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Railjack Enemies Can't Be Stripped


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The new Railjack Officers (Exo and such) cannot have their armor stripped by anything, unlike the rest of the enemies in the game. I have a Strun Wraith that has 100% status with Corrosive and Fire; 130 shells into the face of a lvl 100 Exo Officer did not strip its armor. I took a Quatz with Corrosive and Fire; no armor stripped. Got a Saryn to throw spores onto them; just lvl 100 Officers (not even lvl 165) went to the grave with their armor intact.

Okay well let's try straight % armor stripping abilities and see if it changes. Used Vauban's Bastille with standard strength and a small bit of duration. The ability says it will strip 10% armor per second, and the Bastille was modded to last 17 seconds. I casted Bastille and let it run out, they still had their armor. Cast it 3 more times and they still had armor.

Alright alright alright let's try this. Nyx with 100% armor reduction on her 2. Surely 100% of armor removed means the armor is removed, right? Wrong. 100% armor removal leaves them with armor still clinging to their bodies harder than a stubborn Nun.

tl;dr The Railjack officers cannot have their armor stripped, which is a problem because on top of millions of armor, this means players are not rewarded for being properly equipped to increase their damage and reduce enemy defenses.

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