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Railjack Weapon Management UI Bug


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Several times now I have accidentally scrapped my equipped weapons while conducting the never ending wreckage management mini game. It took me a while to work out exactly how it occured but I have noticed there is a bug (difference) when managing (scrapping) weapons verse other systems. There is a slight differnece in the UI. 

How it works:

Step 1: Select the weapon you want to scrap in this case a Zecti Carcinnox Mk III. (see Image WPN1). The Rpeair/Scrap/Fast Repair option box appears on screen (see Image WPN1).


Step 2: Click Scrap and the Scrap dialog pops up (see image WPN 2). Press (A) OK on controller and the weapon is gone.


Step 3: This is where the UI changes from other systems when you scrap them. The Repair/Scrap/Fast Repair dialogue does not close after scrapping (see image WPN3). The focus has now defaulted back to the equipped weapon, Vidar Cryophon Mk III (see image WPN 3). The dialog still says the Zecti Carcinnox Mk III is selected (see image WPN 3). In other systems the scrap dialogue box disappears after scrapping each item and you need to click on (select) a new item to bring it up. But not for weapons the dialogue persists.


Step 4: Thinking the next Carcinnox is selected you press (A) on controller again. Then (A) to confirm before you relaise that the screen that popped up was different (see image WPN 4) and your nice top tier weapon is gone.


I did this four times before I completely worked it out. It's easiest to do when you are scrapping a lot of weapons (which I always seem to be doing with the pitiful limit of 30 wreckage). If you are trying to scrap stuff fast to get back to the missions if you don't physically click on the item even once before doign the reflex (A) scrap (A) confirm, then you lose your equipped weapon.

I spent 4 rapid repair drones to replace the weapons with next best item because I wasn't going to wait 12 hours to play again. I'm a sucker for using them I know.

Any way if DE make the scrap dialogue disappear after each item scrapped the same as they do for engines, reactors and shields then this shouldn't occur any more.

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