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Railjack wishlist. what are yours?


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-able to recruit npc crew-mates from POE and Fortuna (would love to start a mercenary gruop under my clan banner) implementing a salary per mission for npc crew(a percentage of credits earned from the mission)

-having my orbiter integrate with my railjack (like having a doking bay) no more back and forth or at least have everything the orbiter have on the railjack ie the market, stasis pod (pets), private quarters ect....

-docking stations (not the dry docks) ie utilizing the relays as docking points 

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More mission types - at least one mission type equivalent to most or all on-foot mission types. Preferably several focusing on each element of Empyrean, not just the 'jack (DE has suggested they're doing this with Corpus already, which I am very pleased about).

Exploration-oriented missions/free flight areas with things to find and do in them. I want to explore lost ruins for ancient treasures!

I'd like some minor lip service lore to areas. Like what is the Veil? Is it a Grineer-controlled area? Why is it bright red for the most part? We have something like this for the Starchart with the Codex - the Cephalon fragments talk about how Ceres is one of the Grineer's biggest shipyards (hence the shipyard tileset being there) for example. Something like that would be wonderful

Events that move throughout the starmap, similar to the Anomaly. Just y'know, a lot less exclusive. Things like the Kuva Fortress and invasions do this for the regular starmap, but I think having dynamic events be the norm for railjack would be fantastic. It'd contribute to the idea of this world being an actual place. 

Most 'standard' loot also being available through Railjack, making it somewhat of a one-stop-shop for Warframe. You want relics and a way to open them? Railjack! Kuva? We GOT Kuva. If it's going to lift the whole game up, then you shouldn't have to pop back down to the regular star chart to pick up a gallon of void traces or have a pint of Polymer farming with the lads at the ol' Ophelia. 

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