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WTB Red Wing Chest invite in Sentient Ship


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Paying 1OOOOp for ephemera drop, 1OOp otherwise.
Also WTB Reinforced Orokin Storage Container invite for 1OOOOp (the one that drops 60 minutes booster) for codex scan.

Note that you can't invite if the mission objective was complete or you broke the rare chest.
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cool I got friends who keep on farming the ephemera, I will inform them about your offer.

(hmmm this guy got problem, I wanna add him then I found out I have blacklisted him. I can't remember why I blacklist him but he must have done something toxic or suspicious in scamming. Just a reminder for those who wanna invite him for sentient red cache slot, be extra careful, some might run away after taking your ephemera.)

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