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Wanted: Railjack Loadout Menus


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As the title says, seeing a great potential for different setups on our Railjack, there is a need for separate Loadouts similar to what we have for our Warframes. Currently, I already have several ideas in mind that require a lot of switching of reactors, engines, weapons, avionics, etc. A difference in reactor capacity and flux alone will demand a lot of shuffling and memory work for everything else that will only eat so much time when all I want to do is fly out of the dock and be ready with a different tactic for any type of mission with a click of a button. 

This will not only organize my favorite builds and have quick access to them, it will also help beat boredom if for example I just want to kill Crewships right away with an artillery heavy build. Or just simply slam on the booster and destroy everything in my path with a Particle Ram supported with tanky/speedy avionics and a booster heavy engine. Maybe I want to passively support my team on their Archwings so it follows that i must have more AW Avionic buffs slotted in.. 

i know we only have extermination now, but what if more mission types will be added later on? Maybe three tabs is enough? Also, we already have the Free Flight mode, what if we can incorporate the Loadouts tabs with it?. I think I am not alone when I wish to have mock battles to test builds with similar to the Simulacrum. Maybe the community have other ideas? Do we need separate loadouts? 

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