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[Eu] Pvp Let's Play Low Level Conclave - Venus - Phobos


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Dear fellow PVP fans,


I'd like to start this thread to see if anyone else likes to play low level Conclave like Venus (0-100) or Phobos (100-200). I'm interested in players from the EU region primarily cause that's where I live and I'm looking opponents in.


Personally I think low Conclave ratings are more fun, because of less ridonkulous skills like Trinity Link, Reflect while Block or other overpowered stuff that's just not possible because of the low rating. Maybe you disagree with me here, but I think we should keep the topic on low level Conclaves.


If you too are interested in playing in these tiers, post here and post the time you usually play Warframe.


Feel free to post here and add me in game so we can start up some 1v1 or even 2v2s


Proposing every day 20:00 Amsterdam time (CET)


As for the rules, the only thing is that I can think of is: No Vulkar, Lex, Snipetrons. Anything else you'd like to add? Keep in mind that bans of weapons and frames is really the only thing you actually can control in the current PVP system. We can't ban mods or limit frame rank. What do you guys feel about weapons that have Stun? Bolto, Twin Gremlins, Fragor etc... maybe they should be banned too, cause noone loves stunlock I guess. :-D

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