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Guaranteed Proc Weapons


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for forced procs, this list should cover most of primaries and secondaries

  • Arca Plasmor and Fulmin's semi-auto mode has forced impact at close range
  • Mutalist Quanta alt fire has forced radiation if the enemy walks inside the bubble
  • Harpak alt fire has forced puncture
  • Simulor series has forced electric proc when the sphere detonates
  • Lenz's initial impact has forced ice proc before the damage component detonates
  • Zakti apply forced impact proc on direct hit and allows to apply finisher after it detonates
  • Quartz has forced AoE electric proc after reloading from empty magazine

bonus: some melee weapons has forced slash procs on heavy attacks, like nikana and scythe categories

edit: didn't mentioned Hystrix, AcridCastanas series, Talons and Pox because its already mentioned at previous answers


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