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Reworking some crafting costs


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Noticed some items take materials that are crafted in even numbers, but a few items require uneven quantities which will throw it off and result in having a number that can't be evened out without doing some irregular crafting.

Korrudo is the only item that takes an uneven amount of Auroxium at 35 so to even it out again you would have to make 2
Pencha and Phahd Scaffolds use 85 Pyrotic each so unless you make an even number of the scaffolds it will be off by 5 with no use.
Shraksun Scaffold and Stubba requires 85 and 25 Coprite Alloy.
Quartakk is the only item that uses an uneven amount of Fersteel at 15.

The alloys cannot be traded for reputation, so unless buying items in Cetus from Teasonnai or Nakak, numbers can't really be maintained without some odd 5's hanging around which don't end up having a real use. Would suggest moving to their nearest 10 within the 20 crafted.

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