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Exalted weapon combo breaking.


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I have recently made a crit stacking melee weapon with a 22s combo with the gladiator mod set and blood rush to capitalize on the fact Baruuks Desert wind is also melee gaining the bonus from the stacks being able to red crit with his desert wind, but i started to notice if i used his desert wind too long while maintaining the combo on my melee weapon the gladiator stacks and i assume blood rush crit chance would fall off even though after i stop the ability i still have my combo at max stacks and so if i started to melee again while my combo was maxed i would be unable to gain the stacks again because the combo was already maxed if i let the combo run out i would be able to stack again.

here are some images of the weapons mods and the before and after using baruuks desert wind : https://imgur.com/a/3zcxbmL

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