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Cannot log in to Companion app


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The Nintendo account login always eventually replies "The request contains an error." Sometimes after password, sometimes after authenticator digits.

I do have 2FA for that account, and no, I will not remove it (because I will not let the account be without it, and the tokens made with 2FA off should be invalidated once I turn it back on).

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i had my app not working due to a stupid pet being in perma stasis, seen from the app, but the client stated otherwise. What i did was put the smeeta in real stasis , used a normal sentinel though i didnt want to , and the app started working again.

this was recently a month ago or so, maybe even only 3 weeks and it might not apply to your case, still it is what it is ...

my advice consider such things and also clear the foundry once and let all collectors offline and then repeat the login procedure.

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