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Taking Stock of Story Elements....


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A few people I regularly talk to on discord have asked me to start posting up my story analysis on the regular now. Figured I'd carry it over to here as well. So to preface everything here, this will all be based off of existing lore in the game and theory crafting from there. Let the madness begin....

So first I'll start with more current events. We are now reigniting the old war, the Sentients are now returning to the origin system in force, and in so far the Tenno are the only ones standing in their way as well as being their main military targets. The players we have on the Sentient side are Natah, Ballas, Hunhow, Alad V, the mother and now Erra. For the Tenno we have the Tenno themselves, Ordis, the man in the wall, and Teshin, We do have the yet non affiliated players as well being the Grineer Queens, the Corpus Board, Maroo, Darvo, Simaris, the open world civilizations so far, and other random elements like the syndicates.

So let's start with the Sentients in this assessment. We currently have the leaders as Natah as the main leader as far as we've actually seen, Hunhow who has been the other main general but rather dormant in the Origin System as of late, Erra who appears to be a second in command but acting general thanks to Natah's state, and the yet unseen and unheard "mother" of Natah. What I find striking about all of this is the state of the "mother." First off, the Sentients are supposed to be A Sexual and as such capable of reproduction on their own. Hunhow is Natah's father and she is his last offspring before his travel to the Origin system which rendered him as well as Natah sterile when she came too. So who is the "mother" in this this and what is her role exactly besides being another aspect to this faction? The other massive implication to this is her location. The "mother" is located in the Tau system. The Sentients were sent to take over and tap the system instead of the Orokin because the Orokin didn't have any ships or other methods that could make the trip and survive. That means that the only relevant faction that we know of in the system is exclusively the Sentients. We need to go back and look at the Sacrifice quest as well as the New War cinematic that was uploaded to YouTube. The "mother" was left broken, beaten, and abandoned for dead in the Tau system. The implication here is that their was possibly division in the ranks or an outright schism in the Sentient faction. Otherwise we have seen no foreshadowing or otherwise indication that their is anything in the Tau system that could conduct a hard military assault on one of the main Sentient leaders and what appears to be a significant sized location. Their is also the aspect of leaving her for dead in this as well. Natah has started action to reclaim and restore her. So we know that it was possible in the first place. So the implication here being that their was in fact a Schism between Hunhow's faction and the "mother's" faction that lead to Hunhow performing a full military coup and taking over full command to lead the assault on the Origin system while aided by Ballas.

This now leads into Hunhow, his state, Erra's state, and Natah's state as well. Hunhow traveled to the Origin system with Natah which rendered them both sterile. With the aid of Ballas, they toppled the Orokin Empire but not before Natah would be captured, altered, her mind effectively hacked, and turned into the entity we know as the Lotus. We're not exactly sure what happened to Hunhow in all of this. The Natah quest implies that he was ether defeated by something or he voluntarily went into hiding to set a trap. This is possibly in relation to the Lotus directive the Orokin set up with Natah. Other than that I can't really speculate on that one with out more information. This also brings to the Lotus/Natah and Erra's state. Erra was present as Lua as we see from the Erra quest itself. Natah's mind has been hacked and as the Lotus attacks Erra. One very distinct implication here is that Erra is also may in fact sterile as he traveled to the Origin system and as such also possibly can't propagate an army himself ether.... more on this later.... We now know that Sentients can in fact build massive ships that may in fact be capable of mass travel to the Origin system as well as others. Since Hunhow and Natah are confirmed as being sterile from the trip, this may be an implication that they're a development later that allowed Erra to come to the Origin system with out suffering the same fate.

This brings us to Ballas and his role in all of this. Ballas was effectively the head of the Orokin science department for the council. He is responsible for the development and deployment of the Sentients themselves. He above anyone else would be the most knowledgeable of the Sentient biology and systems. This includes being able to effectively hack their minds and perform the changes required to make the Lotus. His department would have been responsible for her creation if not he himself. This also brings into play something else... If anyone or anything could repair the damages done to them, the one that would know that or at the very least know how to go about attempting it would have been Ballas. This made Ballas a high priority acquisition target from the start. What's more, Hunhow and Natah's journey to the Origin system wouldn't have been done for nothing. Coming over with the guarantee of sterility and effectively being set to occupy the region with out the ability to propagate reinforcements would have been a suicide mission. The implication to that is that Ballas was in contact with Hunhow prior to his arrival in the Origin system and may in fact have facilitated the potential split in the Sentient faction as well as potentially implying that Natah may have in fact been hacked before she even came to the Origin system. Otherwise, why not return to Hunhow in the Origin system, restore him to at least a mobile state, and then rendezvous with the "mother" when he was recovered? The implication is that Ballas fed Hunhow all the information necessary to be able to conduct the coup and forcefully take over the Sentient faction even including hacking his own daughter who was siding with the "mother" in this. The baiting into a full scale war, betrayal, and coup would have likely been seeded with the promise of being able to fix the sterility or otherwise being given a way to otherwise overcome the limitations. After all, they were safely deployed to the Tau system in the first place. The logical end game plan for Ballas was to betray the council, use the Sentients to conduct the coup, betray the Sentients while using the Tenno to kill them off, and then taking over himself. He potentially ran into some stumbling blocks with the development of safe mass travel to the Origin system by the Sentients, at least part of the council surviving, and likely running into programming conflicts with Natah when he came to try and reclaim her. This likely lead to her betrayal and subjugation of Ballas while gathering the remains of the Sentient faction under her and in allegiance to the "mother." Where this is potentially particularly interesting is after the Sacrifice quest and when he's at least partially converted into a Sentient himself. We have absolutely no guarantee or idea that he's in control of himself. For all we know, him giving us the Paracesis may in fact have been a play by Natah and not Ballas to effectively seed us with a weapon to actually kill Hunhow and as such potentially remove the only other potential faction that could be a threat to the "mother's" faction.


Well, this is what I can post for now as I'm out of time at work at the moment. I'll continue adding the rest of this part later.

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Ok, time for round 2....

This now brings me to arguably the most important and alarming figure currently on the stage. Alad V is THE premier scientist and geneticist we currently have in the game as a key figure. The Sentients are in effect, living computers that shouldn't have any kind of compatible DNA structure with any kind of actual living being. Alad V has taken that material and combined it with both biological and mechanical subjects respectively to create the Amalgams at the... employment... of the Sentients as we find out from the Rope-a-Dopealyst boss fight. (yes I will forever use that name for it. Stealing that DK. :tongue:) While that may be impressive in its own right, coming from who it is it's incredibly alarming. Let's remember something here... Alad V is incredibly skilled in genetic manipulation to the point that he managed to get the Infestation to accept and incorporate machinery into its biomass. Whatever Balass may have suggested or promised the Sentients may be a moot point. If Alad V were to tailor the mutation properties to tone them down and then introduce the Amalgam strain to that, he could possibly create a genetic bridge what would allow the Sentients to capitalize on the resilience and regenerative properties of the infestation to cure the sterility among other issues. What's more, we've seen that the introduction of various units regardless of being mechanical or biological to void energy can result in the void touched units that make up the eximus. Potentially that could in fact be used to produce not just void resistant units that could then invade the void as the last remaining location the Tenno have to fall back on, but could also produce void empowered eximus units themselves. If introduced in that capacity, it would allow the Sentients to self reproduce the Amalgam Sentient strain all on their own since they could then self reproduce.

All of that being said, I see this going a number of ways. If such a method is employed, we have the issue of leadership as well as the infighting within the Sentient power structure if I'm even a ghost of being correct about any of that.

1. First possible story option is that Natah restores her "mother" and backs her for leadership while they restart the war also while attempting to finish off Hunhow.

2. Hunhow reenters the scene and command structure forcibly seizing control once again all the while ether finishing off the "mother" or forcefully reprogramming her as well.

The last option I see as the "oh S#&$!" option in this. We need to keep in mind that Natah is nether Natah nor Lotus anymore. Her mind has been broken and stitched back together by entities with vastly different narratives at this point. She is nether Natah or Lotus and also both at the same time. We see from the Erra quest that she's still processing things as Lotus and the Sentients are having to correct her with reinforcement from Ballas. It is possible that we could see both these two entities of her finally merge and clarity emerge. The problem with that enters into the last major option that I see.

3. Natah and Lotus become one and she sees the destruction the infighting is reaping on the Sentient faction and eliminates both Hunhow and her "mother" to take the proverbial throne herself likely as the Amalgam Sentient queen.

In the event of number 3, I can see two potential end games for that direction.

The Dark Lotus: Natah goes full mad queen and decides to purge all life that isn't her new children from existence. Classic Sentient, Corpus, Tenno, Grineer, Orokin, ect... all fair game and targets. Full blown nuclear option.

The Light Lotus: Natah instead decides to banish the Tenno and all other potential allies from the Tau system to reside in peace there while employing her children in the Origin system to police it and attempt any faction from obtaining too much power.

In ether event, it leaves the new Sentient faction as the over bearing power at hand that will be continually trying to purge large portions of the population from the Origin system. Their is a potential with the Light Lotus path that Natah could choose to return to the Tenno and act with them in trying to keep the peace, but I find that to be a slim to none option as well.


Well, that's it for the current situation. Anyone want me to go over the potentials and story for Ordis at this point?

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