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The Boss Arena Suggestions-Change Them To Awesome Arenas!


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The new Golem arena is perfect,large circualr room with debris serving as cover.

All of the other boss areas pretty much look like normal glorified tilesets,just so more enemies can fit into ´em.

The most horrible one being the Phobos boss arena.



The balcony and the secondary entrance should be removed,only the platform on the middle should stay,water underneath it,rocks everywhere around you,some of them serving as cover.In the back,a giant rock should form an udner pass on which you can get onto,enemies aswell.It would be a dead end,if you´d jump from it,you´d land on the center platform.



Also remove the upper section,and all of the little rooms with consoles,add some random Grinneer computers and stuff to serve as cover.Have there be a few cargo boxes for you to climp up on,with a zipline on the very top,which would lead you to a secluded balcony.



Should me made a liiiitle bit smaller,with the cargo bay having fewer giant boxes,with 4 on each corner serving as "towers" for us to get up on.



Should be COMPLETELY reworked to a giant drilling station.A underground tunnel leads to it,in it´s center is a gian drill,behind just a empty look at the desert.

On the right side you can see those "houses" into which you can climb into by using wallrunning.On the left side,you got your standard transport boxes with a few lockers.

Also,put some controls around the drill to work as cover.

There you go,I hope that boss battles get a lot more dramatic and action-ish with these kind of areas.Feel free to punch that green button if you like this post!

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