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The Stalkers apprentice


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This is an rp based around an ex-tenno named alex who took on on the name talon under the stalkers wing. The whole plot revolves around a lot different aspect of lore for stalker himself and the warframes. In this timeline alex who is a round 14 to 15 starts seeing premonition of his tenno girlfriend and other tenno dying at the hands of the stalker. Think of anakin Skywalker trying to save padme from death but with more people he us trying to save. In the final part Alex ends up knocking his gf unconscious, killing 3 of the 4 of his friends. As all villains die even alex is presumed to be dead after he battles his greatest friend to the death. In the end his friend slices 3 of his lower limbs off and 1 hand and uses transference to scorch alex to death. Although that is not the end of talons story. Pm me @Spirit_Wolf_2005 on psn to join up for the rp

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