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Clan Item box suggestion


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'ello De and Tenno fam,

I have an idea, please let me know what you guys think.

As a clan leader, I personally keep a lot of mods, fish, gems and other tradeable items in my personal inventory to trade to anyone in my clan that needs them. For now I have just had to make a huge list on my discord server, and set up personal trades. With a large clan, this can get overwhelming and cumbersome.

I would like to suggest a new Dojo item. The Clan Freebie Box (better name pending 🙂). This item would only be accessible to members of the clan that have access to the dojo labs. Anyone can put in and take out a set number of items per day. I would figure this could be a number like the trade cap, but separate from it. I.E, I dump a bunch of mods in. Anyone in my clan can interact with the box, see what is available, and take out any items (up to the movement cap). Trade tax could be charged on removing items (or no trade tax if DE wishes).

I know many clan leaders and vets would like to be able to do this for the members of their clans. I hope we can get enough attention on this idea for DE to at least take a look and respond.

TY all for reading.

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