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Rage Is Broken


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I played my necros with rage, I used him as desecrate spammer for the team, I found out that when you have rage, all direct damage from host(if host shoots you or if host uses melee on you) and all abilities from the non-host players, will give rage-user energy, this means that you get unlimited energy by just standing near ember's overheat ability or walking into the fireblast or vauban's vortex, this also means that you can unlimitedly spam any ability you wish, rage is confirmed to work only with abilities that do not deal direct damage to targets, such as rhino's stomp, ember's overheat or fireblast, vauban's vortex, nova's ultimate and the little ball it throws, this does not work with mag,s pull or mag's ultimate or frost's ultimate of frost wave, it does not work with miasma either, serious bug there, I'd call this a priority of a fix.


the Aoe works with all clients, only host can shoot to give energy to teammates.

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