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Railjack Bug: Archwing didn't appear, fell to the bottom of Free Flight.


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While i was playing with a friend that hadnt touched warframe properly in a while and getting her up to date to the newest things (Railjack included), we decided to mess around a bit in freeroam so she could get a feel for the controls again and so i could show a few new things. When we left the Railjack to fly around in archwing (to show how that worked), her archwing didn't appear and she seemed to be stuck in a crouching position but was able to move like she was in an archwing. We checked afterwards to make sure she unlocked it and had it equiped and we found no issues.

I don't exactly know how long she didn't touch warframe properly but it could have been more than a year as the frame Revenant was unfamiliar to her.

Here is a video|

The video contains the following:
0:00 - 0:05 she was floating
0:05 - 0:25 she was falling after shooting with the Hek shotgun (she had access to that apperently?)
0:25 - 10:37 other (trying to reach w railjack, was blocked at 2500~ ish meter from the ground by a slowing forcefield, and trying to get there with arching blink and Slingshot which succeeded but movement was severely limited to only blinking to about 300~ meters from the bottom later)

IGN: Dyon_e
IGN falling player/friend: Sleepyillu

P.S. Please tell me if i did something wrong with the bug report and i'll aim to fix it ASAP. It's 1:30 AM so i'll be back in about 10-ish hours.

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