed odd to Yanmei that there were no communications from the Stalker himself, but then she thought maybe Shinook was just being silent about it. Still, she cannot shake the feeling that there was something amiss and that she feared for her team. As she sighed deep and prayed that it was just a fluke, the lights flickered a third time, and in the middle of the area near the blast door a patch of smoke suddenly emerged violently.




Section 5


Yanmei thought that smoke acted oddly and differed from the reports that came back from the debriefing of survivors of Stalker attacks. Instead of a spherical smoke encircling a small area where the Stalker would appear, the smoke appears to be being pumped out from the ground. Dismissing the odd difference, she steadied her hands and compensated for windage. The cold temperature did not help with the situation, but that was to be expected.


“Guys, isn’t this taking a bit too long?” Calhoun asked on his communicator, noting that the smoke has been spewing out for more than a few seconds already.


“I know.” replied Shyelle. “I’m a survivor, and he’s never late. Still, stand your ground. We don’t know what tricks he might have.”


“Affirmative” said Yanmei. Yanmei then kept a close watch on the smoke patch when she suddenly caught sight of a glint of metal from afar. Already at odds with the eccentric events around her, she then reports to Shyelle. “Possible enemy sighting from above. Checking.”


“Affirmative. Proceed.” Yanmei heard Shyelle’s response.


Yanmei then proceeded to point and zoom in on the source of the metallic glint quickly approaching them. At first she thought that it might be a simple drone that she can shoot down, but then she was taken aback to see that it was the prototype Raptor, carrying something like an innocuous package.


Yanmei then shouted again on her communicator, “Alert, Raptor proxy sighted! Again, Raptor proxy sighted!”


“S#&$.” Calhoun merely cursed at their situation.


“When they said they’ve been reinforcing this place, they weren’t joking.” Shyelle finally spoke. “This is unprecedented, and we can’t handle this many threats. We’re aborting this mission. Go to extraction point Delta.”


As Yanmei was about to align her sights again to provide cover fire for her teammates on the ground, the Raptor suddenly sped up and dropped its cargo on the ground, aiming at the patch of smoke. She thought to herself what were the Corpus thinking of, trying to meddle with the Stalker. But then the base went on full alert.


Lotus came on the communicator, “You’ve been seen. Ready your weapons.”


“Lotus, we’re aborting. The Stalker and the Raptor are here. We need to re-assess our position.” Shyelle replied while running backwards with her Strun on the ready.


“Affirmative. Sending dropship to extraction point Foxtrot.” Lotus responded.


“Foxtrot?! That’s too far.” Shyelle exclaimed.


“Extraction points within a 2-kilometer radius of the facility has been swept and is being guarded by airborne gunships. Only extraction point Foxtrot is viable as it has not been found.” Lotus informs Shyelle.


“It’s a trap. Dammit! We fell for this Corp-” Shyelle’s statement was cut short but the abrupt crash of the package that the Raptor dropped on the smoke patch. After the loud crash, the smoke receded and fireworks blew up towards all directions. Then suddenly, a large Corpus crewman sporting a weird armor was blown upwards out of the smoke.


“AAAAAAAAARGGGHH!” The crewman shouted while in the air. “Ugh-” The crewman’s shouting was cut short by his face hitting the ground flat. The metal helmet’s flat face gave off sparks as it skidded forwards, and his momentum was stopped when his flat top banged the flat side of a crate.


After a few awkward seconds, the crewman stood up in a flash and placed his hands on his waist. Realizing his mistake, he then scampered back to the smoke patch and kneeled like a Tenno. Yanmei’s head tilted sideward from witnessing the odd scene, as she was too stupefied to say anything.



Section 6


“I AM YOUR SUNDERING!” blasted the audio speakers from within the facility. A faint whisper was then heard, “Hmm, did I get that right? Oh, yes, reckoning, it was reckoning. Damn.” Apparently, the oversized crewman donning a strange exoskeleton was whispering to himself.


Yanmei readies her Snipetron and checks on the strange Corpus. Standing up from his kneeling position, the man shakes his feet as if to invigorate them from getting asleep. He then shouts again on the speakers, “You Tenno shall pay for your past crimes! I, Derf Anyo, am your reckoning!” And the man signals a victory pose.


“Your past transgressions against my father, uhh, I mean Nef Anyo will not go unpunished!” and Derf Anyo then proceeds to draw an electrified scythe-like weapon. “This is Anger, and I shall smite th-” Derf Anyo was thrown aback as a bullet hit his helmet. Yanmei had had enough of the foolish man and fired to shut him up.


Derf Anyo stands up with a flip and shouts “You dare strike m-” Derf Anyo was sent flying again to the ground with a head shot.


“Yanmei, stop it. You know Corpus helmets withstand bullet fire.” Shyelle said through the communicator.


“I know perfectly well.” Yanmei replied, “I just wanted to shut the man up before we beat him to death.” Yanmei cocks her rifle again. Her Snipetron, specifically modified to deliver additional Impact damage, sent Derf Anyo flying several more times as Yanmei emptied her clip.


Calhoun and Shinook approach the dazed Derf Anyo and check for vitals. The man has survived, mainly due to his helmet and Yanmei’s accuracy, but the helmet was horribly deformed and the man wearing it was obviously vomiting from dizziness.


Calhoun retorts, “Remind me not to &!$$ you off later eh?”


Shyelle nods to them as a signal to withdraw, and they holster their weapons as they run towards Yanmei’s direction. Yanmei keeps her position so as to provide cover for the team.


Suddenly, a transmission hacks into the communicators of the Tenno squad. After some static noises, the communicator indicated the IFF of Alad V.


“So it seems the Betrayers have met Derf Anyo. Such an investment wasted on a talentless boy. And here I thought that Zankoku would be of some use today. Ahh, nevermind. But thank you dear Tenno, for donating to my latest venture. Zanuka, fetch!”


A high pitched machine roar then echoed through the air. Shyelle and the others were halfway up the hill where Yanmei took post when suddenly a shadow quickly burst forth from behind Yanmei. Sensing danger from behind, Yanmei immediately abandoned her Snipetron and drew her Hikou. She turned around, all the while throwing her blades towards the shadow creeping from behind.


The metallic implements merely bounced off the armor of the shadow as it sped towards the group. Yanmei holsters her Snipetron and instead falls back towards her team. The Tenno regroup and Shyelle checks their status. The shadow finally walks slowly into the daylight, and reveals a quadruped proxy pulsing with Tenno energy.


“Two new prototypes using Tenno technology. We must do everything to get back and report.” Shyelle comments. “Considering that the other prototype is not much of a threat, we’ll fall back into the facility instead and use extraction point Beta, using the escape pods in the facility itself.” That way, we can extract while avoiding conflict with the Raptor proxy and this other prototype. Go.” Shyelle ordered while still eyeing the still prowling quadruped.


The quadruped named Zanuka suddenly pounces towards the group, but then Shinook uses a smoke bomb. Zanuka lands on empty space and howls in frustration. It scans its surroundings and sees the team enter the facility. Yanmei gives the still downed Derf Anyo a kick before disappearing into the facility.



Section 7


The alarms kept on blaring as the Tenno squad carved themselves a path. Though Darvo provided a good amount of intelligence about the new facility, there were various inconsistencies and enemies were pouring from every hole.


“Reloading!” Yanmei shouted as she took out the clip from her Snipetron. The Fusion MOA she was preventing to get close took more shots than it regularly needed. Apparently, even the MOA’s deployed in the facility were reinforced.


Shinook suddenly appeared in front of Yanmei and covered her. Normally, Yanmei would be surprised, but they had been shooting down Corpus crewmen and MOA’s for well over an hour now and Shinook has covered her multiple times already. Shinook threw several shurikens to down two Rail MOA’s energizing their shots.


“I know you don’t want to hear this, but are we there yet?” asked Calhoun, as he shot through the droves of Mine Ospreys descending on them. “I’m getting low on ammo here.”


Yanmei knew that Calhoun’s small jest had a hint of sincerity in it, mostly since she agreed with the notion. They have been advancing much slower than anticipated, and the escape pod bay seems to be too far from the area designated from the intelligence they got.


Shyelle was lunging a Kama into a downed Corpus Technician when she answered. “No, we aren’t there yet. We are supposed to be there.” Shyelle’s usually cool demeanor absent, “It’s either Darvo sold us out, or this was an elaborate trap. I don’t trust Darvo, but I trust his greed.” Shyelle suddenly pulled out her Kama from the technician’s corpse and threw it into Yanmei’s direction. Yanmei simply held her sniping position while the Kama passed by the back of her head and sinks into a Fusion MOA jumping down for an ambush. Yanmei stood up as the MOA fell out a window and into a cliff below.


“Yanmei, you’re the best in hacking here and we’re being flooded by Corpus MOA’s, stop sniping and get to a terminal. Locate the nearest docking bay. I don’t care what ship you find, just find us one.” Shyelle then casts blessing to rejuvenate the team. Yanmei throws her Snipetron over to Shyelle with a nod and runs to find a terminal.



Minutes pass and Yanmei reports on the communicator. “Shyelle, I found a small maintenance craft. It’s located in Maintenance Bay 4, eight blocks south from where you stand.”


Feeling a wave of relief, Shyelle breathes easy and notions to his brother. Shinook was over the next corridor reviving Calhoun and nodded back. “Come back Yanmei, we’re getting out of here.”




Shyelle was surprised by the abrupt and sudden reply. It was unusual for Yanmei to be stubborn. “Yanmei, this isn’t the time for one of your mood swings. Let’s go.”


There was a small sigh heard over the communicator before Yanmei spoke. “I can’t. The craft is only a maintenance craft, the one’s we see hovering over Corpus facilities like worker bees. It’s small and unmanned.” There was a brief pause. “It has no controls on-board and only has a cramped cargo bay that will fit about three Tenno at most. You were right that it was a trap from the beginning. There are no ships in the base whatsoever. None at all. They were even jamming our connection to Lotus. You have to go and report this.”


“And what about you?! The hell I’m going to leave you here!” Shyelle shouted.


“I have to control the craft remotely from here. I’m actually in the maintenance control room. I’ve checked the terminals first, but there were no ships so I went to the nearest control room I could find. Fortunately, I found this place. Looking over the base schematics, the base was designed for something else. It definitely isn’t for mining or trade, since there are no docking bays, much less ships. You have to go, now.” Yanmei cut-off slowly.


Shyelle was about to collapse to her knees after Yanmei’s last words, but then Shinook caught her by the arm. Calhoun was up and providing cover, but remained silent. Shyelle nodded to her brother and walked towards the objective marker coordinates Yanmei sent.



After a few minutes, Shyelle and her two escorts walked down the corridor connecting to the maintenance bay. Shyelle suddenly felt a terrible foreboding as they walked, but she was more concerned about what would happen to Yanmei. Calhoun took point at the side of the blast doors as Shinook readied to open them.


What Shyelle saw then as they opened the door shocked her. The maintenance bay was flooded to the brim with heavily armored MOA’s. It was as if it were a wriggling, deafening sea of robotics that suddenly turned its gaze towards them. At the far back were several small crafts lined up on standby.


Shyelle closed her eyes for a moment, and then cast Blessing on her teammates. Yanmei’s voice crackled up from the communicator, “I’ve already disabled some of them, I still working on some, but they’ve really pulled out all the stops for us this time.”


Calhoun suddenly chuckled, “And I thought you didn’t have a sense of humor. Well, boss,” Calhoun turned to Shyelle, “what do we do?”


Suddenly, Shinook executed a Blade Storm and decimated as many Corpus as he can. Shyelle ran while saying “Well you saw what he did, we do that. If you get downed, I’m leaving you behind.” Shyelle then took out Yanmei’s Snipetron as her own primary weapon had given out.


Calhoun sighs and shakes his head. “Great. Everybody’s a comedian now. Oh well.” Calhoun starts by executing a Radial Blind then jumps into the fray. Yanmei only smiles as she watched from the Maintenance Control Room monitors, ignoring the pounding sounds on the blast doors behind her.



Only a few meters away from the maintenance craft Yanmei prepped, the rest of the Tenno squad was now low on energy and no longer had ammunition. As the three regrouped on top of the littered robotic parts, a whole wave of Fusion MOA’s suddenly lined up in front of them and prepared to attack.


“Well they certainly don’t want us to leave, huh?” Calhoun joked.


“I think they like seeing you on the floor, hence the Fusion MOA’s.” All eyes were on Shinook, when he suddenly spoke. “Let me guess, you guys thought I’m mute or something huh?”


Yanmei spoke on the communicator, “Well yeah, I mean, it’s the first time I heard you talk. Never thought you’d joke too.”


“Oh he’s talkative actually.” Shyelle responded. “And he’s got a better sense of humor than someone who’s always flooring it.” Chuckled Shyelle, as she teased Calhoun.


“Well anyways, this maybe our last time talking while standing, so I thought-” Shinook was laughing when he got cut off by Calhoun.


“Okay, okay, enough already. It was only twice anyway.” Calhoun’s voice hinted irritation. “What about that?” Calhoun referred to the defensive line the Fusion MOA’s made. But before Shyelle could say anything, Calhoun sped into action. “To hell with it! My father was a Rhino, and I always kept this one thing secret. Shyelle, Shinook, get ready.” Shyelle and Shinook was laughing, but then shrugged their shoulders and followed suit.


Calhoun stood in front of the defensive line. As soon as the siblings were beside him, he let out a shout, and then executed what seems to be Slash Dash. Shyelle tried to stop him, but then Shinook pointed something out. “Sister, he’s not holding a sword.”


As Calhoun was speeding up towards the defensive line, the Fusion MOA’s readied to stomp the ground with their Impact attack, expecting to knock back the Excalibur. The Fusion MOA’s simultaneously initiate their attack, but the Excalibur was unaffected, and tore the defensive line instead. Calhoun had executed a Rhino skill, the Rhino Charge.


Shyelle was shocked at first, but was then motioned by Shinook to quickly follow the path that Calhoun opened. They ran as fast as they could behind Calhoun as the Excalibur expended what remained of his energy reserves. They had cleared more than half of the defensive line when Calhoun collapsed and exhausted, Shyelle and picked him up while Shinook provided cover.


“Well that was impressive. I think I might have changed my opinion of you, Calhoun.”


“Then I guess it is mission complete for me. I finally got your attention.”


Shyelle was suddenly embarrassed and was about to say something when Shinook spoke out loud, “In your dreams floor wipe.” After an awkward moment of silence, everybody was laughing. Yanmei’s laugh resounded on the communicator.


The defensive line was suddenly reforming and was instead circling them. Shinook was taking hits and Shyelle quickly rose to her feet. Before she could do anything, Calhoun’s hands shoved her towards Shinook.


“Go, you two. Let’s pick this up when you come back for us.” Calhoun said as he raised his melee weapon. “Shyelle, I volunteered for this mission when I saw you sign up. It was well worth it.” Calhoun nodded to Shinook, and then executed Radial Javelin by draining all of his suit energy. The skill decimated the defensive line for a second time, but by the time Shyelle fell into Shinook’s hands, Shinook had teleported the two of them unto the maintenance craft.


*Initiating maintenance override. Granted. Craft emergency evacuation procedures engaged*


“We’ll be waiting you guys.” Yanmei’s cheerful voice resounded in the communicator, but was then followed by the sound of a loud crash. Shyelle stopped herself from crying and instead tried closed the cargo bay doors of the launching craft as Shinook fell exhausted from overextending his teleport. She took a last look at Calhoun being tossed around in the air by the multiple Impact attacks, and smiled as she saw Calhoun still managed to wave goodbye before disappearing into the mass of enemies surrounding him.


The craft had cleared the Maintenance Bay doors when suddenly it rocked as if something landed on it, followed by a high pitched machine roar. It was certainly the quadruped they encountered earlier, and Shyelle looked at his collapsed brother. She tried to stand up and managed to open the cargo bay doors, but it was slammed shut on her face and she thrown back. The craft suddenly began flying straight and a pained screeching noise was heard from the outside, falling down farther and farther from the ship. Shyelle turned around only to horridly find out that she was alone in the ship.




Section 8


Darvo managed a smile, but his left cheek was still hurting. Shyelle’s punch sent him flying, but then he sighed, knowing that it was always that way with his dealings with the Tenno. He was rubbing his cheeks when he finally reached the secluded meditation garden that Bavita was waiting in.


He stood by the large doors and let the camera sensor scan him. The sensors beeped and switched colors to green before opening the doors. The doors were then wide open, but due to procedure, he dared not enter immediately.


“Identify yourself.” A chorus of corpus voices resounded from within the garden. Darvo rolled his eyes, thinking that the camera had already scanned him yet the garden guards still question him. He sighs as he prepares himself.


“I am Darvo La Jutus. Merchant designation under the previous President.  Reporting to the summons of the Reverend Priestess.” Darvo responded.


“Let him in. I summoned him.” A soft voice spoke.


“Yes, your Reverence.” The voices respond.


“Leave us. I wish to test the merchant.” The soft voice demanded.


“Yes, your Reverence.” The voices respond and fade away.


Darvo walks in and shakes his head while avoiding the closing doors behind him. He never had any liking towards these Corpus procedures. Though thoroughly disciplined in his past life, Darvo comments to himself that the Corpus procedures lacked purpose.


He had walked the pathways in this garden often, but has always been captivated by the only organic material that the Corpus made. He made way for the center of the garden, and as he expected, the priestess sat on a pillow with her eyes closed.


“You called, your Reverence?” Darvo calls out with sarcasm.


“Darvo.” The priestess spoke.


“Yes, your Reverence?”


“Uncle Darvo!” The woman clad in white robes suddenly stands up and hugs Darvo, all the while sobbing like a child. Darvo rolls his eyes for a second time.


“Come on, Calypso. How old are you again? And besides, it’s unsightly for a priestess. Hush. Tell me about it.”


Calypso looks at him and pouts. Darvo rolls his eyes a third time. “Okay, okay. Fine. You do this every single time.” Darvo sighs and starts over. “Okay Calypso, tell Uncle Darvo what happened.”


Calypso lightens up and breaks away from her embrace. She walks away from Darvo and pulls away her robe, only to reveal her naked body. Darvo is unhinged and stands impatiently. Calypso then quickly activates her semi-frame and sits down like a child on her pillow.


“Could you, like, stop doing that?” Darvo spoke donning a disapproving look.


“Aww, Uncle Darvo, am I finally getting to you? I’m taken you know.” Calypso giggles.


“And here you are giggling right after crying like a child. Can we stop that? Ahhh.” Darvo rubs his eyes. “Besides, you’re my niece. My actual niece. Your father is my youngest sibling. How many times do I have to tell you? Do that to your fiancé, and perhaps it’ll work.”


“You mean Orzhov? I can’t find him lately.” Calypso starts sobbing again.


“Orzhov? What do you mean by Orzhov? He’s your cousin and adopted brother for crying out loud. You’re engaged to Agnus Ruk if I recall correctly.” Darvo always had headaches when talking to his niece.


“That’s just for show you know.  And besides, Agnus is boring. Grineer glory this. Grineer power that. Ugh, all he talks about are his glorious parents and the Grineer.” Calypso blows air through her nose.


“Well, all Grineer are like that. What’d you expect?” Darvo raised an eyebrow.


“I know. But it, I mean, he, is just-” Calypso shivered “I dunno, icky?”


“An icky Grineer? That’s my first time hearing that. I don’t think they use normal body fluids anymore.” Darvo looks aside in thought.


“And good riddance for that. I’d never sleep with, with, that. Eww.” Calypso crossed her arms.


Darvo rubbed his face multiple times. “Well technically, he’s your step-cousin.” Darvo blurted out while rubbing his temples.


“My what?” Calypso’s eyebrows met.


Darvo noticed his mistake, as he remembered that it was a secret that Agni was previously the consort of the Ruk Clan head. “Nothing. Forget about it. And what was that you said about Orzhov?” Darvo tried to change the topic.


“Oh that. Hihihi.” Calypso giggled like a little girl. Darvo was immediately reminded of her late mother. “I recently found out that my father, my real one, was planning to have me marry Orzhov.” Calypso then hummed a tune.


“Dahaka found out about you? We’re in deep trouble then. Why didn’t you tell-”


“No. Relax uncle.” Calypso frowned. “You’re such a worrier, despite your pretentious mask of being a Corpus Merchant. I just, you know, heard Orzhov talk to himself in the bath.”


“And what were you doing in Orzhov’s bath?” Darvo crossed his arms.


“Well…” Calypso blushed.


“Well, what?” Darvo demanded.


“I’m still a virgin. Don’t ask those questions of a girl, Uncle Darvo!” Calypso covered her face.


“I didn’t ask that!” Darvo wrenched his hands out and shouted. He paced around and tried to calm down. Darvo always regretted talking his only niece. It was a headache to handle her, and wondered how Alad V kept up with her antics. He then felt sorry for Orzhov.


“Enough of this. I’m already taking up too much time.” Darvo finally found a bench and sat down. “What of Alad V? I heard through the lines that he’s gone missing. Ran away with a lot of resources and went into hiding. What do you have?”


Calypso, still red faced, tried to talk. “I don’t have the specifics, but it seems he has taken all of the ‘harvest’ from Zanuka and left off to sell them on his own. I know he has other connections, but the board has had enough of his off the book transactions, so they replaced him.”


“With Frohd Ber?” Darvo followed up.


“Yes. With the fat bastard.” Calypso pouted to the side.


Darvo chuckled at her insult, but then resumed his serious tone. “Well this is a problem. I’m currently registered as your eldest adoptive brother. As such, I am part of the assets owned by Alad V. If Frohd Ber takes over Alad V’s accounts, I become Frohd’s adoptive son.”


“But I’m not. I only care about Uncle Alad and Orzhov though, no offense to you of course.” Calypso retorted.


“And how is that not offensive? Haaah” Darvo breathes low, “Anyways, even if Orzhov is exempt, Frohd Ber will gain access to all of our data, including our DNA profiles. Orzhov, you and I will be exposed as-”


“Orzhov will be exposed?! Then I won’t be able to marry him? Can I still marry Uncle Alad?” Calypso suddenly shot off questions.


Darvo replied with a frown, “You really don’t care about me huh?” Darvo shakes his head, “Anyways, you should know this things, you’re a priestess.” Darvo paused, “But yes, Orzhov will be found out and will be chased out. As will I, but that doesn’t matter, right?”


“Oh uncle Darvo, I know your preferred client will keep you. Hihihihi.”


“I should have known better to care about you. You are your mother’s daughter.” Darvo stood up from the bench he was sitting on and headed for the door.


“Where are you going Uncle?” Calypso asked, “I’m just joking you know.”


“I know. But I already have a headache. And besides, I have to track down where Alad V is. I don’t suppose you know where he is really.”


“No, not really. I swear. But I know where to get the information.”


“Oh really?” Darvo turns back to face her gain. “Please indulge me, your Reverence, but where do you propose to acquire such evasive information?” Darvo sarcastically bows.


“This for that, Uncle Darvo. We are Corpus aren’t we? We trade.” Calypso smiles.


“Very well,” Darvo smiles in return, “what are your terms, your Reverence?”


“I’ll get you the information on Alad V, on the terms that you save him?” Calypso maintains a straight face.


“Very well, your Reverence, I accept those terms.” Darvo replies.


“That’s it?! No retorts? No complaints? No, no, ‘I have a headache’ from you?” Calypso was surprised by the prompt reply.


“My dear Priestess, business is business. A Corpus merchant is always serious about profit.”




Section 9


“Could you tell me again why the Ruk are you tagging along?!” Darvo asked as he started the engines of his ship.


“Well we’re going to my contact, and besides, you’re depowered now, I have to protect you Uncle Vadju-, sorry, I meant Uncle Darvo.” Calypso giggled at teasing the merchant.


Darvo merely squinted his eyes and grumbled as he punched the codes for clearing his take off. After  a few moments from clearing Neptune airspace, Darvo engaged the locking mechanism for his ship to connect to the Solar Rails.


“Run this plan over me again. You plan to personally escort me on a rescue mission on Jupiter, right? And this rescue target is your contact.” Darvo asked while punching several buttons on his overhead panel.


“Hmmm, more or less.” Calypso replied.


“What do you mean more or less? This is Jupiter we’re talking about. It’s run over by the Infested, and worse, it’s close to Earth. Do you want your father finding you out?” Darvo exclaimed while still calibrating his ship.


“It’s a, what do you call it, ‘a need to know basis’ stuff. Yeah, that’s right” Calypso replied while checking her whip and cleaning it. She then put it aside and stood up. Darvo found the odd sounds from behind him curious and looked back, only to see Calypso fully naked again.


“If you wanted to peek, you should have just asked you know.” Calypso placed her hands on her waist.


Darvo closed his eyes and shook his head. “I gave you baths as a baby you know. And I remember those awful times fully since Alad V could not take care of you.” Darvo then turned his gaze back to his console, “I know you’ve heard this a lot, but why are you naked again?”


“I’m reversing the polarity on my frame. I maybe a chimaera like my father and my dear Orzhov, but I’ve only received partial instruction from my dear, dear brother. Teehee!” Calypso giggled.


Darvo retorted, “I imagine you only peeped on Orzhov as he practiced at his place, am I right?”


“Hmph.” Darvo could feel the anger from the energy emanations behind him.


“Well anyways, what does getting naked have to do with changing polarities? I’ve seen Dahaka and Orzhov change polarities on their own.” Darvo sarcastically added.


Calypso, with eyes closed, took some time to herself first before giving a response. She then reactivated her frame that sported a blue and purple energy tone. It was only after finally materializing her helmet did she respond to Darvo’s inquiry.


“Well, I’m not really used to controlling two energy sources at once. So I have to rescind one frame first, reverse my polarity, then materialize the new frame.” Calypso explained nonchalantly. “Father and Orzhov are accustomed to handling both their energy sources, so they can reverse their energy polarities while the Frame is out.”


“So basically you’re saying you don’t have the focus to multi-task, right?” Darvo stifled a laugh.


“You’re getting back at me, aren’t you, Uncle?” Calypso spoke in an angry voice.


Darvo could not help but chuckle. “I would never imagine such a thing, your Reverence.” Darvo then quickly pushed the button to engage the boosters on his ship. Caught by surprise, Calypso stumbled down unto a seat in the passenger bay. With Calypso cursing under her breath, Darvo enjoyed the rest of the drive to Jupiter.



Section 10


Darvo spent of the time on the Corpus ship cowering behind cover. Calypso seemed to be enjoying herself butchering the hundreds of Infested coming at them, and she was also laughing on the communicator, apparently at the defenceless status Darvo is in. The tables have turned, and Darvo was the one muttering curses under his breath.


Calypso had instructed him to dock unto a Corpus ship not informing him it was being overrun by the Infested. As soon as the two stepped off in the docking bay, the Infested immediately ran after them. Darvo, depowered, had no choice but to depend on Calypso.


“I’m willing to bet a whole Orokin Vault that she’s enjoying this.” Darvo whispered to himself. Darvo then contacted Calypso via communicator, since Warframes do not exude any vocal sounds. “Well, we’re here now. So who is this contact that you’re talking about? Care to tell me why I’m risking my neck here?”


“You’re an excuse, Uncle. Nothing more than an alibi.”


“An alibi?” Darvo himself was puzzled. “Care to explain?”


“No need. We’re about to meet my contact. He’s the owner of this ship” Calypso refused.


Darvo immediately pondered about the Corpus ship. I was a Cruiser Class, and one of the bigger ones at that. It could only mean that the person would be a high executive. Darvo stepped out when he no longer heard any Infested screams around him and followed Calypso, but was then surprised as he beheld the door that Calypso led him to. He knew the insignia on the door, and as Darvo angrily turned around to question her, Calypso was nowhere to be found.


As he was to retrace his steps, the thickened security doors of the Bridge opened, with Frohd Ber himself stepping out first. Darvo immediately took poise and bowed.


Frohd Ber walked up to him and started with a pained voice. From the looks of it, Frohd Ber had suffered an attack on his person, for he was showing damage on his suit and bandages on his throat.


“Darvo, you worm, what are you doing here? Can’t Alad V come himself and face me?” Frohd Ber strained to speak.


Before Darvo could think of an excuse, Calypso’s soft voice echoed from behind him. Darvo instantly figured out what Calypso was planning. Calypso planned to come to Frohd Ber herself and use Darvo as an alibi for getting this far with the Infested around. Darvo tried to hide his smile while maintaining his bowing stance.


“Hush, Executive Frohd Ber. I commissioned Darvo to take me here.” The priestess alter ego of Calypso explained.


Frohd Ber was taken aback and bowed in return. “Your Reverence! An honor it is to meet with you. Please excuse my words.”


The priestess spoke while continuing to walk towards the insides of the bridge, passing Darvo and Frohd Ber by outside the door. “You are not at fault, Executive. I came here of my accord, regardless of the dangers. Come let us inside, where is safe.” She entered the bridge and sat on the Captain’s seat.


Frohd Ber gave Darvo a menacing look before following inside. Darvo followed suit as the last person to enter the room. After Darvo enters, the Priestess herself pushes the button on the Captain’s panel to seal the room. After a moment of awkward silence, Frohd Ber breaks the silence with a question.


“You Reverence,” Frohd Ber touching his neck, “this might be inappropriate to ask, but I must inquire as to what your business is with me. This area is far from safe, and a manhunt does not suit a Priestess of the Temples.”


The priestess smiled in his direction but did not look him in the eye. “You are correct, Executive. And I gather that you are also curious as to how I got here, am I correct?”


“Yes, your Reverence.” Frohd Ber answers.


“It is simple, Executive. My able guard, not that flimsy merchant over there,” the Priestess motioned to the still bowed Darvo, “escorted me here. The merchant merely provided the means of stealthy transport. My guard is still out there, cleaning the ship.”


“A Tenno, your Reverence?” Frohd Ber hesitatingly asked.


“Are you insinuating that I have a Betrayer in my fold, Executive?” quickly demanded the Priestess, her voice slightly menacing yet still soft.


“Ah no, no, your Reverence. It is just that, our sensors picked up several energy readings.” Frohd Ber was clearly panicked and bowed again.


“I have my ways, Executive, as you have yours. It would not be wise to inquire about it.” The Priestess stood up from the chair and paced around, “But let us not be bothered by these trifle matters, Executive. I have a commission for you.”


Frohd Ber looks up sheepishly and answers, “A-Anything, your Reverence.”


“Indeed.” The priestess smiled again. “Again, it is quite simple, Executive. So simple that this merchant here can do it.” She walked towards Darvo, and Darvo bit his lips. “But I need someone with, expertise. That is why, I come to you, Executive.”


Frohd Ber struggles with his injured neck. “I am honoured, your Reverence. Please enlighten me further.”


“I shall. But first, open your communicators to the Betrayers. We have work for the dogs.” And the Priestess sat on the Captain’s seat again.



Section 11


“Your Reverence, I do not comprehend.” Frohd Ber comments.


“Understandable.” The Priestess sighed, “I shall then enlighten you first. Darvo, fetch us some tea. You are capable of that, am I correct?”


“Yes, your Reverence. Please excuse me.” Darvo left, thinking of how to get back at Calypso later on.


“Now that the worm is away,” the Priestess paused, “we can talk business. Take a seat, Executive.” Frohd Ber takes a seat promptly and listens to the woman in charge. “The forces you brought are insufficient, Executive. You do not fight two factions at once, remember this. You let them fight each other. Alad V has anticipated your arrival and set the Infested upon you.”


Frohd Ber merely nods, and she continues “In retaliation, and to prevent further loss, we bring another faction to do the work for us. The Betrayers are especially adept at handling the Infested garbage, are they not? Contact them, and dangle a small reward in their face, that seems to be effective on them. These Betrayers also have interest in regaining some of their comrades from Alad V, but we shall let them lose some of their numbers in the process.”


“A brilliant plan, your Reverence!” Frohd Ber exclaims.


“We know of the Betrayers’ barbaric ways, and I see that it is only fit to let loose such barbarism on Alad V, is it not? Let the Betrayers deal with a traitor.” The Priestess smiles while tilting her head to the side.


“I understand now, your Reverence! I thank you for enlightening me!”


“It is of no consequence, Executive. I only ask that you hasten to your task. If you do, you shall have my support in the upcoming election.” She looks at Frohd Ber directly.


“That, that is great news, your Reverence! I am honoured to be at your service. But if I may be bold, I would like to-” Frohd Ber cut short his statement when he saw the Priestess’ hand rise to stop.


“Curious as to why I am going against my adoptive father? Your curiosity is well placed. Let us say, he holds several assets that I do not want to fall unto, unscrupulous hands. You do understand that a family head holds all relevant data over all his children. If you take over his assets, well, I suppose I can trust you?”


“Uhh, y-yes, of course, your Reverence! Say no more of the matter.” Frohd Ber suddenly chokes because of his neck injury.


“Good. Very well then, plot a course outside Jupiter territory and get me out of the presence of these dreadful Infested.” The Priestess turns the chair she was on around, before mentioning a last question, “Where is that worm Darvo? I require my tea.” Calypso then laughed to herself.




Section 12


“Frohd Ber had some juicy information for us. Why didn’t you get this information beforehand, brother?” Agni questioned Darvo.


“I was there when he found out. I had problems sneaking out of his ship, if you can imagine that.” Darvo responded while being busy on the calibration panels.


“Do you think Derald has found out that I’m still alive?” Agni asks again.


“And what? Are you going to go back to your ex? Please spare me. And don’t call him Derald, it’s Alad V now. Derald is dead.” Darvo noted.


Agni was silenced by the remark. She then thought about Yanmei and tried to talk, but Darvo already anticipated the question.


“I don’t know. If you’re asking if she’s alive, I honestly don’t know. But it would be an indication that Yanova might be alive if your secret was suddenly disseminated.” Darvo still worked efficiently on the panels.


“You’re worried aren’t you?” Agni teases.


“And why would I be worried? The woman has done everything to spite me.” Darvo finally looks at Agni. Agni was surprised to see that Darvo could manipulate the panels without looking at it. Darvo resumed his work quietly.


“Well you always purse your lips when you worry, like what you’re doing right now.” Agni points out to her brother.


Darvo takes notice of his mouth, stops, and looks away. “So what’s the plan? Your Tenno have already finished clearing out Frohd Ber’s ships. Any ideas how to infiltrate the base?” Darvo finally presses the last button for the calibration procedure.


Agni shakes her head as she reassembles her body into the Nelumbi frame. After a moment, she completes taking her complete form and speaks in Lotus’ voice. “Well Frohd Ber has held up his part of the bargain. He has given us the location of the Gas City, well, cities to be exact. And this time, I’m sending some of my best to handle the mission.”


“Is that so?” Darvo retorted, but the idea of sending Orzhov himself popped up again. Unfortunately, he thought, that Orzhov had been missing also, following the disappearance of Alad V. He could only hope that Orzhov himself would not interfere with this operation. He had tried to question Dahaka himself what became of his pupil, but Dahaka was unresponsive to his summons in his lair. It occurred to Darvo that Dahaka himself might have plans of his own.


He was so absorbed in self-thought that he did not notice the woman waiting outside the blast doors of the maintenance room. He was caught by surprise, but before he could do or say anything, Lotus spoke up beside him.


“Shyelle, what is your business with me?” Lotus asked.


“Mistress Lotus, I humbly ask to participate in the rescue mission we are about to launch.” Shyelle bowed and kneeled before Lotus.


Darvo merely raised his hands and walked away from the conversation. Lotus turned her attention to the Tenno and motioned her to stand up. “Walk with me.” Was her only reply.


After moments later, Lotus stopped by a window and began to talk. “Is this about your brother, Shyelle? I cannot risk sending a Tenno with a clouded mind on a mission, especially a mission of this importance.”


“I understand, my Mistress. But I have meditated about it, and concluded it is not vengeance that I seek, but redemption. Not only for our comrades, but for myself. If anything else, my Mistress, I am determined.” Answered Shyelle.


Lotus looked at her for a long time, and yielded. “Very well. But know this, you are not in lead this time as you usually am. The Mordecai siblings, Bilshan’s sons, Kargadan and Farsi will be with you, as well as Eindar Tosen, Yanmei’s own cousin.”


“Thank you, my Mistress.” Shyelle bows again.


“No need. I had already considered you as a part of the team since we would obviously need an experienced Trinity bearer in the team. Take heed that Farsi, the elder of the brothers, will take lead. The two are renowned for their ability to wreak havoc, especially on the Corpus.” Lotus pointed out.


“Yes, my Mistress. I know of them. Farsi is the current leading Volt bearer, while Kargadan is one of the most brutal Rhino’s in record.” Shyelle agrees.


“Correct. I am not reserving anything to chance for this mission.”


“As for Tosen, I believe she is one of the best Banshee pathfinders, if I remember correctly.”


“Yes.” Lotus nods, “I chose her specifically for this task. You and Tosen are to provide support to the brothers. Tosen will provide logistics and mapping, you will provide medical and communications support. You are to report to mission briefing immediately. Dismissed.”


Shyelle merely bows and runs to the briefing room. Lotus watches her walk away, and then walks by herself towards her communications hub.



Section 13


After only a few minutes of successfully infiltrating the Gas City, the Tenno Squad immediately finds a section that is heavily guarded by the Corpus. On radio silence, Farsi motions that he will initiate an attack. This due to the fact that the succeeding portions of the city is no longer accessible by stealth. He asks the team to make one final check of their gear, and once everybody was finished, Farsi draws out his Kunai.


He spots two corpus crewmen and throws a Kunai each on their heads. The two fall down quick and Farsi speeds into action. Within two seconds, he had killed several Corpus without drawing his rifle. Shyelle did not want to fall behind the veterans and quickly dispatched a handful of Corpus with her new Orthos double headed spear. Tosen quickly climbs a wall post and dispatches a wave of Corpus crewmen on the second floor of the hallway they were in.


Shyelle turns around, only to be surprised by seeing Kargadan dispose of the Corpus with his bare hands. As Kargadan clears the remaining Corpus in the final hallway, the alarms finally blare and Farsi motions them to move. They reach the end of the final corridor and Farsi disables a whole wave of MOA’s with a single instance of Shock.


“Of course, the Lotus sends her mute peasants to disrupt my business.” Alad V spoke as revealed himself to the squad with a Mag bearer at his mercy. “So please, come closer. Let me introduce my latest line of robotics.” Farsi looked to Tosen for information about the Mag that was being held by Alad V at the time, and Tosen confirmed that it was Yanmei.


Alad V continued as he started to engage the strange apparatus on his neck, “Hybridized, with Warframe components.” The apparatus folds out and beeps, all the while the shadowy figure that Shyelle remembers stands up. Alad V’s voice resounds through the hall, “Zanuka, kill!”


The shadowy figure wakes up and jumps into the light, revealing a sleek quadruped that had strange attachments on its front shoulders. Moments after it lands, its tail shoots what it seems to be an Anti-Matter Drop from a Nova. The Squad is taken by surprise and is blasted away from each other.


As Shyelle was forced on the floor by the blast, Zanuka suddenly jumps on top of her. Fortunately, Zanuka is repelled by shots from Kargadan’s shotgun Hek before it could do any damage to Shyelle. Farsi immediately covered his brother with his Soma while he reloaded his shotgun. Zanuka merely evaded the shots, climbed up a column, and executed a ground attack that pushed the brothers back.


Farsi anticipated that the robot would execute a ranged attack and so he put up an Electric Shield while Kargadan activated his Iron Skin. The actions though had little effect, as the ranged energy attack Zanuka made only cancelled the abilities of the brothers. Alad V was giggling at the hardship of the Tenno while he anxiously anticipated the activation of the dismembering device that held Yanmei in place.


Shyelle immediately pulled out the Snipetron that Yanmei gave to her and started shooting at Zanuka. The quadruped proved to be too agile to hit, and Tosen joined the fight. In spite of the two Tennos shooting at it, Zanuka evaded the attacks and lunged at Shyelle. Shyelle barely managed to fend it off using a charged attack of her Orthos.


After careful examination, Tosen deduced the weakspot of Zanuka and drew out her throwing glaive. She hurled it towards Zanuka, and the quadruped evaded it with ease, not knowing that it was aimed originally at the device on Alad V’s neck. The glaive deactivates the apparatus and Zaunka powers down.


Not missing the opportunity, Kargadan lets out a Roar then executes a Rhino Stomp. Disabled and vulnerable in mid-air, Shyelle casts Energy Vampire on the quadruped to replenish her team’s energy reserves. Fully recovered, Farsi draws most of his energy and executes Overload, completely shutting down Zanuka and releasing Yanmei from her bonds. Finally down on the floor, Kargadan jumps on the quadruped, pounds and rips it apart using his bare hands, splitting the robot what was left in half.


Alad V recovers himself with disgust for the Tenno, “Ugh, you savages! By my own hand, the Void will devour you! Aghk-”


The former Corpus executive suddenly found himself unable to move and hovering in the air. The Mag bearer he held captive was up on its feet and had used its magnetic powers on him. Yanmei, finally able to fight, used Pull and sent Alad V crashing into the large glass window behind them.


“Aghh. No…” Alad V screamed as fell down to the gas planet below.


Afterwards, Yanmei merely looked at the shattered window, and then to her rescuers.




Section 14


Darvo stealthily approached the Gas City with his own ship. He had just finished the calibrations on Agni and sped through the Solar Rails to accomplish his side of the operation. He lied to his sister, or rather, he did not answer her question thoroughly. He merely said the truth that he acquired the coordinates at the same time as Frohd Ber.


He now awaited the Tenno Squad that was to storm the place and he lay in wait. He had only been waiting for a few minutes when he was surprised to hear the alarms blaring in the facility. He immediately rushed for the coordinates where Yanmei was most likely being held and tried to get a hold of her communicator frequency.


“Hello? Hello?!” Darvo shouted. The line connected, but there was no response. Darvo thought that Yanmei was most likely under the effects of an energy drain. “Yanova, respond. Just grunt or something if you can hear me.”


Darvo positioned his craft below the Gas City, with Yanmei’s signal directly above him. Finally, after a few more attempts, a light groan was heard on the communicator. Darvo’s heart skipped a beat and he felt relieved that Yanmei was still alive.


“Yanova, look, you’re under the effects of energy drain. You have to listen to me. Respond if you understand.” Darvo shouted.


“Stop, shouting.” Yanmei managed to talk.


Darvo smiled. “Good, you can still joke. At least you can think.”


“Jerk.” Yanmei replied.


Darvo rolled his eyes. Yanmei was dying, but was still able to insult him. “Thank you. Now listen, the Energy Siphon is generally set to a broad frequency spectrum. If you can focus on charging your energy outside the spectrum, you could at least conserve some of it. Do you understand?”


There was no response.


“Yanmei!” Darvo was growing nervous.


“Dammit, I said don’t shout. My head hurts! Give me a moment!” Yanmei screamed.


Darvo rubbed his face. “Honestly.” He said to himself.


“Okay, okay, I get it.” Yanmei’s begrudged voice responded. “I’ll try.”


“Great.” Darvo sighed, “Stay put, help is on the way.”


“Stay put huh? As if I could get out. And honestly, this guys is your boss? And what help? You? I must be dying already to dream up stuff.” Yanova comments.


“Yes, stay put, pretend to be asleep. Yes he is my boss. Yes there is help coming. Unfortunately, no, I’m not going there to die and rescue the damsel in distress. And…” Darvo cut off.


Yanmei was curious, her consciousness slowly coming back. “And what?”


“And you dream of me? I’m flattered.” Darvo joked.


“The gall on this Corpus merchant!” Yanmei’s angry voice echoed through the communicator.


Darvo laughed heartily to his content, but then crashing sounds began echoing from the communicator. He hacks into the security cameras only to watch the intense fight between Zanuka and the Tenno.


“Uhh, Yanmei, get ready.” Darvo notes, “You’ll have your energy reserves back once you’re free of those bonds. And one just note.”


“What? They’re already finishing up here.”


“He is my boss. Could you, like, not massacre him like you do with me and throw him around like a doll? Make it quick I guess.” Darvo asks.


“You wish.” Yanmei refused.


Darvo merely smiles secretly.


A moment later, he hears the screaming of Alad V through the communicator. He had used reverse psychology on Yanmei and tricked her into throwing Alad V out the window. Darvo sped into action to open up the passenger bay of his ship and caught Alad V safely with an installed safety net.


“Well, hello, boss. How are we doing today?” Darvo joked as he closed the bay doors and plugged in coordinates for the ship’s auto-pilot.


“Huh? Darvo? What are you doing here?” Alad V was still smoking from his encounter with the Tenno. Darvo thought they must have roughed him up, as there was still glass embedded on his forehead. Darvo laughed at Yanmei.


“No questions. Personally, I would have left you to die. But a trade’s a trade.” Darvo replied. “Just thank Bavita later. Oh and yeah…”


Alad V, still confused asked “What?”


“I quit.” Darvo punches Alad V unconscious and sets him on a stretcher, then drives away.




Final Section


“Aaaaah, it’s finally over.” Frohd Ber’s pained voice rasped, “Zanuka and Zankoku are finally mine.” He laughs in his pained voice as his eyes focus on the numbers running through his monitor screen. Standing in his office overlooking Neptune, the once friend of Alad V is now happily rubbing his hands together as the numbers on his monitor keeps on growing.


Still laughing in his raspy voice, a voice from the door surprises him. “I’m sure you’re quite happy with the results, eh, Director Frohd Ber?” The Oracle’s sultry voice, seemingly innocuous, was coming from the white robed woman across the room.


She stepped forward for a few meters when the lights in the room suddenly flickered. “The Oracle tilts her head and notes, “You might want to get that checked, but I believe you no longer have the time anymore.” The Oracle smiled.


“My Mistress,” Frohd Ber stood from his chair in respect. “I must thank you for your, guidance. Without your advice, I might have not reached my goal.” Frohd Ber bowed his head. He hated the woman, thinking that women are below men, as is within Corpus culture, but he merely smiled to himself thinking that she would be his next target. “I must say this though, my Mistress, I never thought that you would go against your own fath-” Frohd Ber corrected himself, “I apologize, I meant I never thought that you would advise untoward Alad V. I had thought the man had your, well, faith.”


Faith is a fickle thing, as are women, Director.” The Oracle replies coldly. The lights flickered a second time. The Oracle merely looked up to the sides of her eyes without moving an inch. “Well, Director, I just passed by to congratulate you. I have business to attend to, and I just wanted to see you before you go your way.” She then turns slowly around towards the door.


Frohd Ber, with his head still bowed, mutters, “Thank you my Mistress. Farewell.”


“Farewell, indeed.” says The Oracle as she turns her head while walking under the archway of the door. She continues walking and disappears.


Alone to himself again, Frohd Ber sits down and laughs. “That $#*(@. Acting like she owns the place. I’ll finish taking Alad V’s assets in order, and then-” the lights flickered a third time, but Frohd Ber ignored it and continued, “and then, I’ll pay attention to her afterwards, when I have the time.” He then laughed heartily again.


But he did not have the time to notice the Tenno with the poised scythe behind him.




Darvo was calibrating the Nelumbi maintenance equipment when Yanmei walked in.


“You’re early. Lotus hasn’t finished her meeting yet. I’m just-” Darvo was surprised then as he was lifted up by Yanmei using her powers. “Okaaaay, what did I do this time, Yanova?” Darvo asked while struggling to get down.


“It’s Yanmei. Call me Yanmei.” Yanmei demanded.


“Okay. Yanmei it is. I thought you hated the name. Still, could you put me down? I don’t want any trouble. Whatever it is, I’m sorry already.” Darvo raised his hands in surrender.


Yanmei withdrew her helmet and let loose her long hair. She maintained her frame and crossed her arms. “I just realized something,” Yanmei’s eyes were narrowing, “back then in Jupiter while I was being held you knew how to counteract the energy siphon. How did you get that information?”


Darvo looked away, “Uhhh, Alad V, he is, well, I mean, he was my boss. So, I know stuff.”


“Hmm, a valid excuse.” Yanmei nodded. “Still, for a merchant, how would you know the exact calibrations for a frame?” Yanmei paused, “And it’s been bothering me for a while, but back then, during my first visit here, Mistress Agni named you ‘brother’. You seem to know too much for a mere human, since studying all that knowledge alone would take up the whole lifetime of a normal human, even if he were a Corpus elite.”


Darvo paused for a moment, “I, uhm, have my sources?”


Yanmei raised a brow and smiled. She walked towards the floating merchant and looked him in the eye. Their faces mere inches apart, Yanmei spoke again, “Did you know? Ever since I was small, ever since I first saw Prince Vadjura, I had a thing for him. It devastated me when I learned that they were betrayed and taken away by Alad V.” Darvo was looking away.


Yanmei moved closer. “The first time I saw you, I hated you. I hated the Corpus who took my prince away. But when Mistress Agni said you were her brother, I assumed you were Prince Dahaka due to your attitude and behaviour. But ever since you said that you knew how the energy siphon was built,” Yanmei raised her hand to the immobilized Darvo and made him look at her, “I realized something.”


“Aaaaand, what would that be?” Darvo asked sheepishly.


“I realized you also had the ability to pass memories, like what you did to me before.” Yanmei was now holding Darvo’s face with both hands. Darvo was pouring cold sweat. “Only Prince Vadjura, the first Volt Prime, had the innate ability to pass memories.” She was inching her face closer and closer to Darvo’s. She was merely whispering by this time, “Honestly, Darvo La Jutus, couldn’t you think of a better anagram for your name, Lotus Vadjura?”


Darvo was at a loss for words, but then again, Yanmei was already hugging and kissing him passionately. But before he could reciprocate, the blast doors opened, and came in the wearer of the Nelumbi frame.


“What is the meaning of this?!” Lotus Agni shouted as she extended all her battle tendrils. She then speedily grabbed one of Darvo’s feet with a tendril and flung him around.


“Why is it always me?” Darvo noted on his oft misfortune before being flung and going through the windows.  A loud crash was heard from the observation room. Yanmei immediately went towards the window to search.


“Yanmei, are you well? What was my brother doing to you?” Lotus approached while asking with all concern.


“I must apologize my Mistress, but you are mistaken. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.” She paused with a giggle, “He was actually doing good.” Yanmei lifted some debris and threw them away with her powers. “I’m sorry my mistress, I was, uhm, playing with your brother.”


“Oh. Okay then. These things happen.” Agni blinked “Tell him I’m sorry, uhhh, again. I have to go under maintenance now. Please do take care of my brother.” Agni turns and proceeds to her post.


“Yes my Mistress!” Yanmei accidentally shouted out of happiness, apparently misunderstanding the meaning of Agni’s words. After a few moments of lifting and throwing away metallic debris, Yanmei finally finds some crawl space and then proceeds on all fours. After a few meters, she appears out of a hole just beside where Darvo was resting while dazed. Darvo looks at her with a grin as she says, “Found you…”



Credits to:

YandereSamantha (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/user/214732-yanderesamantha/) for her Oracle Boss concept (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/130002-concept-female-corpus-boss-the-oracle/)


Derf_Anyo (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/user/490969-derf-anyo/) for, uhh, for himself(?) I guess (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/177275-derf-knight-rises-an-epic-story-about-an-epic-man/?hl=%2Bderf+%2Banyo%2C+%2Bson+%2Bof+%2Bnef+%2Banyo)


MyHeroPatrickSwayze (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/user/8696-myheropatrickswayze/) for Derf Anyo (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/39073-mini-boss-idea-derf-anyo-son-of-nef-the-immortal-megathread/?hl=%20derf%20%20anyo,%20%20son%20%20of%20%20nef%20%20anyo)



Thanks for reading and see you on the next issue!

Edited by ErudiusNacht
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They did say the "Wardex" would be released on U11 right? If that's the case, the wait for the lore of the stalker may take a month, as they have indicated that there's 2 more livestream before update11, and their streams are bi-monthly. 

I wouldn't mind if you choose to follow the canonical story, or make your own. I like your style of story-telling.

If it's in you to continue making your own story, go ahead as it is understandable that you are making your own fan-made story.

and you got my support whichever way you go. 

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They did say the "Wardex" would be released on U11 right? If that's the case, the wait for the lore of the stalker may take a month, as they have indicated that there's 2 more livestream before update11, and their streams are bi-monthly. 

I wouldn't mind if you choose to follow the canonical story, or make your own. I like your style of story-telling.

If it's in you to continue making your own story, go ahead as it is understandable that you are making your own fan-made story.

and you got my support whichever way you go. 


Yeah, i heard that "Wardex" thingy too. Is this an influence of the release of that new Pokemon? Apparently, you have to scan enemies to get their lore. "Gotta Kill 'Em All!"


Anyways, thanks for the support. I though about it too, and that I decided, ahh to hell with it. It's my story right?


So here's what, I'm going to continue with my story as it is, but I'm going to section it into six Light Novels instead of five, and without dialogue. I think doing this will give me a better story frame when I do decide to turn the whole story line into a full fledged novel complete with dialogue.


The novels on the other hand, will only showcase three books (if, that is if I have the time for that) that has more depth and characters with dialogues that has the original storyline told in another arrangement. The original Chapter 4 with dialogue has already evolved into the first few chapters of the first novel. I've set that aside for now.

Edited by ErudiusNacht
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I believe that Steve originally plans for it to be just Codex, but when he introduced it to livestream and people saw it, they immediately thought of pokedex, and spammed that chat. So it's actually a Yes and No.

Reading a story without dialogue is actually a fun change. I've read a lot of books, I still do. And reading without a dialogue feels like it's either you're telling a story, or a story is being told to you. But it still has the same effect, 

Keep up the great job! 

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I believe that Steve originally plans for it to be just Codex, but when he introduced it to livestream and people saw it, they immediately thought of pokedex, and spammed that chat. So it's actually a Yes and No.

Reading a story without dialogue is actually a fun change. I've read a lot of books, I still do. And reading without a dialogue feels like it's either you're telling a story, or a story is being told to you. But it still has the same effect, 

Keep up the great job! 


Ha. Pokedex. By the end, they were discussing the lore entry for Stalker if "he actually existed". I guess they're really getting into the PS4 thingy and they're trying to implement some sort of achievements list. Maybe they'll even do Xbox One. "Achievement Unlocked: What Stalker?"


As for books, yeah, I'm quite the reader too and I appreciate the lack of dialogue lines sometimes. I'm especially avid of reading mythologies and legends such &#! classical Homer or Nibelunggenlid (did I spell that right?). Mythologies are often told in storytelling format (poetry or whatnot) without dialogue and gives me free rein on my imagination on how to picture what was happening. It also added to the novelty of the story as you read it more and more.


That effect was basically what I was aiming for when I started writing this storyline. Light Novels in particular are dialogue-ridden in reality, but this time I wanted to somehow tell a story instead. I wanted to give a feeling of putting the reader inside the story world and putting in dialogue would actually limit the reader's perception to what was discussed by the characters.


On the other hand, if I do have the time, I would like to rewrite the story with dialogue after I finish it. I think this way, it would give another perspective on the events that happened by explaining the motives and sentiments of the characters involved.


In the end, thanks for your continued support and opinions. It keeps us writers going. See you on the next chapter!

Edited by ErudiusNacht
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Ha. Pokedex. By the end, they were discussing the lore entry for Stalker if "he actually existed". I guess they're really getting into the PS4 thingy and they're trying to implement some sort of achievements list. Maybe they'll even do Xbox One. "Achievement Unlocked: What Stalker?"


As for books, yeah, I'm quite the reader too and I appreciate the lack of dialogue lines sometimes. I'm especially avid of reading mythologies and legends such &#! classical Homer or Nibelunggenlid (did I spell that right?). Mythologies are often told in storytelling format (poetry or whatnot) without dialogue and gives me free rein on my imagination on how to picture what was happening. It also added to the novelty of the story as you read it more and more.


That effect was basically what I was aiming for when I started writing this storyline. Light Novels in particular are dialogue-ridden in reality, but this time I wanted to somehow tell a story instead. I wanted to give a feeling of putting the reader inside the story world and putting in dialogue would actually limit the reader's perception to what was discussed by the characters.


On the other hand, if I do have the time, I would like to rewrite the story with dialogue after I finish it. I think this way, it would give another perspective on the events that happened by explaining the motives and sentiments of the characters involved.


In the end, thanks for your continued support and opinions. It keeps us writers going. See you on the next chapter!

Yea. but it's a cool idea. If he existed or not, what I want to know is how he came to be. If they ever do make some sort of achievement list, i hope they do it in-game, I, as a pc gamer would like to have achievements without having to have the game connected to Steam or XboxLive or the PSNetwork(not really sure what it's called.)


There's only a few genre of books that I don't read, mostly those that can be turned into a sad-romantic-tragic movie. 


Well you are doing a great job at it. If the story is interesting and well told, you can bring in the people into the story world even without the need for dialogues. But dialogue do add emotion a lot of emotion to the characters, and conveys it better to the reader.


Yes that is a good idea, or you can make a different story, maybe after the Wardex comes live into the game and you can write the story as close to the lore as possible. 


You are welcome, Writing is a frustration of mine. So I am supportive of those who can. Good or bad. The best I can do is be supportive. 

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I... just went on a ride to the feels train after reading chapter four.




Please do continue. Don't rush, I am loving this story~


Wanna do the doujin? I mean, I dropped a line on your art request thread for the three children in exchange for the written dialogue version (so far).


It'd be nice to see something visual, but then again, I want to finish the non-dialogue storyline first before I rewrite the dialogue version. The dialogue version is "on hiatus", but it's got 9 chapters already. Twenty-five (25) single space pages on Microsoft Word. I edited it (the original chapter 4, now novel 1) out as soon as I hit the character limit on posts, and that's when I realized I had to reboot the whole thing.


Thanks for reading and patiently waiting. Just like a manga, I intend to submit a chapter on a weekly basis. I think that fits perfectly with my schedule and writing groove. Although honestly, I still dream of participating in comiket. This way also, I could finish the Orokin Cycle before U11.


Thanks again and see you in the next chapter!



I'm gonna release I guess on Wednesdays or Thursdays so as not to conflict with Shounen Jump. I need my weekly fix of manga too and that WF Updates are also scheduled on Wednesdays anyways. Cheers! See you this Wednesday!



the dialogue-version starts as shoujo like Fushigi Yuugi

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Oh boy, as much as I want to do a doujin I'm a bit busy with school ;A; plus the weekend event is coming, and I have a lot of things to draw, and I have no actual experience in making doujins @-@


But still, expect some fanart every now and then :) I'm currently working on the requests on my fanart thread and I'm at handicap because I don't have a scanner or a tablet; I have to rely on taking pictures of my sketches from my sketchbook then editing them in GIMP/Photoshop using a mouse. Hopefully I could finish all of them before the end of the month. And hopefully when I enter college they can permit me to use the Wacom tablets there ;w;


Wish me luck, receiving an offer such as this is an honor!


BTW, could you describe in detail how they look like? I know their Warframes and their colors, but anything particular in mind? Build, height, energy colors, anything? :3


Sorry about the late reply, I'm typing Chapter 5 as we speak.


Vadjura >> Volt Prime

Helmet = something that looks like the Pulse Volt helmet, only that there is the trademark "Prime Face Hole" in the middle that has lines leading to the "dangly bits".


Body = easy part, just color anything related to the 4th color section gold


Energy = Blue


Human = Imagine Hei from Darker than Black, only with blue tinted hair (fits him perfectly IMO)



Agni >> Ember Prime

Helmet = like the Phoenix helmet, again with the trademark "PFH". Only this time, the gold tubes connect to her mohawk and zigzags down the back of her head.


Body = same as putting gold on 4th color section, but this time, put gold trimmings on her wide leg thingies.


Energy = Red


Human = Imagine the female Ranma Saotome (I feel so old...)


Dahaka >> Rhino Prime Variant (Planning to call it Rhino Wraith)

Helmet = Thrak Rhino Helmet, only the lines and the bar in front is gold. Don't forget the face hole!


Body = This is the trickiest one. You have to draw the Rhino frame with gold bars lacing the protrusions on his back and the lines on his chest and abs. His legs you can ignore but the boots need to have gold trimmings and as well as the claws (yes, if you look closely, a Rhino's feet are claws). The hardest part is that you have to incorporate the Ash's upper arm armor paddings to his arms as well. They would have reddish hues but gold holes. Also, you would need to make smoke effects on both of his arms.


Energy = Violet


Human = imagine an unrefined Sebastian Michaelis, only with his hair sporting a purple tint.





I think they mentioned in the last livestream that the event would be on this Wednesday.


Yeah I think I heard that too. That's why I'm writing now so I can enjoy the event on Wednesday! LOL

Edited by ErudiusNacht
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Yay! You're welcome and thanks too! 


Is it wrong that I find them attractive? (Including Agni) My legs are like jelly right now xD


Well, Hei and Sebastian are panty-droppers anyways. And Ranma originally had his own harem also.


Agni is just a small girl just like her mom was. Uhh wait, you haven't read the original chapter 4, but anyways, I hope you get a better idea of them with those descriptions. I'm just troubled that you like Dahaka, knowing who he really is. But then again, you'll get a better image of him once you finish chapter 6.


Chapter 5 is out though. Cheers!

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Okay guys, since I already made 51Grineer - 50Corpus in the event, I'm now writing down chapter 6. Expect it by late Sunday or early Monday.


Cheers and Good Luck!


EDIT: 10-26-2-13 1500 (EDT)

Done with the sixth chapter, but will be posting it later. I'll be posting it on Sunday Morning 0800 (EDT). Will change the thread title to denote the update.

Edited by ErudiusNacht
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Hahaha. You should have gone straight grineer. since you clearly supported them(did more missions for them)and if the corpus wins, you'd still end up with the "Corpus-Gun" blueprint.

But Hooray for Chapter6, that could be a good break from all this grind fest. 

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UPDATE! 10-27-2013


CHAPTER 6 IS UP! (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/116120-warframe-origins-a-light-novel-updates-weekly-10212013-chapter-5-is-up/#entry1375749)


Comment: This is only the second to the last entry in the series. Please continue to read and support the final installment "The Last Petal" when it comes up.


@yangskiii: Yo Dawg, I heard you liked Plot Twists, so I put Plot Twists in yo Plot Twists so that you can Twist yo Plots while Twisting Plots.


@YandereSamantha: Don't freak out, it's not over yet. Freak out then. Lol.

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