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What I Think of Railjack so Far

(XBOX)Architect Prime

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FIRST OF ALL Railjack is a fantastic aspect of the game... A great, incomplete aspect of warframe that's going to have to claw it's way out of a swirling S#&$ storm. I'm confident that it can grow into something incredible. 

ISSUES I spent a huge chunk of my prime access plat of drac and rush drones. That being said, I don't feel that I have the right to speak on the topic of grind of resources. There are a slew of other things that De seems to be aware of and working on, so I won't touch on those either as they've been in office for like 5 days. 

AT PRESENT Since I was able to skip most of the grind, even getting particle ram in one of my earliest missions, I've seen how infantile railjack truly is. As of right now, I don't mean that in an insulting way. What I mean is that this is basically a new starchart. And that's it. The groundwork for the great, overarching, interconnecting system that has been advertised to the fans is now in the game.

MY EXPECTATIONS AND HOPES I'm expecting to, as I imagine many others are, that the railjack will access many other aspects of warframe like open zones and stuff. I also wanna point out that there shouldn't really be any level of infantry that can survive multiple shots from arcguns and especially railjack weapons. I secondly would like to access the normal starchart with the railjack to some capactiy. And lastly, railjack seems like it'd do well with the kind of open zones we have. Just make one in space. I hate going into a sector and having it be this hyper-linear DO THIS DO THAT. If there's a ship killer platform, why shouldn't it work similar to bounties? Infact why isn't this all bounties. Why can't I cruise and explore as well as decide what to do in the sector I'm in. Just saying. Also railjacks should work on orb bosses. Fite mii m8 

THE FUTURE Part of me wants to believe in DE as they've done awesome things before. Another part doesn't want to give my hopes up. If railjack really is the future of warframe, which it kind of needs to be at this point, they better make it happen. I know they can. 

Maybe sideline the releasing of weapons for a while to free up some staff? We have plenty of weapons imo..





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