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PoE/OV standing rework/suggestion


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Before conservation became totally broken in orb vallis hunting critters was by far a waaaay more enjoyable method of farming standing to doing bounties.  Sure bounties gives relics and mods but its so structured.   Where as hunting you get to go whatever direction you want,  hunt what you want.  

After PoE got mergoo's, condrocs, and now vasca its a great method for PoE to.  PoE hunting during the day is kind of a pain thanx to the jet bikes and thumpers but whatever.  PoE hunting is also a litte different as MOST(not mergoo) of the critters can be hunting without poop/tracking.   You just run around with your tranq gun and it highlights nearby animals.

I did a little bit of that today in PoE.  It got me thinking.   It would be nice if there was like little mini missions you could do for standing against grineer/corpus.  Stuff alot more easy than any of the bounty objectives. PoE kinda has this during the day but its just the same objectives as in the bounties only individual.  Thats pretty close to what we need.  But they need to be worth 500-2k standing each.  And something as easy as it is to shoot animals.   The problem with those individual bounty objectives though is they are the same as the bounties.  but they are also in the same places.  

It would be nice if organic missions would pop up around you like the animals do.  

Speaking of the Tranq gun it would be pretty awesome if it would give an indication as to what direction it see an animal.   Its really hard to find animals.  Im sure everyone has done the hug a rock/tree/terrain to help make the critters more visible.  Or even if the gun had a range to target display so we could tell if we were geting closer or farther away that would be insanely helpful in determining direction.  

It would be great if OV animals could be found on the map without using poop.  

Fishing needs to be tweaked a little bit.  Lures should have to be crafted.  Once crafted though they are infinite use.  Then tweak the standing a little.  Glaps are 1-2k standing??  That should be the baseline and the fish under that should be worth less,  just not worthless like they are now. 

PoE rocks need their standing tweaked also,  OV rare rocks are worth 1k(and u get TONS OF THEM for doing exploiter).  PoE rocks are not 1k and have no boss to kill to get tons of it so you actually have to mine the crap.   They should be worth 2k. 


It varies, I dont do it often.  PoE can be alot faster.... but in general it takes me about an hour to hour an half to grind 24k standing in OV or PoE.  Now bounties usually take 15-20 minutes each.  After 3 bounties/1 hour of bounties im still not maxed out in standing, but lets say I do max out in 1 hour.   1 hour of hunting vs 1 hour of hunting.  Thats a no brainer.  My hunting trips go by in the blink of an eye because im having fun.  an Hour of bounties leaves me frustrated(cuz of slot machine) and probably angry(if I go with rando, which I usually dont, which makes them take longer).  

But I think this approach to mission structure or lack there of should be looked into or experiemented with.   Imagine going into an open map with no clear objective.  But as you go around the map you just accumulate standing and rewards organically.  

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