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Rivens not appearing


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I have 3 rivens (yes im relatively new) but they wont show up in my mods console. The 3 rivens that i own are the Ripkas Pura-exicon, Kohm Sati-ampiada, and Serro Visi-fortito. While modding my serro and kohm, they show up and i can equip them, but if i go over to my mod console, they dont show up. So far i havent had a problem with my ripkas riven but i am not the required mastery rank to equip it. Ive tried closing the game and reopening, ive tried to unequip the rivens then close the game but they still will not appear in my mods console.

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On 2020-01-13 at 8:18 AM, (XB1)R3d P01nt said:

Check your filter settings, as they may be set in such a way to hide the mods from you.

Ive looked at filters. I tried taking all of them off, i tried filtering for rivens only. I tried restarting the game, unequiping the rivens then restarting, ive tried trading them to a friend and trading it back. Nothing worked. 

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