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DE, please consider making the Railjack tactical features relevant


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I've been using, just for kicks, the features that the tactical menu provides on Railjack missions.

It's pretty cool that you can remotely hack stuff, that you can teleport anywhere where a player is ( using Tactical 10 ) and provide remote support to your team members by deploying Warframe abilities anywhere in the areas any of the players are.

This is all very interesting stuff, but at the end of the day all these mechanics see little to no use, simply because the missions design have nothing where using them would be advantageous. Maybe also because it's all too easy.

I guess what I mean is, you guys did something really interesting with this tactical menu and it's sad to see it not being used at all. Such a shame that a cool system like this gets wasted.

When looking at new missions that I'm sure will be added in the future, could you please consider ways to make this relevant and actually worth using?

Thanks for listening!

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