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Weapon Mod System Overhaul Suggestion


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Disclaimer: I'm well aware that this might look like a lousy suggestion to lots of people, but hear me out.
This is in no way a finished design. It is merely a concept with which I came up couple of days ago, and I'd like to see it grow.

Now, I find current system a bit lacking. Yes, we have utter freedom to install whatever we like. But, it also somewhat limits players by making them use only specific mods for optimal effects. A lot of people would like to install that recoil reduction or hawkeye, but they cannot, since well, that 80% multishot is just too good to be left out.

In order to remedy this, I propose a system similar to what you may find in modern shooters, which is in turn heavily influenced by how weapons work in reality: through parts. In some games, and in real world, you can swap various parts, such as barrel, magazine, ammo, etc., for different type, depending on what kind of effect you want.
Similar to that, weapon mods in Warframe could be spread out by putting them in different categories, depending on their use.
I've made a picture which somewhat shows what I've had in mind.


You'll notice that I haven't listed all possible mods. You can assume yourself based on what I did put in where the missing mods could go. Also, this is just my opinion of categorization. Lots of these mods can be swapped between different categories if people believe it would make more sense.
I was trying to base them on mods would really work, and trying to spread out "mainstream" mods which are more or less universally used, so that players in this system wouldn't have to make too hard of choices, but rather smaller ones which wouldn't massively affect efficiency of the weapon, but rather how it feels to use it.

Also, a small note about elemental mods: I find it ridiculous to be able to use all elements together. Maybe I'm just used to Borderlands system of single-elemental-effect weapons, but this seems like a better solution to me. It gives you a choice to make which in turn affects your tactical value within combat, but it doesn't straight-out limit you so much due to the fact that you have 3 weapons (primary, secondary and melee), so you can still spread elemental mods among them.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to provide feedback. If you don't have anything else to do other than fostering toxicity within community or your every argument is a hyperbole, I beg you to avoid this topic.

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Also, might have mentioned, I've intentionally put 8 slots so that we have same amount as before, but that can be increased to 9 or 10 if current system is found as too constricting. Polarization and forma-ing works the same.

About mod capacity, it can be pretty much the same, but I've also had in mind to split the capacity between pre-assigned part and free part, pre-assigned being certain amount of points automatically allocated to all category (2 or 3).

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Not a bad idea per se, but maybe it is a little TOO restricting for most players to enjoy? If i may throw in my ideas onto this:


I made a thread that talks about WARFRAME modslots. The idea i had for those slots could also be transferred to weapons, although to a lesser extent. What i did was to take the general Warframe mods (meaning, not Abilities or Auras) and split them into 2 categories: Cores and Extras. To get a bigger picture of it, this is how i set it up:


* 1 slots for Auras only (like now)

* 4 slots for Abilities only (so now you HAVE to equip your four mods, but they are not part of the modpoint pool)

* 6 slots for the Cores

* 4 slots for the Extras


Cores are the stronger mods that help you in many general ways of survival, casting or agility (Redirection, Streamline, Rush etc). Can only be equipped in the 6 "coreslots". They have higher basecost of modpoints and have at least 6 ranks.

Extras are the weaker mods that help you in far more niched ways (The resistance mods, Intruder etc). These can be equipped in the 4 "extraslots", but also in any of the 6 coreslots if you want to. These have a basecost of only 2 or 4, and only have 4 ranks.


While i don't know if a similar system will work as well for weapons, let me give it a shot (just random brainstorming... and no pun intended :P)


Split weaponmods into 2 types: Damage and Utility

* Damagemods are obvious mods such as ones that have a direct impact on your damage or DPS such as: Pure damage, all elemental damages, critchance, critdamage, multishot, fire rate, puncture etc. All Nightmare weaponmods counts as damagemods (since they all have at least 1 damage-increasing effect in them)

* Utilitymods are mods that don't have any direct impact on your direct damage (but can increase your DPS, such as reloadspeed and clipsize). That would be mods such as clipsize, max ammo, reloadspeed, recoil reduction, zoom, ammo mutation, stun chance etc.

* You get 6 damageslots and 4 utilityslots. To make it a little more interesting though, utilitymods CAN be equipped in damageslots, but not vice versa.


(Note, Firerate, Clipsize and Reloadspeed are all borderline between the 2 groups as all have the potential to increase your DPS. I put Firerate in damage and Clipsize+Reloadpseed in utility for now. Reasoning? Well, Firerate ALWAYS has a very direct impact on your DPS, while reloadspeed and clipsize have the POTENTIAL to do so. That's how i consider them at least and could of course be changed)


Do you think that could be a good middleground/compromise between your ideas and the current system? :)

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