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"LotusWarframeCustomization" is displayed instead of "No Ephemera Selected"


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For me its a very minor interface bug - affects only loadout slots with Vauban Prime.


I discovered the bug afer I purchased the Immortal skin for Vauban Prime. It may have appeared with the purchase - but it's possible I just didn't notice until I started to fiddle around with the Attachments.

Unable to say if it's specific to my profile or to Vauban Prime in general. Couldn't test for regular Vauban.


Tried so far:

- duplicated Vauban Prime's loadout slot: error carried over to the duplicated slot

- created new loadout slot for Vauban Prime: error carried over to the new loadout slot

- unequipped Ephemeras in other loadout slots, for other warframes: error didn't replicate"No Ephemera Selected" displayed normally.

- restarted the game: persisted after restart.

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