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Lich Railjack assassination re-hashed idea


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So I was thinking .. a bit more in line with what was showed at Tennocon 2019 with Liches and Railjack missions ..

Since we still have that issue that we cannot get rid of a Lich that we don't want, why not turn that into Railjack bounties?

Could be as simple as paying X riven slivers to Paladino, and she would add a bounty to a queue.

Other players could than pick up that bounty, which would basically be a mission like the commander assassination on Railjack missions.

This would have to give a reward worthwhile for the players willing to take the bounty, but ideally no Kuva weapons/ephemeras or that could lead to abuses I suspect.

I bet something like 1k Kuva .. 3k Titanium .. etc.. would attract plenty of people .. just saying .. :-)


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