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Comparing The Base Stats Of Weapons


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I posted this question in chat, but was unable to get a response.


Now that the screens have changed, is it still possible to compare the base stats of weapons in the arsenal?  Or, has this feature been removed?  I thought of it today because I wanted to potato my Bronco Prime, but wanted to compare it to the Hek first to see how their base stats match up.  However, since I sold the Hek I had -- due to replacing it with the Strun Wraith -- I realized that the feature was missing.  Any chance of bringing this feature back?  I thought it was useful to check out before I started forging new weapons to try and it's a lot easier than swapping between pages in the wiki.






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Yeah. I'm missing this as well. Allowing players to compare gear really is an essential function. There should also be an option to inspect the stats of a weapon on the market and on a blueprint. Players should not have to craft a weapon blindly (or have to go to a third party wiki) in order to find out the stats of that weapon.

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