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wrong rendering of DAIKYU with skins


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Here is a DAIKYU with conclave skin and shows in the player's profile, It's obvious that the DAIKYU is not folded in the right way. And compared to a DAIKYU with default skin:


This is the way that it should be. Besides, this not only happens in the profile show stage, but also in the game play:


Only take a shot on my orbiter, but the DAIKYU on my back as u can see is not folded right as well.

I tried conclave skin / ormolu skin / default skin, only the default skin can perform functionally. And I tried this on 2 PC, it still appears.

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btw is there issues with the particle effects or texture of tenebrous ephemera? It is kinda ugly when you watch it flow on the surface of warframe or the operator's face. Just a meme, not so related to my main issue.

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