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Compiled Railjack Ideas: Fresh air and reusing scrapped portions


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A lot of people have been complaining about technical issues related to Railjack, so I'd like to dedicate this thread to N E W ideas that could help flesh out this portion of the game as it was intended.

• New Mission Type: Scavenge/Excavation

As everyone knows, Excavation missions are popular on land because they allow reward grinding while slowly cranking up the difficulty. Just applying this concept to deep space could help elaborate Railjack more, Cy contacting Solaris drills that you have to protect from fighters as they do they work, to then pay you a small comission (Materials/Credit Cash/Railjack Wreckage or Avionics). To pull the plug, a vote could be casted for the squad, either from the Navegation console or from the host's Tactical menu.

• Jordas Golem Remastered

The Jordas Golem boss fight discourages players from getting Atlas not just because of the honestly unfair enemy placement and AI, but also because of the difference in scale when you are on Archwing. Turning the Jordas Golem into a Railjack-based boss would up the entry barrier, but in exchange for what could be a much entertaining fight, with the crew fending off Infested crawling into the ship while keeping their aim true.

• Kuva Lich Missions: Investigation and Standoff

Kuva Liches were announced with Railjack features, so seeing them separate is a complete bummer. The proposition to make up for it is two new mission types: Investigation and Standoff.

Investigation missions have your Railjack crew assault an asteroid base controlled by your Lich, in order to weaken their forces as well as gather data on it's weakness. Probably as straightforward as current Railjack infiltrations, only with the added end reward of some Murmur progress. Standoffs appear in a single node either when your Lich is enraged with you (aka the Progenitor), or all three Murmurs are revealed (to avoid unnecessary waiting). This pitches the Tenno crew against a Kuva fleet, with the Lich awaiting at it's capitol ship. Their numbers can be smashed down, but the only way to finish the mission is to have the Tenno confront ths Lich, so he can finish what he started.

• Added player interaction: Syndicate control

Older players will remember the Dark Sectors, back when squads would fight for space dominance. This could be brought back with Syndicates, which would also allow to give them more protagonism (especially the Arbiters; only known for Arbitrations and no lore).

Clans could use their Orokin labs for the already known Rail and Specter projects, with new additions such as:

- Orokin Beacon: A signal of the long-gone Empire, standing out among the solar radiation. Allows you to support your Syndicate's territory.

- Fons Scrambus: Device used to encrypt outgoing signals and disrupt incoming ones. Prevents territory decay for 6/12/24 hours (aka you can research to rank it up)

- [Syndicate] Specter Regiment: An army of Syndicate-armed clones to defend your solar system dominance.

- Eclipse Flare: The captain sinks with his boatLaunching this device into one of your controlled territories will instantly turn it into a Dark Sector, freeing it from any existing control and spawning more difficult, resilient foes.

Simplest comparison: it's like the faction system in Mortal Kombat X. A Syndicate competition system that doesn't directly hinder gameplay but offers the opportunity of sport-like rivalry. Besides, who doesn't want to see the match of the century: Red Veil vs Arbiters of Hexis, both sides led into battle by their supportive Tenno crew on a Railjack?


If this gets popular good, more brains are more power, I just want to see the story and gameplay integrate in a more... whole way. Like a loaf of bread, not several separate slices.

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THE number one thing I want to see added is internal def systems for the railjack. The other big thing I want to see are some actually effective specter items. As it stands, I'm placing down a small army just to act as a distraction to boarding parties. The best they really do is keep them at bay acting as soft target distractions little more than like Loki's bait boy. We need something that will actually DO something and it would be nice if they could be deployed in other missions. The Xiphos turret is laughable at best with its main capacity being marginal use at popping nully bubbles. What we really need at a minimum are:

Deployable auto cannons of a number of different types.- We're not talking about some kind of variation of how it fires, but also elemental basis as well. We need the basics here. Full auto fire, a distinctly higher damage accuracy based shot, the obligatory shotgun configuration, and a Bombard like rocket launcher one. Each needs to have an elemental option to hit the different faction basis. Maybe even keep all of them to just the combined elements just to make things interesting. The BIGGEST thing to these however is that they need to actually scale. The #1 issue with all specters of any type are that they don't scale and do next to no damage.

Deployable Defenses- We really need a deployable hard shield so that we can make cover. This should be at minimum a decent sized shield that can be deployed that will absorb X amount of damage while scaling to mission. Maybe include variations like a full bubble shield. That way we can actually literally cover ourselves as the pilot for at least half a second since everyone basically bails out of the railjack anyway.

Deployable Auto Repair Systems- Yeah we have the the fire fighter intrinsic as well as some of the salvage pieces have stuff like that, but it rather pidgin holes you into building with sub par parts half the time currently if you want to address that particularly. It doesn't exactly help matters due to costs involved. This is exactly why we need what is basically deployable fire fighter turrets like specters. Give it X radius that it will watch and whatever fire or electrical hazard pops up with will repair with X amount of charges to each grade. Same thing for hull breaches but keep those separate as you would require far more and frequently from what I've seen.


Now before someone starts harping on about how we're supposed to get that one upgrade set for playing solo, yes I'm aware. I also don't trust DE as far as making AI and having it properly respond to situations and threats. See companions here. That's why I suggest deployables as they can be set to a particular area and to do particular things rather than deal with pathing and other issues the AI have classically had problems with.

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