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I've asked this before but.. Can we get an actual black energy?


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I would be okay paying a premium for maybe a pallet of specialized energy colors and effects, or textures to put on frames, weapons, and energies.... I can think of a number of them, like energy effects have have little stars rising from it, or what looks like blood and gore, electrical sparks or filames, things like that, basically like ephemera but specifically for energy effects... and colors that.... but mostly i want the ability to have legitimately black energy instead of... invisible energy...

Getting out ahead yes i know there will be certain abilities that you would absolutely have to not make it work on, snowglobes and rifts and all that would blind anyone involved, but for the rest of us it would be nice. I say premium because I respect you'd need to charge for the work that would be involved in creating say, these special effects, or special textures for customizing warframes, it would be a pain in the butt... But maybe make it like a primed pallet for one of your prime releases, instead of a primed cape or primed armor a primed set of energy colors, effects, textures, something people are going to have to shell out solid money for. 

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