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The Rewards in question : RNG or Skill ? Both ? What do you think ?


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Hi all,

I'm MR28, and i play this gem everyday (almost) since about 2 years. I'm the type of player that you can call a collector.

Yes, i want to get all the items, all of them. So how to get everything ? You have usualy two solutions : Farm or Trade.

Honestly, when an item has like less than 1% drop chance, and if i did not get it while playing normaly. I try to farm it, but at a point. I prefer to trade it for Platinium as i can get some easely plat playing radshare relics and selling the parts i did get.

But some items are not tradable. So i can only farm them, and here comes the RNG god that you have to praise... and it can be painfull.

What i dont understand from DE is that some realy cool items (like Ephemera) are only obtainable via RNG. I dont feel it rewarding, and when you drop them, you feel more relieve than rewardish.

What i dont understand too, is that it's not (imo) difficult to make them rewarding. Lets take an example : Ephemeras.

I was missing one from the Exploiter Orb (Shoking Step Ephemera) and was farming for it in solo or with a group : more than 30 runs and not a single ephemera. You can have 2 from exploiter : 10% chance to drop one then 50% chance for each (Shoking / Freezing) so basicaly 5% drop chance on Exploiter kill. Did not drop yet form me after more than 70 exploiter run...

Sometimes you are not lucky. Then i was thinking about skilled base drop. Let me explain :


When you see another player (his frame), you'll notice the ephemera, it's all visual. So why dont you make them drop to a challenge ? So when you see a player with Ephemera X or Ephemera Y you would know that they achieve something.

I dont say, no more RNG ephemera, but both way could be cool.


Lets take and example :

For the exploiter orb, we could have :

> If you do the exploiter orb solo, you will have 100% drop chance of Ephemera X.

> If you do it with a squad, doing it in less than Y minutes, you will have 100% drop chance of Ephemera Y.

> You add thoses ways to the 5% drop chance of Ephemera X and Y.


You can do the same for a lot of things : Eidolons hunting, other Orbs, even for bosses, Long survivals mission (more than 1 hour) etc. ( Like when you do 1h index and Joh Prodman's drop an autograph... that you can put in your orbiter ... loool ...)

Because, it's hard to do it in solo, or in a realy efficient squad. You do 5x3 Eidolons : you get a nice Ephemera, etc. You get the principle...


So what is stopping DE to do that ? I dont understand. I feel some rewards should be realy tight to skills... solo or teamed, because only RNG is bad. At least make the RNG rewards tradable !

I made 30 liches... i had not a single ephemera ! So i was happy i can farm some platinium to buy some... for example.

Luck is not on everybody's side ... but skill based reward put you in a situation where you have to find a way to do it. It forces you to be better ! And when you finaly achieve to do it, you have a nice reward.

And i'm not talking (but i should) about Railjack, when 4 players drop a Vidar and everybody get different rolls and some are going crazy and others are happy... we work as a team, and should be reward as a team... imo. Team rewards should be identical. We fought the same battle, we should get the same reward...


What you guys are thinking about that ? Thks for reading and sorry for my bad english (i'm french).

Cheer all




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Most of us agree, the randomness within this game's reward system is abysmal, disgusting, and is causing more and more players to stop playing. 

But "skill" isn't just playing the mission in question solo, because in a lot of areas the mission becomes easier that way. A team-win time limit is going to be terrible in this game because we don't have the population to do everything everyone wants to do. So a lot of people won't find groups to the content they want to play and if it's populated through public matchmaking you have no indication of their skill level; being MR 26-28 doesn't stop a player from bringing a newly forma'd weapon or other unranked/improper gear to a mission and, in this sense, throw the game. 

Warframe outside of very few player-driven scenes is, in no way, competitive. However, I can easily see a solo incentive siphoning players from matchmaking, as well as a team-win timelimit causing people to be toxic in mission. 

"Lol, Warframe community isn't toxic." Yeah, maybe you'd be surprised at the amount of people die once or twice and start typing away in chat, or get very upset when they decide not to stay with the team, lose their reactant because they're not where it's dropping, or tridolon groups in general. Suddenly having a tight team-win timer that will, likely, require some sort of buffer, buffer, trinity, DPS meta composition and being 1 second off because someone wasn't up to snuff is just going to cause people to lose their S#&$. 

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