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Polar Coil does literally nothing


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So I have noticed that Polar Coil avionic does nothing at all. 

It literally makes no difference if you have it equiped or not... I mean other than having less avionic capacity avaiable.

I've made this video so you can see what I'm talking about.

(I didn't bother to change langue of the game since it's quite self explanatory)

Clip in the corner is without polar coil installed ( I didn't put the whole video since I couldn't get it to sync)



And I know that quality and editing is not that great but it's not the point of this video.

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Can confirm, tried with vidar cryo mk3 and can get 9 shots regardless of that avionic being installed or not.

But 9 shots doesn't match with stats (250 per shot, 1000 cap) even considering intrinsics, I have 10,10,9,9 and only heat affecting thing is 20% accretion reduction, so 250 to 200, that means 5 shots, not 9.

What does match is 200 per shot with 1660 cap, that results in exactly 9 shots, so it's like max rank polar coil is always active... or maybe its effects are not being removed properly when unequipped.

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