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Railjack solomission unable to complete


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During solo railjack missions, once all objectives are complete, you loose the ability to interect with the navigation console (no X or E prompts etc) leaving the only option available is to abort the missions needs fixing asap as its game breaking ... as you can#'t complete missions

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This just happened to me in a squad so it's not only happening for solo.

Finished a RJ mission then repeated it and after all objectives were done the navigation couldn't be interacted with.

After host left and migration triggered, objectives got reset. What sucks even more, new host left too taking the other 2 players with him in the orbiter, basically forced abort 😐


No idea what could've caused it and will be unlikely to be identified from user's end, probably needs to be looked at from the code directly...

Or maybe add that navigate away at any point thing like the other 2 open worlds have (a way to leave mission with current loot)

Until then many people will lose all progress on long duration missions because of things like this.


EDIT: Maybe the log will help, I trimmed it starting from when I joined (because I had game running for quite a few hours before that) and asked players to let ramsleds in, after the first mission I ask "again?", host navigates to the same node, we finish the mission and then near the end of log you can probably see the issues... if not, then not much else I can do xD

https://www.dropbox.com/s/zklhwzi05q45w52/EE log 2 RJ mission no nav on success trimmed.txt?dl=0

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added log
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