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Railjack mission idea - Base sabotage


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Mission title: Grineer base sabotage

Minimum players: 2

Mission starts on the Railjack, and we are tasked to sabotage and defend a grineer base.

As we approach the base, we have to fight off the defending fighters and clear the area. When the area is cleared, someone needs to go out and hack a couple consoles in archwing to open the base doors. There are strong auto cannons in the area that will one shot the Archwings if they get too close, and need to be disabled via tactical menu ( as we can already do ).

After that, we send an away crew ( 1-3 people ) inside the Galeon.

The away team conducts a regular sabotage mission inside the Grineer tileset as in regular Warframe, followed by a final step where they have to defend something inside for some time.

While the away team does that, the Railjack team needs to fend off Crew Ship reinforcements from being sent to the Galleon, as well as fight the fighters escorting said crew ships.

At the same time, the Railjack team provides tactical support ( via L tactical menu ) to do things like open locked doors on the base, etc, and also provide battle support via deployment of Warframe abilities ( as we can already do ).

Upon successful defense by the away team, mission is over and we extract.

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