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My Maxed Avionics Have Dissapeared.


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So I maxed out my Ship Yesterday, then sometime last night I was watching aweblade and he was giving some advice on underrated avionics that we should try, so I decided to try them the next day. Fast forward to the next day and I signed on and went to the Dry Dock, first think I noticed was that my ship wasnt there, so I ran around then it just appeared (Not suspicious at all).

I went over to the panel activated it navigated over to my avionics section and right clicked on my avionics mod that I upgraded the other day to try something new. I realize I dont have the mods I wanted to try so I went back to add the ones I had before only to realize that I cant find them, like, at all. I asked in region whats happening and no one could answer. Spent like 15-20K Dirac maxing those only to have them disappear. And I know upgraded mods differ from other none upgraded ones but maan, I am not going to take a unmodded rail jack to a mission.


Please tell me if there is a solution or a way to get them back cause I am really hoping that I am not looking in the right place because this is just demoralizing.

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