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Open squads in railjack are a lie.


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9/10 times that I try to join a railjack mission, I'll see that it says something like "8 squads open" but when I try to join it will almost always pop up with the message saying that there are no open squads, and to launch from the dry dock to play the mission.

DE, please... can we either fix this, or just have the thing wait until a squad does open up? It's really annoying, especially when It clearly says how many squads are apparently "open"

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most are people starting on their own when hoping to queue with others onyl to end in a game solo, who then quit, railjack is mostly empty because its so bugridden most dont bother or the other end of the scale is that people have everything of use from it and have zero reason to go back, hence the void of players, same as the normal starmap with only popular grind maps having players with the rest being a complete wasteland.

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